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The Kelley Group has been delivering number-one rated speaking, top-ranked coaching, and world-class training to elite advisors and senior managers in the financial services industry

Amy Florian

Helping financial professionals support clients experiencing death, widowhood, divorce, a serious diagnosis, aging, empty nest, retirement, and all the other major transitions of life.

Jay Mooreland

Providing Financial Advisers the Tools to Anticipate & Manage Client Behavior Through Volatile Markets

Dennis Moseley-Williams

A Certifed Expert in The Experience Economy Who Teaches Trust, Transparency & Engagement to Foster Closer Client Relationships.

RMA Magic

Redefining the Speaker Bureau Experience

We help our clients create speaker and trainer programs that go above but also beyond the event with a dual focus on
generating a strong return on investment and exceptional audience experience.

The Magic is in the System

When it comes to partnering with great speakers…Average companies
wing it. Good companies have a plan. Exceptional companies have a
system. We call this system RMA magic.


For all our clients, we locate the perfect speaker or trainer to present on a desired topic. Whether you are running a national sales conference, hosting a lunch and learn or looking for a 12-month training program, we have speakers that will meet your needs. We start with your desired outcome and work backward to make the matchmaking process simple, serving as our client’s single point of contact to access top-notch speakers and trainers across the country and around the world.

By connecting our clients to vetted speakers and trainers Ro Morrison & Associates can dramatically expedite the connection process, decrease search costs, and help clients find better matches than they could on their own.

What makes our speaker match making process distinct from everyone else.

You cannot afford to do business with speakers and trainer who are not the right fit. This can lead to many issues such as expecting something and getting something else in return, an underwhelming conference, overspending and more. In order to mitigate speaker risk, it’s critical for companies to find the perfect partner fit to begin with.

  • We are the only speaker bureau that exclusively serves the financial services industry.
  • We build strong speaker and trainer partnerships. We put the work in to save you both time and money along with getting a better speaker.
  • We don’t start talking about fees or contracts or simply emailing you a random list of speakers. We truly want to understand what is most important to you.



As a partner, our goal is to save you time, money and help you grow your business through our strong speaker and trainer relationships.

We are niche, as we are focused on the financial services industry. We have extensive experience and connections in this industry. No other speakers bureau thinks like we do or creates value like we do, because we understand our niche market so well. While we are focused on a specific industry, we are not small. We partner with an impressive number of speakers. We serve clients of all sizes, from modest firms to larger brokerages. And we don’t think small – we aim to drive huge ROI for our clients.

As a partner, you have the option to outsource all your speaking and training needs to us at no additional cost. Work directly with the speaker or work directly with us, the price does not change. By choosing this option and partnering with us we become an extension of your team focused solely on driving business for you through speakers and trainers.

What does this really mean to you?

  • One point of contact to find and partner with the right speakers and trainers.
  • We handle all the work your team doesn’t have time to do or want to do.
  • You tap into our pre and post speaker process at no additional cost that focuses on driving sales
  • You tap into our bureau partnerships. Just because we don’t have a speaker on our site doesn’t mean we don’t work with the speaker. Through our bureau partnerships we have access to any speaker you are looking for.
  • The RMA Magic means we make it easy for you.


Ro Morrison & Associates focuses on a relationship-based business model to provide engineered speaker/trainer solutions and resources to meet the needs of our clients.

We believe that our clients don’t just need another speaker or trainer, they need a speaker system that is engineered to solve their biggest challenges, change behaviors, create actionable activities, and drive sales. Every speaker solution starts by listening to and understanding the customer’s needs.

Once you have selected the right speaker for your event our 5-phase speaker experience kicks in. These 5 phases are designed to deliver you the ultimate speaker experience while helping you achieve a strong return on speaker investment (ROSI).

  • Entice
  • Enter
  • Engage
  • Exit
  • Extend

We Believe In Making A Difference Which is Why We Do Things Distinctly.

Expert Speakers & Trainers for the Financial Services Industry. Call (855) 808-6867.

Ro Morrison & Associates is a personalized speakers bureau serving the financial services industry. We are one point of contact to match you with the industry’s leading keynote speakers, trainers, experts and other specialized service companies to meet your needs.  We think of ourselves as an “outcome company.”

The RMA Promise: We always put our client’s interests ahead of our own 

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