Longevity & Gerontology


The senior market represents a prime target to further grow your business. Our communicating w/ seniors & longevity speakers are experts on how to work with senior citizens and the special considerations that advisors must be prepared for, both in order to protect themselves and to adequately service their clients.

Dave Tsang

As a life coach David speaks publicly on health and longevity, coaches people to make lifestyle changes to prevent chronic disease, teaches life-saving skills, mentors veterans transitioning to the civilian workforce and advises under and unemployed adults in learning new skills.

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Nick Buettner

Nick is committed to informing, inspiring and connecting people and ideas. His work with the Blue Zones expedition team provided him a first hand glimpse of these Blue Zones — places where more people reach age 100 than anywhere else in the world.

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Amy Florian

Helping financial professionals support clients experiencing death, widowhood, divorce, a serious diagnosis, aging, empty nest, retirement, and all the other major transitions of life.

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Joseph F. Coughlin

Speaking, consulting & conducting research on consumer behavior, technology and demographic trends on business innovation

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