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Our goal is to partner with great speakers who not only, can entertain, inspire and inform, but also really understand the financial services industry. You can count on these motivational & inspirational speakers to hit a home run for you at your next conference.

Matthew S. Newman

Matthew S. Newman is a speaker, author, and brain cancer survivor on a mission to inspire others to live in the now. He equips his audience with knowledge, perspective and the necessity for financial planning for the future.

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Satya B. Mitra, Ph.D., EA, CFP®

Dr. Satya Mitra rose up from his poor childhood in rural India to become an influential business leader. In his presentation, The 5 C’s, he unveils the process that enabled him to thrive as a businessman, leader, philanthropist, family man, and neighbor.

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Alan Stein Jr.

Alan Stein, Jr. is a keynote speaker and author who spent 15+ years as a performance coach working with the highest-performing basketball players on the planet

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Admiral Mike “Wizzard” McCabe

As head of all Naval Aviation, Admiral Mike McCabe oversaw some of the deepest technological shifts and changes at the U.S. Navy. He is eager to share these leadership values of care, action and innovation with today’s decision makers..

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Matthew Ferrera

I’ve spent three decades designing and delivering creative learning experiences for audiences around the world. You pick the growth priority and I’ll suggest a half-dozen ways we can get there.

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