Peak Performance


Are you currently operating at your peak performance? Our speakers will show you ways that will help you achieve greater success in business and in life. By eliminating old bad habits and replacing them with new more powerful habits, beliefs, and actions you can and will begin to act in ways necessary to achieve your desired goals.

Pete Smith

Taking his experiences as a successful leader and incorporating the lessons learned from surviving a stroke, Pete Smith is routinely asked to work with organizations to develop people at the individual level and increase performance at the team level.

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Laura Stack

Hall of Fame Speaker Laura Stack’s presentations help audiences improve output, increase speed in execution, and save time in the office.

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Kevin Wright

Kevin gives leaders and influencers the inspiration, model and tactics to improve themselves, engage others and grow business

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Tim McCormick

Tim has created a proven Game Plan for success in the business world that focuses on the secrets that premiere professional athletes use to reach their highest goals and achieve career excellence.

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Tom Chaby

Learn how to apply performance optimization techniques across the full spectrum of your organization delivered by the Navy SEAL responsible for innovating resilience across the global Special Operations community.

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Dr. Jack Singer

Giving Financial Professionals a competitive edge by teaching them how to develop the mindset of a CHAMPION!

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