Time Management/Productivity


Developing time management skills is a journey that requires practice to get better. Our speakers help you first become aware of how you use your time and then help develop a plan to focus on priority, time, email, and communication management. They will help put time back in your day by providing tools & techniques to help set priorities and reduce distractions.

Penny Phillips

Penny’s mission is to support advisory firms and professionals as they embrace change and discover new ways to thrive

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JAM Consulting Inc.

With a seasoned team, extensive expertise, and a suite of powerful programs, Jam can help you and your organization be more impactful and competitive in today’s dynamic marketplaces.

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Brian Margolis

Brian shows wholesalers and financial advisors how to use the Pillar System to turn their skills and resources into a weekly strategy so simple, it fits on an index card

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Debbie Peterson

Debbie has successfully worked with professionals at every level to help them discover what holds
them back, eliminate limiting beliefs, and supercharge their mindsets to achieve the professional success
they desire.

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Jim Morel

Jim Morel is the Founder and Chairman of JAM Consulting specializing in helping select sales groups become more impactful in a highly competitive marketplace.

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