Deliver a Great Customer Experience & Drive More Sales by Owning It!

Emotions are at the very core of the customer experience, and it’s the things you say and do during every interaction that will determine your ability to build loyalty and a customer experience culture.

Every human interaction provides a tremendous opportunity to impact, influence – even ignite – a relationship. That’s because every time we interact with others, we walk away with either positive emotions or negative ones.

When the meeting is over with your client or prospect do you know how they feel? If you are a sales leader, your success is predicated on how every touch point with your clients and prospects goes. This makes it critical for everyone in your organization to OWN the interactions they have with your customers

For over 20 years, Michael Hoffman has been helping companies build sales, radically shift their culture, develop their leaders, and engage employees in delivering true customer service. He equips people with the tools and skills needed to transform every interaction into an experience that will make your customers want to tell all their friends – live, and on social media, “I love those guys!”

Now, let’s learn a little more about Michael, what drives him, and what he means to OWN IT!

1. Tell me About Your Topic
Own it!, is that approach that makes work and life personal. No matter what I do or where I am in the org chart when I’m the one facing the person or situation that needs a response… everything I say and everything I do is the CEO, The President, The Owner to the person in front of me. Own it says I am not the victim of this situation, I am the creator of where this situation could be going! And when I own it you walk away from an encounter with me saying… “That’s why I shop here!”

2. Why is it so important?

We all want people to own it. When we are on the service end of someone who “owns it” we know we’ll be taken care of, expect the best service and grow a little tighter with that organization. Richard Branson shares a story of when he started Virgin Airlines. He was up against organizations with more might, 300 plus 747 in their fleets to his 1. 9 of those organizations are no longer around and his fleet is massive and growing. He attributes the difference to his service experience and his people own it and are the deliverers of that promise. They had the might and he had the service. Service wins.

3. What motivates you to do what you do?
A personal reason that truly motivates me is a desire to ignite people to take ownership for the “person” in front of them for the sake of service. Be the light man! This world can feel very dark sometimes. But darkness is not a real thing… it’s the absence of something… light. So when the world feels like it’s getting… we need to add more light! Love louder. When we pay attention to those in need around us AND approach them on purpose, especially when the mere mortals would run, that’s when it really matters. I love to ignite that desire and get people to focus and develop those skills that have real impact. Better places to work, more joy, more light.

4. Why did you choose the profession of becoming a keynote speaker?
Total people thing. Junky. I peg extravert on the Meyers Brigs Personality Profile. Which means I get all my energy from others. I’ve had a hundred and three temperature and could barely stand but as soon as I hit the platform, I’m good to go!

5. What is most important to you when it comes to speaking to an audience?
That they’ve been satisfied. I love a veteran audience that’s seen it all and heard it all too. I accept that challenge. Cutting through that kind of luggage with an audience and getting them to be present and wanting the topic at hand is what the meeting planners are investing in.

6. What is the best piece of advice someone has given you?
Be as real as you can. It’s not about you. And you have more options with yes than you do no.

7. What is your philosophy towards your work?
If their laughing they’re learning twice as much. (My favorite testimonial quote was actually from a large company – this given by the CEO: “Michael just cured my hangover!”)

8. What do colleagues say is your best quality?
I think they’d say I am a good collaborator. I personally love group speaker projects.

9. Who has inspired you in your life and why?
My wife and children. That sounds contrite but my family is my charger. They motivate the motivator. Creative, fun, quick to love and give. Very real and accepting with anyone they meet. My daughter Ali inspires me regularly. Her impact on the internet amazes me. She shares her heart without filter in a 100% uplifting vulnerable way and it’s like giving a cup of water to a thirsty desert. They love her and she lights up so many people.

10. How do you stay current?
I’m a ferocious reader. So many friends in the business. And people needs rarely change.

11. What’s your favorite website and why?
As a speaker crush: Christine Cashen. It’s nailed her. Her message, her delivery, her why.

As a site I just love to go to: Amazon Prime. …big online shopper. AND Youtube. I spend lots of time looking and enjoying the creativity, what works, what doesn’t work. There are more positive humanity videos that need to be shared.

12. What motivates you and what doesn’t?
Positive specific feedback. Not that I need to be stroked but when you put it out there, people have to remember that I’m living and working behind my eyeballs. I NEED specific feedback so I can know what works and let go of any guessing and doubt. What doesn’t motivate me is negative challenges. I’m not a big fan of negative humor at all. “I kid because I love” is just dysfunction.

13. What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
I’m a tinkerer. I love to make and invent things. Sometimes we take a chance and try and sell a few. My favorite so far is The Shriek N Peek! The ultimate movie pillow. Fantastic.

To learn more about Michael Hoffman and his programs, click here. If you are interested in booking him for an upcoming event, we would be more than happy to set up a call with you and Michael to discuss how he best fits your needs. Please call Chris at 612-747-6200 or email him at

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