Wholesalers: Social Listening vs. Delivering Social Content Podcast (Pulling vs. Pushing)

As a wholesaler in financial services are you worried about what you can and cannot say on LinkedIn? If you answered yes, you aren’t alone! Social media is pretty tricky because of all the regulations that guide online communication.

Here’s the good news. You don’t need to push content to be effective on LinkedIn to build relationships. After all, Social Media is NOT about pushing out content but rather about communicating, extending relationships and building engagement with clients, prospects & COIs.

In this Wholesaler Masterminds podcast, Laura Virili delivers some very informative & actionable social listening tidbits that will help you deepen your advisor relationships and set up your next phone call or meeting with them.

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Here are 3 items that I took away from the podcast that every wholesaler can easily implement into their practice.

  • Complete your LinkedIn profile – You may not be able to deliver content, but your advisors are “Googling” you and your LinkedIn account will more than likely pop up as a top 3 search return. What will your first impression be?
  • Listen on LinkedIn – Turn you social ears on. What are advisors posting and sharing? What do you have in common with them?
  • Take It Offline – Spend 15 minutes a day listening and take what you have found to better connect offline.

Here is an excerpt from some of the content that can be used prior to every sales call.

By spending just two minutes on an advisor’s profile, you should be able to glean four pieces of information that will enable you to connect more deeply. Information such as education, connections, passions, hobbies, interests, charities, groups, influencers, etc. could be the difference between getting in the door and being left out in the cold.


Please tell me: how us will use LinkedIn to grow your business?

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