Brian McArthur

Founder, Medicare Planning Group at Bridlewood Insurance

Helping Retirees and their Financial Advisors Navigate Medicare

Brian McArthur is the premier Medicare Practice Management speaker/ trainer on the circuit. He spent 10 years wholesaling insurance products to financial advisors, and he has ACTUALLY enrolled clients of financial advisors into Medicare.

Brian has “cracked the code” on how to integrate Medicare Planning into a financial advisor’s practice, especially if they’d like to uncover more opportunities in the following areas:

  • LTC
  • Lifetime Income Solutions
  • 401k rollovers
  • Life Insurance

He will share his process that was developed, refined, and he uses daily while enrolling high net worth clients of financial advisors into Medicare.

While wholesaling annuity and LTC products for over 10 years, Brian observed consistent gaps in the Medicare education being offered from within our industry;

  • Education without Execution
  • Confused Financial Advisors set up for failure by advising on Medicare
  • NO Measurable Resulting Revenue from any Medicare Education Efforts Delivered by Well-Intentioned Financial Services/ Insurance  Institutions

In 2016, Brian chose to embed himself within the Medicare enrollment experience firsthand, by offering to help financial advisors navigate Medicare for their clients.  He has built a thriving practice working as an advocate for financial advisors, and as the Medicare Supplemental Insurance agent for their clients.

Brian is back to share the following with wholesale insurance distributors, and retail financial advisors alike;

  • What he discovered,
  • Why the current nationalized Medicare education model MUST be localized.  Only THEN can a financial advisor guide clients to the much needed NEXT steps within a financial plan.

There are TWO key moments in this process that Brian has identified, between a financial advisor and a client when all the satisfaction, gratitude, and ancillary insurance opportunity occurs.  These two moments have been overlooked for years by the typical financial advisor-focused Medicare education model.

Brian’s keen observance of client and financial advisor behavior during his proactively executed Medicare enrollment plan shows all parties how to get what they need, and want.

Brian’s process creates a clear and obvious path to uncovering opportunities that create satisfied clients AND revenue to the financial advisor, namely:

  • Long Term Care solutions
  • Lifetime Income Solutions to Fund Lifetime Medicare Premiums
  • 401k Rollover Opportunities, with ACTUAL Successful Case Studies
  • Life Insurance Opportunities to replace the Group Coverage Lost Upon Retirement
  • Client Retention
  • Client Acquisition
  • Improving the Perception of the Financial Advisor and their Deliverable Value in the Eyes of Their Client.
  • Cracking the Code of Medicare: How to Build a Thriving Practice by Becoming Your Client’s Medicare Hero

Brian’s tenure as a wholesaler, and entertaining speaking style, mixed with his empathetic approach to guiding my clients through Medicare is exactly what I was looking for to step up the level of service that I’ve  wanted to offer to clients.   I’ve been searching for a partner that doesn’t just educate about Medicare, but who’s guidance results in the client’s actual enrollment into Medicare.
Bob, Senior Vice President, Financial Advisor

 “We rely on Brian to train our financial advisors to take charge of the Medicare Planning for our clients.  Brian has explained Medicare to our clients individually and en masse, and creates the bridge between a client’s Medicare needs, and the role our financial advisors play.  The end result creates relieved and well served clients, with astute financial advisors more confidently guiding clients through Medicare, and then LTC, lifetime income, and other needs within the client’s financial plan.”
Michael, financial advisor

 “Brian does what financial advisors do not do, and makes financial advisors like me look great in front of my clients.  Now I’ve got a plan for Medicare.

Travels From:  California
City: San Diego
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Brian McArthur was an annuity wholesaler for 10 years and an LTC insurance wholesaler for 2 years.  He has studied the personalities, attitudes, moments of connection, and business models of hundreds of financial advisors.

In 2015, Brian retired from wholesaling. In search of ways to continue to help his loyal following of financial advisors, Brian observed a need for meaningful results as it relates to Medicare.  There was lots of education about Medicare readily available, but not education that translated to results.

Brian wanted a “front row seat” experience to Medicare to see why the current efforts to integrate Medicare guidance into the financial planning model was only creating confusion.  He started a Medicare Insurance practice entirely focused on helping financial advisors navigate Medicare.

He has since personally enrolled over 100 clients of financial advisors at the largest Wall Street broker-dealers into Medicare and has converted his experience into lessons for all of us.  He founded The Medicare Planning Group, at Bridlewood Insurance to handle the Medicare needs of clients from all over the country.

Brian now educates financial professionals full time on how to “Crack the Code” of Medicare, and find deeper, more meaningful relationships with clients, resulting in new opportunities to help them AND generate revenue.

Brian coaches basketball for each of his boy/girl twins, volunteers at their school, and advocates for civilians and veterans suffering/ managing Post Traumatic Stress


After 15 years of wholesaling, Brian observed:

  • An Industry with Years of Medicare Education with Near Zero Medicare Results
  • Financial Advisors Still Have No Working knowledge
  • No helpful advice
  • No Meaningful Revenue as a Result of Learning Medicare


  • Brian will teach financial advisor SOMEthing about Medicare, so clients will trust advisors with EVERYthing about Medicare

What an advisor needs to know:

  • Medicare eligibility starts at age 65
  • Medicare covers 80%
  • Everyone needs a supplemental policy to cover the 20%
  • Everyone needs a drug plan.

A great Medicare agent partner works with a client in a way that ALWAYS reflects positively on the financial advisor

  • Turning the client’s head back towards the financial advisor, at the ONE moment the client is normally turning away.
  • Protecting the client from having to meet a new untrusted, untested, unknown insurance agent.
  • A great Medicare partner becomes the financial advisor’s first ever YELP review.

Teach financial advisors to take action. 

  • Age 65 is the beginning of eligibility.
  • Age 64 is the beginning of OPPORTUNITY.
  • Teach advisors how to be the Medicare hero.


Fast forward to enrollment

  • Advise them when to enroll.
  • Advise them how to enroll.
  • Find the best supplemental insurance.
  • Find the best drug plan for them.

Get guidance from the FA

  • Would you like me to send the client back to you WANTING to hear about LTC planning?
  • Would you like met to send the client back to you WANTING to hear about how to fund Medicare premiums?
  • Do you need help uncovering any 401k rollover opportunities?

The Next Conversation with Your Advisor Should Be:

  • Clients are listening. Clients are grateful.
  • Three significant revenue opportunities for the financial plan.
  • Planning is about steps.
  • Three biggest opportunities
    • LTC planning
    • Lifetime income to fund lifetime liabilities
    • 401k rollovers

Action Steps

  • Sort for your 64 year olds. Email me for wirehouse mouseclicks..
  • FA facilitates the introduction between client and Medicare partner.
  • FA communicates to Medicare partner the most desirable next steps after Medicare enrollment.


Areas of expertise

  • Medicare
  • Medicare Guidance and Medicare Supplemental insurance
  • Insurance
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