David Richman

Winning in the Middle of the Pack - How True Organizational Change Comes About

Helping Audiences Achieve Measurable, Attainable and Meaningful Goals

Through lessons learned in business, sports and life, David introduces the concept of “winning in middle of the pack” and discusses how we all can get more out of ourselves than we ever imagined.

David is a dynamic and relatable speaker who proves that the key to unlocking your business’s true potential is in motivating your people to be agents of change – not only your top performers, but all of your employees, team members and managers.

By addressing the various different behavioral factors that empower your employees, you can inspire them to take action both for themselves and as leaders within your organization. David will outline a plan to help drive increased results from the moveable middle. His presentations will arm you with an effective and repeatable process for implementing this plan so that you and your organization can achieve maximum success.

Forget top-down traditional business concepts such as strategies and project management. True organizational change comes from realizing that everyone can be a winner.

  • Key Presentation for Influencers: Winning in the Middle of the Pack
  • Winning in the Middle of the Pack (for Advisors)
  • The Beach Ball Premise: Why Perspective is the Key to Success
  • Ten Steps to Meaningful Change

“As a sitting member on the Board of Directors for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization, I found that David’s message resonated well with our highly discerning members. He was succinct in his story telling and was able to enlighten our entrepreneurs as to the power of the Middle of the Pack, allowing them to tap into this largely under-utilized asset in each of their businesses. I have implemented his concepts with success in my own business.”

– Chad Z, CEO Mobile Illumination

“Winning in the Middle of the Pack by David Richman is an apt title that reflects this entrepreneur, former Wall Street manager and avid marathon runner’s philosophy about life. The average person has been inculcated with the message that success is defined by being #1 in all endeavors all of the time. But Richman debunks this myth by proving that not only is it impossible, it is unnecessary. Happiness can be achieved with a balanced approach that is based on an honest assessment of your individual needs. He advises you to embrace pain and avoid “limiters” (smoking, drinking, fear of failure and procrastination). Readers will learn why failure is not an option and how they can push past barriers and achieve unlimited success.”

– Domita D

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After starting his career as a financial advisor trainee, Keynote speaker David Richman spent nearly 17 years at Morgan Stanley. He maintained the #1 ranking in his training class during the 5 years subsequent to entering production. He soon learned that he had a special strength in leading others to become more successful.

He progressed up the ranks from Sales Manager at the firm’s largest retail office to Branch Manager to Complex Manager in several different Southern California markets where he was responsible for dozens of branches and hundreds of top-producers. He was a consistent leader at the company in retention of top talent, driving sales, innovative practice management, and developing strategic internal/ external partnering.

Over the last 10 years, he has completed over 50 triathlons, including 13 Ironman distance triathlons, more than 50 runs longer than marathon distance, several 24-hour runs, and recently ran 104 miles from Santa Barbara to Manhattan Beach and biked 280 miles from Manhattan Beach to Las Vegas.


How to Shift Your Mindset and Inspire Everyone in Your Organization to be an Agent of Change

This presentation will awaken you to a new mindset, where all the power lies in the middle of the pack. Instead of looking for marginal improvement in your top performers, or wasting time trying to motivate only your poorest performers, inspire and empower everyone to be an agent of change in their own life and watch them become leaders in your organization.

Learn the Beach Ball Premise, which allows you to hone in on what drives people to change their behavior; discover how to identify and remove organizational, job-related and personal obstacles holding back your team; and get insight into why allowing failure breeds success.

How to Stop Defining Success According to Others and Start DEfining Success According to Yourself

This presentation will awaken you to a new mindset, where all the power to achieve is in your hands – not anybody else’s. Instead of blindly doing whatever your boss tells you to do, set your own meaningful and achievable goals, find your own spark of motivation, and reach maximum success in your business and your life.

Identify your life goals and find out where your work fits into them; assess your strengths and weaknesses and understand how to remove obstacles holding you back; and learn how to make meaningful change on purpose.

Meaningful change is not just something you close your eyes and wish for: it has a learnable, repeatable process. In this interactive, dynamic workshop, David will walk you through the ten steps and teach you how to use this process with your managers, brokers, support staff and your team members to inspire them to greatness.

This interactive, eye-opening workshop offers you the chance to dive deep into understanding both your own values and other people’s perspectives. Learn how to hone in on what drives people to change their behavior and become leaders in your organization.


Areas of expertise


  • Getting More Out of Yourself
  • Changing Behavior
  • The Moveable Middle
  • Developing a Work-Life Balance
  • Realizing True Success in Both Work & life
  • New Advisor Training Programs


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