Hal Becker

Learn from a Speaker Who Actually Did It!

Hal is a Nationally Known Expert on Sales, Customer Service and Negotiating

Voted as one of the “World’s Top 30 Professional Sales Trainers” in 2010 by

Inc. Magazine voted Hal as one of the nation’s top speakers in the areas of sales and customer service.

He is a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional) – the highest earned Designation presented by the National Speakers Association. The CSP award has been given less than 500 times in the past 25 years.

  • How to Keep Clients for Life
  • What Makes a Top Salesperson
  • How to Negotiate Like a Pro
  • Sales Management: How to Manage People, Not Paper
  • Executive Coaching
  • Going Back to Basics (2 Day Program)

“Hal’s latest book is filled with stories, serious selling methods, and idea that you can implement after reading each chapter. After working with Hal for a number of years and reading his lest book, Hal Becker’s Ultimate Sales Book, all I can say is that “he walked the talk” and is our go-to sales trainer for obvious reasons. I know that you will love his book. I did!”

John Brennan, VP Strategic Relationship Management, The Hartford

“Hal, once again, effectively breaks down the complexities of the sales process and shows us how to very simply execute to the desired result.”

Jerry L. Kelsheimer, President & CEO Fifth Third Bank

Hal’s Client List Includes…

  • AG Edwards
  • AT&T
  • Bank Insurance & Securities Division
  • Charles Schwab
  • Edward Jones
  • Federal Reserve Bank
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • HSBC Bank
  • John Hancock
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Lexus
  • New York Life
Travels From:  Ohio
$5,001 to $10,000


Keynote speaker Hal Becker is a nationally known expert on Sales, Customer Service, and Negotiating. He has devoted over 30 years to the science of sales and customer service.

At the age of 22, Hal became the #1 salesperson among a national sales force of 11,000, for the Xerox Corporation.

Hal was voted as one of the World’s Top 30 Professional Sales Trainers in 2010 by

Mr. Becker has received the Toastmasters International Communication and Leader-ship Awardone of only eight people in the world with this honor.

Inc. Magazine voted Hal as one of the nation’s top speakers in the areas of sales and customer service.

Survived terminal cancer at age 28 and now helps other patients and their families cope with their disease. He founded the Cancer Hotline of Cleveland and donates proceeds of his books to this cause.

Hal wrote the best-seller Can I have 5 Minutes Of Your Time?. It is in its 21st printing and is used by many corporations as their “Sales Bible.”


Getting the customer is easy; it’s keeping the customer that’s the hard part.

As all of us are aware, there is nothing new in selling and customer service. Hal’s fun, upbeat approach goes back to basics, which many of us have forgotten or strayed away from. He will show you the fastest way to improve your customers’ satisfaction and your company’s image.

In this dynamic presentation, your advisors will discover…

  • How to understand the customer’s needs
  • How to build long-term relationships
  • Why “creative opportunities” are essential in ensuring exceptional customer service

Power selling is the most highly charged comprehensive type of training your sales people will ever have. They will learn that to be the best takes an easy-to-follow system. Hal uses his own experience as Xerox’s #1 salesperson, along with a 10-step common sense, back-to-basics approach to give them the tools they need to succeed. He has trained tens of thousands of salespeople on his “insiders” look at how to achieve sales.

Hal has combined well researched theories, practical strategies, and proven techniques that are guaranteed to work for you and your company. He will cover the “6 Most Important Ingredients” that make a professional negotiator, along with the “Negotiator’s Checklist,” a must for all successful negotiators.

Traditionally, salespeople are trained to think competitively – which is fine, up to a point. How do you prepare them to achieve greater results by building a cohesive team? Hal’s six-step approach introduces sales managers to the fundamental coaching and management principles used by the world’s top training companies such as IBM, Xerox, Proctor & Gamble, and Disney. He incorporates these concepts with the methods of many top coaches in the world of sports. The techniques are so powerful Hal will guarantee (in writing) a 15% increase in sales volume.

Most senior executives have never had formal training with respect to coaching and leadership techniques. In most seminars or workshops the speaker usually tells participants what to do. Here, Hal spends the day observing, listening, and offering feedback on how to improve based on intense observational skills. Think of this as a golf lesson with a pro, rather than going to a seminar on how to play better golf! This program has been extraordinarily successful with Fortune 100 companies as well as small business.

In this intense two-day onsite program, Hal will cover in a workshop environment the skills it takes to be #1. Day 1 covers an A-Z approach to selling. On day 2, Hal will spend time with senior and field management covering common sense management – and how to execute the plan and train the trainer for continued success!

Areas of expertise

  • Sales
  • Customer Service
  • Coaching
  • Client Retention
  • Negotiating
  • Sales Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Back to Basics
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