Jason Hanson

Ex-CIA Officer Considered America’s #1 Security and Personal Safety Expert

Captivating Spy Secrets for Personal and Workplace Security

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Jason R. Hanson is a former CIA officer, security specialist, NY Times Best-Selling Author, and winner on ABC’s hit reality series Shark Tank.

Leaving the CIA after nearly a decade of service, Jason has built a career surrounding his personal passion for keeping others safe. In addition to speaking, Jason is a security protocol  consultant to Fortune 1000 companies, and he runs an executive and celebrity protection services. At his Utah Spy Ranch and franchised Spy Schools he teaches average Americans how to protect themselves and their families.

Jason has appeared on the Today Show and Dateline and is a frequent guest on the Rachael Ray Show. Jason has been interviewed by major media outlets for his security expertise, including the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, Forbes, NPR, and the Huffington Post.

He currently lives in Cedar City, Utah, with his family.


Jason Hanson’s one-of-a-kind keynote presentations draw upon his CIA Officer training, executive protection service, and corporate security consulting.

His broad experience as a security specialist allows Hanson to tailor his presentations to the interests of his client and audience.

Armed with real life-saving know-how, Jason teaches his audience how to heighten their level of awareness, and offers exciting demonstrations of spy tools and tactics, which anyone can use to thwart danger and ensure personal safety.

The unpredictable world we live in has driven Americans to turn to experts like Hanson to better protect themselves and their families.

That’s why your audience will be spellbound learning how to:

  • How spy tactics can make your workplace safer
  • How to become a human lie detector
  • How to project yourself with little-known tools (that you probably have on you right now)
  • Travel safety secrets for airplanes, hotels, and taxi’s
  • Cybersecurity and how to protect your company and personal information from hackers and other criminals

As an ex-CIA Officer for nearly a decade, Jason leads a team of consultants with years of experience in undercover operations, cyber technology and information gathering.

Hanson’s team does not serve as typical observers who simply interview employees and survey operations. They go undercover to find the hidden problems. They pose as new employees and create peer relationships. They earn your employees’ trust and confidence. Then, they present these finding to the C-Suite providing an insight into your company unlike anything seen before.

Hanson’s team members are trained cyber experts, interrogators and human lie detectors. They evaluate your personnel and operations to uncover problems, waste and security vulnerabilities.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a security company who wants to train your employees going overseas or you’re simply looking for a fun and exhilarating time… We offer evasive driving, firearms, escape & evasion, and self-defense training all over the world.

Areas of expertise

  • Risk Assessment
  • Firearms
  • Security Operations
  • Private Investigations
  • Counter Terrorism
  • Emergency Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Travel Safety Tactics

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