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An Entertaining Negotiation and Business Communications Expert

Helping Organizations Exceed Goals by Getting Employees to Perform at Their Best

Since every answer to every question is available on the internet today, people want more than just information; they want information targeted to their specific needs.

That is why there is a need for Mike Hourigan’s relevant, reliable, and realistic information presented in a fun and fast format. Mike Hourigan likes to say, “It is really not about me, it is about you – the audience.”

Of course, you want up-to-the-minute, useable content to be implemented right now. In order to accomplish this task, your speaker must be able to immediately connect with your audience about your issues, your culture and your market in the “new now.” This is where Mike Hourigan’s varied background – from holding executive positions with Fortune 500 companies, grading hides in a leather tannery, and managing a national sales force – gives him an uncanny perspective to “dial in the combination” of his audience. Mike’s diverse list of repeat clients speaks to his ability to connect with his audiences.

Mike says he has earned all of his speaking merit badges, including the Certified Speaking Professional – CSP, awarded by the National Speakers Association, while delivering over 1,500 speeches in 17 years.


  • Communication: It’s Not Part of It – It’s All of It
  • Active Listening for Optimum Results

Sales, Sales Management and Customer Service Programs

  • Let’s Not Split the Difference: How to Get What You Want Through Negotiation
  • What Does Change Have to Do with Sales?
  • Taking the ‘Cuss’ out of Customer Service

Leader Management Programs

  • Leadership Dexterity: The Art and Science of Leadership
  • Teamwork Is More Than Just Hats & T-Shirts: How to Inspire Commitment, Teamwork, and Cooperation

Change Management and Stress Programs

  • Riding the Waves Without Getting Wet: How to Manage Change in Today’s Workplace
  • How to Say “No!” to Stress and Avoid Burnout

Corporate Training Programs

“FEI had the pleasure of having Mike address our members on two occasions now … each time he has delivered in spades! Mike listens, and the result is an attendee experience that is customized and unique, conveying the message of managing change with a ‘WOW’ factor!

– President & Chief Executive Officer, Financial Executives International


“I want to take the opportunity to thank you for being part of this year’s President’s Cabinet and making a wonderful presentation to our field associates and managers on approaches to ensure changes are successfully implemented and how best to motivate a sales team to achieve objectives. Your presentation was informative, timely and addressed topics that our field associates and managers wanted to hear about to help them grow. You connected with each and every audience member and there were many positive comments made by them following your presentation. “

– Security Mutual Life


“Mike, you have made a lifetime impact and awakened the true leaders within. You’ve cornered the market!”

– American Fidelity Group

Mike’s Client List Includes…

  • American Fidelity Group
  • Financial Executives International
  • First Premier Bank
  • GE Money
  • Illinois CPA Society
  • KPMG
  • Lincoln Financial Network
  • MassMutual Financial Group
  • MetLife
  • Prudential Financial
  • Security Mutual Life
  • Wells Fargo
Travels From:  North Carolina
City: Charlotte
$5,001 to $10,000


Keynote Speaker Mike Hourigan  is a refreshingly unique change management speaker and author who empowers the country’s top companies to navigate constant change with real-world wisdom. A veteran leadership consultant and productivity expert, Mike is consistently sought after and hired by the top companies in the U.S., including McDonald’s, Harley-Davidson, Disney, GE, Marriott, ExxonMobil and Kaiser Permanente.

Decades of corporate experience have allowed Mike to develop a completely fresh approach to team building, sales management, and customer service training. With a style that engages listeners in a way that’s meaningful to them and their company culture, Mike rarely gives his audiences a moment between laughs.

A former member of the management teams of Cargill Inc. and Olympus Corporation, Mike has offered over 1,000 audiences-and-counting the benefit of his real-world corporate experience. A seasoned author and co-author, his books include Riding the Waves without Getting Wet: A Journey to Leadership, The Leadership Secrets of Santa Claus, and Motivational Selling.

As one of the top keynote speakers in the United States, Mike has developed a comprehensive roster of speeches that address the key issues that affect companies most. From the growing need for soft skills training and interpersonal communications, to the subtle nuances of conducting business in a global economy, Mike Hourigan continues to the lead the industry in dynamic presentations that direct executives and entire companies toward real, lasting change.


How often have you said: “Why did that employee go ballistic?” Or “Why do I have to work with a jerk?” Whether you like it or not, you have to find a way to communicate with people. Mike Hourigan’s high energy, fast-paced session brings understanding to some of the most difficult communications problems like handling the back stabber, the gossip, or the difficult boss.

Mike’s satirical and real world look at interpersonal communications weaves you through this mine field and provides easy to use solutions. In many cases, poor communication skills waste a lot of time. You will learn how to get off the phone quicker, how to get out of meetings faster, and how to get the “ploppers” out of your office in record time.

Have you ever made someone mad but didn’t mean to?  You will learn how to prevent this. You will even learn how to say “no” to people without hurting their feelings. If you hire people, work with people, or know any people, this is the program for you!

75% of your day is spent communicating. Of that, 9% is spent writing, 16% reading, 30% speaking, and a whopping 45% listening!

Just like breathing, most of us think listening comes naturally. When you attend your first golf or yoga lesson, you may find you have been doing it wrong or not as efficiently or effectively as you could. Listening is no different.

Efficient listening is the skill that will deliver the biggest payoff, but usually it’s the skill most often neglected. Listening is the skill that everyone expects you to have mastered but is never taught.

This program will show you how to accomplish more by listening proficiently and show you how to get others to choose to listen to you.

Many view negotiation as a mysterious process; others see it as manipulation or dirty tricks. Good negotiation is a healthy process where everyone leaves the table feeling good about the outcome, themselves, and most importantly – each other. From buying a car to making a multi-million dollar corporate purchasing decision, the skills are the same and everything counts!

Every negotiation can be the beginning of the next negotiation and every negotiation has a beginning, middle and end. The trick to successful negotiation is making sure it is following your GPS system and getting you to your desired destination.

Mike Hourigan will show you how to remain confident by staying in control of any negotiation situation. Don’t enter into another high stakes negotiation – including buying a car or house – without learning these powerful skills.


Change affects your bottom line as well and your pipeline. Your market has changed, purchasing decisions have changed, and your sales force has changed. Buying decisions are being made using much different information than ever before. Your customer base consists of four different generations; 61% of LinkedIn members are between the ages of 35-64! In a word, they are your buyers and you better know how to approach them. Fear of change can be paralyzing to your customers and your sales people, but you do not have to let it.

Join author, keynote speaker, and former sales manager, Mike Hourigan, for this fast-paced, hilarious, and information packed presentation. Mike will show you how to improve your sales results by harnessing change and including it in your sales and management strategy.

Here are just a few of the takeaways from this Change Management Training:

  • You will learn why people fear change and how to overcome it and use it to your      advantage.
  • You will learn how to use LinkedIn as a powerful prospecting and marketing tool.
  • Your will learn how all four generations make their buying decisions and how to sell to them.
  • You will learn how to motivate the fastest growing group in your sales force – the      millennial generation.

Many people feel customer service is just a fancy form of lip service. Other people feel it is their constitutional right to bully and demean anyone who interacts with customers either on the phone or in person. So what is a customer service representative supposed to do?

This practical program is filled with real answers to real customer service situations like how to work with a customer who is wrong. Best of all you will leave with confidence to help you present your company and your product and yourself in any situation. Additionally, you will feel better at the end of the day and not dread the next day.

Here is what you will take away from this Customer Service Training Program:

  • How to deal with the nasty and abusive customer over the phone
  • How to respond to an aggressive client in person
  • How to defuse any angry person
  • Where customers get their expectations
  • When and how to follow up with a customer

Is Leadership an Art or is it a Science? Business school professors will say it is a science, seasoned leaders will argue it is an art. No matter which side of the argument you are on – most people will concede it is a little of both. Mike Hourigan’s program looks at some the issues in between: what gets people promoted and what employees want.

Mike Hourigan discusses some of the gray areas of management such as how to motivate people without spending money, the difference between coaching and managing, and how to praise someone to get repeated behavior and not feel like a wimp. He will also address how to stop people from plopping at your desk, how to understand the 3d’s of employee perception, and how to get people to do the job because they want to do it. You will leave with management tools you can implement immediately.

Simply giving out team hats and shirts does not make a team gel – but having the right management and communication skills do. All too often people think throwing a bunch of people together and calling them a team will get better results. Usually what happens is the dedicated, hard workers end up doing more work and the slackers get to do less.

Mike Hourigan’s program will look at the real issues of developing a winning team. Issues addressed include: what to do with people who do not want to be team players; finding individual strengths and maximizing them for best results; understanding why it seems impossible to get along with certain people and how to communicate with them; how to deal with the “know it all, back stabbers”; and dealing with another time waster – meetings. You will learn problem-solving methods to optimize team effectiveness and get the tools you need to achieve superior results with your teams.

Bad economy. Poor morale. Sweeping changes. How can you keep your head above water while the stormy seas of absurdity churn around you? This program shares strategies for managing change in organizations swirling in the turbulent waters of change. One thing is certain, people are looking to their leaders for direction and leaders are trying to find it before it changes again.

Mike Hourigan, the workplace commentator, will show you what to do about change management and how to do it. Whether you are at the crest or in the trough, he will show you how to become change resilient and stay dry. This lively program makes leading change almost as fun as a day at the beach.

You will learn how to avoid going under the waves of change and spend more time riding the productive and even fun waves. When you leave the program, you will be able to recognize, predict, and plan for change. You will also be able to teach your mangers how to motivate through change rather than dread it.

“I don’t get stress I give it!” “I can’t find the app for it on my cell.” “I’m too busy for stress.” We all laugh about it, but we all have it. If you don’t do something about stress, it leads to burnout.

This fast-paced program gives you a real and amusing look at what stress is and what it does to you: from memory loss to loss of confidence, as well as losing the ability to perform. All of these can be symptoms of burn out. Let Mike Hourigan, author of the “A Tip A Day On Change and Stress Management” audio program, show you what to do and how to do it. The program is loaded with tons of stress busters and practical solutions.

You will leave with a plan to dilute your stress and not burden your loved ones. You will learn the three reasons people are burning out and how ineffective worry is.

Here are some of the things you will take away from this stress management program:

  • Spotting the warning signs of stress overload.
  • Finding your optimal stress level.
  • How stressed are you? (a quick quiz)
  • The three levels of stress intervention.
  • How to become stress resistant.

Areas of expertise

  • Communication & Listening
  • Change Management
  • Team Building & Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Management Training

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