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A Stroke of Significance

Inspiring Others to Live. Lead. Impact.

Being called “one of America’s leading personal and professional development coaches,” Pete Smith is one of the most sought-after international speakers and trainers in the field of leadership, management, personal growth and development.

His energetic, witty, and interactive style is complimented by his ability to provide practical takeaways that actually work, all while having a little fun in the process.

As a former college athlete, coach, business executive, and stroke survivor, Pete brings a candid, humorous, and engaging approach to every endeavor. Surviving a stroke at the age of 35, Pete left his position as a successful operations executive and started his own company, SmithImpact, in 2011.

Pete’s impact on those who have attended his presentations or enrolled in his training programs has been huge, not only because he teaches people how to become more successful, but because he challenges and inspires them to become more SIGNIFICANT.

Personal & Professional Development Presentations

  • The Winner’s Edge
  • Living Your Personal Brand
  • Advancing your Career

Communication Presentations

  • Reading Between the Lines
  • Confidence & Influence

Leadership & Management Presentations

  • On Fire
  • Speed of the Leader, Speed of the Pack
  • It Starts With You
  • The Feedback Loop

“On behalf of the Practice Management Association (PMA) of Northern Virginia, I would like to thank you for addressing our group yesterday. Your presentation on Employee Turnover: More Than Metrics, was excellent and provided practical information we will all be able to use.  We have received numerous positive comments about what a dynamic and engaging speaker you are.  We enjoyed the audience participation and are excited about implementing your ideas in our offices.  PMA looks forward to inviting you to speak to our group again next year.”
Cathy W.

Can I take this opportunity once again to thank you for a tremendous presentation to the group!  I received several emails from our members this afternoon regarding your keynote described as dynamic with valuable content.  What a delight for me to be in the audience.”
 Judy N.

Having worked with Pete for several years, I have come to both respect and admire him. He has the ability to objectively assess a situation and identify the variables in need of change. His business skill is second only to his personal values. I trust him as both a colleague and a friend. If you are looking to improve… I highly recommend talking with Pete Smith.” ~David M

Partial Client List:

  • Meltzer Insurance Group
  • Brown Advisory Investment Management Firm
  • Virginia Bankers Association
  • Missouri Bankers Association
  • Council on Foundations
  • PAE
  • Leadership Arlington
  • American Association of Healthcare Administration Management
  • Texas Municipal Human Resources Association
  • Medical Group Management Association
  • Indiana Chamber of Commerce
  • Exhibitor Trade Show


Travels From:  Virginia
City: Arlington
$5,001 to $10,000


Prior to launching SmithImpact in 2011, Pete was the Operations Executive at one of the largest non-profit, alternative schools in Northern Virginia. During his tenure, he helped increase the organization’s total income, employee base and client base by over 102%. Additionally, by focusing his efforts on creating an engaged and productive workforce, Pete helped increase the average employee tenure by 74% in just three and a half years, all while saving the organization over $220,000 in turnover costs during that time.

Before joining the non-profit world, Pete held the position of Director of High School Programs for a for-profit, post-secondary university. Overseeing the mid-Atlantic region, Pete helped take a historically underperforming team to the top 5 nationally. Upon his departure, Pete’s territories of New Jersey, Atlanta, and the DC Metro were nationally ranked #1, #2, and #4, respectively.

One of his most significant, life-changing experiences occurred in 2010, when he suffered a stroke at the young age of 35. Temporarily losing his speech and being paralyzed on one half of his body, Pete was blessed with a full recovery, and has since used his experience to impact the lives of others.

Taking his experiences as a successful leader and manager, and incorporating the lessons learned from surviving a stroke, Pete is routinely asked to work with leaders, managers and employees, to develop people at the individual level and increase performance at the team level.

Pete resides in Arlington, VA with his beautiful wife (a fellow redhead!), two incredible boys (also redheads!), and a loveable, crazy dog (yes, even the dog is a redhead!).


How the Contrarian Gains the Competitive Advantage

Ever wonder what an elite professional does differently than everyone else? It’s not about chasing the latest hot trends or fads. Rather, it’s about taking positions that are often counterintuitive, unconventional and opposed to “conventional wisdom.”

Staying true to yourself in a professional world.

Your personal brand represents the value you are able to consistently deliver, personally and professionally. The most important step to creating your personal brand is defining yourself. If you don’t define who you are, others will. This presentation focuses on what you stand for, what you want to achieve, and how to overcome the obstacles that continue to hold you back.

Move Up, Move Over, Move Ahead

People are changing companies, industries and even geographies at an alarming rate. With such fluctuation, it’s now more important than ever to chart the course for your own career. Examining the five “pillars of progress,” participants will design relevant action items in each category that will assist them in their career advancement.

What’s NOT Being Said NEEDS to Be Understood

Not a day goes by where your effectiveness as a communicator isn’t put on stage for others to see. Relationships are developed, or ruined, because of it. Teams achieve, or miss goals because of it. It’s not a matter of learning more about body-language and tone. It’s about understanding communication from a psychological perspective.

The importance of communicating with confidence and Influence

Today’s workplace is among the most diverse in history. Yes, there are multiple generations of employees with different personality styles, but who has time to remember what someone else’s personality letters are or what their “personality color” is? What if, instead, the responsibility of effective communication resided with the one initiating the conversation? This presentation reveals a communication framework that will improve the levels of communication in any workplace or relationship.

Developing a Productive and Motivated Workforce

Every manager loves to have motivated employees on the team. However, statistics reveal that employees are becoming more demotivated and disengaged in companies throughout the country. By focusing on what decreases motivation, understanding what drives employees, and identifying ways to effectively reward them, this presentation reveals the necessary step-by-step framework needed to elevate motivation levels within your employees.

Elevating Performance of an Underachieving Team

Winning is contagious. So is mediocrity. Rarely does a leader have an opportunity to make such an amazing impact than in leading an underperforming team to extraordinary victories. It’s not an easy task, but an exceptionally rewarding one. Are you up to the challenge?

Developing High Performing Teams, One Person at a Time

Great organizations are created by great people producing great results. It’s about encouraging and supporting those who accept responsibility, accountability and ownership of their results. It’s about getting team members to communicate more effectively, to each other and to the client. It’s about being motivated to contribute in ways that are most meaningful while standing proud for something worthwhile… and it starts by focusing on each individual.

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

Few professional activities can generate such a wide array of positive and negative emotions like giving or receiving feedback. It can be a stressful experience causing anxiety, anger and resentment. But it doesn’t have to be that way! This presentation will uncover why “constructive criticism” is anything but constructive, and teaches how to properly prepare and deliver information that increases both the effectiveness and receptivity of the feedback.

Areas of expertise

  • Leadership
  • Coaching
  • Making an Impact
  • Increase Performance
  • Creating Influence
  • Gaining Confidence
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