Ray Sclafani

Founder and CEO of ClientWise

The Premier Executive and Business Coaching Firm Working Exclusively with Financial Professionals

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Ray Sclafani is founder and CEO of ClientWise, the premier coaching and training company serving the financial services industry. Through ClientWise, Ray has provided coaching or created and presented workshops for, among others, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, UBS, LPL, Ameriprise Financial, Raymond James, MetLife, and NorthWestern Mutual. In addition, he has spoken on request to major industry conferences and company events for firms such as Raymond James ad FSC Securities, as well, as the FPA National Conference, the John Hancock Funds Wholesaler Conference, the Nationwide Financial Summit Sales Conference, the MetLife Presidents’ Conference, the NorthWestern Mutual Forum, NorthWestern Mutual’s annual meeting, Barron’s Winner’s Circle Summit, and Barron’s Top Advisory Teams Summit.

Prior to his leadership role at ClientWise, Ray served in the financial industry, where he worked at Alliance Bernstein for 20 years in several key roles, including founder and managing director of the Advisor Institute at Alliance Bernstein, where he developed and directed an extensive series of programs directed at creating sustainable motivation, increased sales, deepened client relationships.

Through significant coaching education and practice, Ray earned the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) designation from the International Coach Federation, the leading independent professional association for coaches. He also holds a Master’s Certification in Neuro-Linguistics from the International Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and has participated in The Strategic ® Coach Program for 17 years. Ray holds a BA from Baylor University and lives in Bedford, New York, with his wife and true life partner, Beth, and their two sons, who continually inspire his work and his passion for excellence.


Our ability to provide sound industry knowledge through the powerful lens of a coaching partnership is unmatched, and this combination solidifies the ClientWise advantage.

The ClientWise team personally matches each financial advisor with a highly trained coach based on his or her individual goals and preferences.Each coaching program is distinctively tailored to match the advisor’s objectives, through services ranging from individual and team coaching, workshop facilitation, team facilitation, and coaching skills training.

This coaching process is coupled with our original ClientWise practice management content, which is developed from in-depth research by industry experts in both coaching and financial services. These proprietary tools and databases, including The ClientWise Benchmark Assessment Report ™ and The ClientWise Coach Insights Database ™, contain best practices from leading professionals and access to the most significant financial trends and influences worldwide.

ClientWise provides several coaching programs for solopreneurs and teams. In addition to partnering with a hand-selected, ICF certified coach, each program provides access to our proprietary ClientWise Benchmark Assessment Report (BAR)™, our monthly success forums, and our weekly tips and tools.


  • 18 coaching sessions
  • 6-9 months
  • Includes access to our online e-learning platform, The ClientWise eXchange™, which contains original content created from in-depth industry research


  • 24 coaching sessions
  • 12 months
  • For advisory ensembles, duration and number of sessions varies based on need and are individually customized for each ensemble
  • Includes access to our Practice Management Content eLibrary, which contains original content created from in-depth industry research


  • Individually customized for each firm
  • Duration and number of sessions varies based on need
  • Includes access to our Practice Management Content eLibrary, which contains original content created from in-depth industry research

Practice management areas are listed below and additional topics are available upon request:

  1. Client Acquisition & Marketing
  2. Building Client Advocates & Generating Referrals
  3. Building Your Network of Professional Advocates & Centers of Influence
  4. Seven Steps to Developing a High-Performance Team
  5. Strategic Planning & Goal Setting

We designed the ClientWise Business Builders Academy (BBA)TM precisely for select advisors like you who envision more for their firms; hands-on business owners who crave meaningful growth and are deeply committed to maximizing the long-term value of their enterprise—not just for their own ends, but for the benefit of their teams, their clients, their centers of influence and future generations.


  • What’s the optimal way to build a truly interdependent team
  • How can we evolve from a wealth management business to a human capital business that delivers wealth management?
  • What steps do I need to take to transition from a lone ranger to a leader?
  • How do I go about institutionalizing and operationalizing sales and marketing and other processes?
  • What strategies will most impact my enterprise value and facilitate a future succession?

These are just some of the critical growth issues the first-of-its-kind Business Builders Academy™ program will help you and your team address, regardless of what stage of the business lifecycle your practice is in.

Upon acceptance into the Business Builders Academy™, you will join a community of lifelong learners, all committed to growing revenue, increasing profitability, building teams, and maximizing enterprise value.

Members are grouped into one of three levels

  • Emerging Leaders
  • Master Leaders
  • Enterprise Leaders

and meet quarterly to participate in collaborative workshops.

The well-researched curriculum is customized to the advisors’ specific challenges and is led by ClientWise professionals. As your business grows, you’ll have the opportunity to move up to the next learning path as you meet the growth criteria.

The program’s quarterly workshops and ClientWise eXchange™ tools, resources and interactive community all work together to encourage shared insights, enable self-directed learning, hone strategic thinking and most importantly, deliver sustainable results. Working together, we’ll empower you to unlock your firm’s potential, drive revenue and profit, and maximize your enterprise value.

Letting Go to Grow™ uses ClientWise proprietary assessments to determine a financial advisor’s potential for progress and their best path to achieve success.

It looks at everything from an advisor’s coachability quotient to their length of service and, using The ClientWise Professional Advisory Model™ and key findings from top performing financial advisors, charts a course for moving forward. Taking into account things such as optimal allocation of time and making the most of conversations with clients, it provides advisors with a different perspective and highlights the changes necessary for success.

Building Loyal Client Advocates ™ is a step-by-step guide to make your most loyal clients powerful tools in growing your client acquisition process.

It takes you through the process of discovering your clients in new and comprehensive ways using The ClientWise Conversation™ and helps determine your greatest potential sources for referrals. It outlines tracking tips to keep everything streamlined and organized, and develops a careful process around the very personal practice of generating referrals.

You’ve Been Framed!™ assesses the financial professional from a holistic perspective, assuming their fullest capability for success.

Using elements of Letting Go to Grow™, The ClientWise Conversation™, and The ClientWise Professional Advisory Model™, it addresses client perception and engagement. You’ve Been Framed™ highlights crucial questions financial professionals should be asking clients and maps out specific next steps based on assessments, what is working well, areas for change or improvement, resources required, and people involved.


TheProfessionalAdvocateApproach™ is a step-by-step guide to maximizing our proprietary process and turning your professional relationships into powerful client acquisition tools. It uses The ClientWise Conversation™ and other unique approaches that generate exceptional results with both your clients and professional partners.

Emotional Intelligence is a key differentiator in determining a financial professional’s ability to manage relationships with clients, key advocates, and centers of influence. Created in partnership with Genos International, the 7 Skills of Emotional Intelligence™ focuses on the skills necessary to build and measure emotional intelligence in order to develop talent and determine how well an individual will perform with others in a given environment.

This program details several considerations specific to the financial services industry that advisors frequently overlook when caught up in the day-to-day aspects of their business. Taking into account the current environment and what the future may hold for financial services, 7 Decisions for a Successful Future in Financial Services™ take an extensive and analytic look at key areas related to: the client, the business vision, delivery of wealth management services, growth strategy, measurement and execution, financial sustainability, and filling key strategic roles.

All In: Lifetime Maximizer™ is a presentation developed by ClientWise founder and CEO, Ray Sclafani, and targets the focus areas necessary to achieve the larger vision of your life and work. Created with a similar framework to The ClientWise Professional Advisory Model, All In focuses on 7 key areas that include: Career Planner, Family Matters, Social Connections, Spiritual Center, Mental Mindset, Financial Discipline, and Physical Wellness. It provides several key tools including a Lifetime Maximizer Self Assessment™ and strategies for financial professionals to maximize success in all areas.

A powerful value proposition is crucial to defining your target market and differentiating yourself in a saturated industry of financial advisors. Articulating Your Powerful Value Proposition™ pinpoints the steps necessary to determine this. It guides you through the process of breaking down your clients known and unknown needs, the solution you provide as their advisors, and the centers of influence you should acquire based on these target markets.

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