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A Warrior's Mind

The Moment is the Opportunity!

A lot of people talk about success, but they don’t talk about the struggle it takes to get there. Success doesn’t happen overnight and there is always a story behind the success of trials and the struggle to overcome adversity.

Shannon shares with you his life story, the struggle of losing his parents at a young age, then his grandparents as a teenager and the betrayal of his family. How these events led him to make the decision of going to BUD/s and puting himself through the hardest military training in the world to become a United States Navy SEAL.

He will share with you how far one can fall into the darkness and the fact that there is always hope to claim victory and what that looked like in his life.

Out of these trials was born A Warrior’s Mind, a unique presentation that covers some of his life and experiences and how they shaped this mindset.  In it he focuses on topics like:

  • What is your reason for doing what you do, and how passion changes the world.
  • Taking action, and how it’s the power to create the results and future you desire.
  • No fail mentality, and what never quitting means to him.
  • A Warrior’s Mind

If you’re in the business world, you’ve been there. Probably, dozens of times.

The sales meeting/conference/trade show you attended (or made to attend), where the “featured guest speaker” was going to change your life with their words of wisdom.

I’ve been to dozens in my 20 years in the financial services industry. I’ve heard some great speakers.  But I’ve always left the room the same person I was when I entered.  I was entertained.  But soon after,  their message faded to a distant memory.  And I went back to “business as usual”.

I finally met one speaker who was different. One speaker whose message stays with me.  One speaker who changed me. Shannon Rusch.

If you’re looking for different results, look for a different solution. Shannon’s Warrior’s Mind can be that for you.

Pete Sczerbinski – Divisional Sales Manager – Lincoln Financial Distributors

“Shannon was a true inspiration. My clients were touched by his story and by his service to our country. He taught us about how he was able to get through some of the toughest days of SEAL training. The tactics he gave can be applied to many different goals in all lines of work. His presentation put things into perspective when it comes to never giving up. Shannon was the best motivational speaker I have had in my 13 years of being with the company. I will be bringing him back again. ”

Sarah Evans – Nationwide

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A Warrior’s Mind – A Navy SEAL’s Perspective on Business Planning

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Great speaker with good message
Best speaker of the event.
Thanks for this speaker
Excellent session with great applicability! Enjoyed it!
One of the best I’ve heard in a long time.
To say I’m inspired is too cliche. Shannon dared to exposure the dark recesses of his heart to teach us how we can dare to be great ourselves. Thank you, Shannon!
Best of the day.
Great story, wonderful inspiration, great session!
Extraordinary testimony and very inspirational.
Amazing speaker! The beat session I’ve attended yet. Thank you, Shannon Rush, for sharing your story.
AMAZING!!   Top notch in every way. Would go again and recommend to all.
So inspiring! A nice mix to include this option alongside more traditional breakouts.
Excellent!  – hopefully more than 1 session next year!
Please bring more more more motivational and inspirational speakers to all conference workshops !!!
Shannon was a captivating speaker with a very inspiring story to tell. He was able to relate to the audience in a meaningful way by evoking a broad spectrum of emotions throughout the presentation.
Truly inspirational, my favorite breakout session, would like to see more sessions along this line!!!!

Annette Gregg, CMP CMM MBA – LPL Financial Vice President | Conference Experiences


Travels From:  North Carolina
City: Charlotte
$5,001 to $10,000


United States Navy SEAL Operator (not active) Shannon Rusch shares his life story, what led him to become a SEAL, and now how he applies what he has learned in every area of his life.  Woven with the Mindset of a SEAL, Shannon goes into key areas like “What is your Reason”, “Passion and how it drives us to take action”, and “Never Quitting”.   Bringing to light what makes the SEAL mentality so powerful and how you can apply the mindset to business and everyday life.   A Warriors Mind gives insight and perspective for those looking to build a “No Fail” mentality into themselves and their Team.

SEAL Operator Shannon Rusch graduated BUDs class 236 in Oct 2001, and served at SEAL Team 4.  After leaving the Navy he started his own brand, SilentShadow USA INC. a business with a focus on giving back to the community he lives in through Firearms training and public speaking. Shannon has also created and launched a 501c3, SEAL Swim Charities.  This effort focuses on endurance events, like the Lake Norman SEAL Swim a 13.6 mile swim, and The Warrior Grind a 250 mile bike ride in 36 hours, to raise awareness and funds for Veteran suicide. SEAL Swim Charities approaches healing from a “Mind, Body, and Spirit” angle, and supports groups in line with that mission statement.  In the last 2 years the SSC Team has raised $250,000.00 in support of Operation Restored Warrior.   A Warrior, Servant, Protector, Shannon continues to serve his Community and Nation through SilentShadow.


A unique presentation that covers some of Shannon’s life and experiences and how they shaped his mindset.  In it he focus on topics like:

  • What is your reason for doing what you do, and how passion changes the world.
  • Taking action, and how it’s the power to create the results and future you desire.
  • No fail mentality, and what never quitting means to him.

Areas of expertise

  • Overcoming Obstacles
  • Being in the Moment
  • Never Quitting
  • Being a Navy Seal
  • Taking Action
  • Finding Your Reason
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