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Teaching Advisers How to Have Honest Clients Conversations that Deliver Results

Want to know the key to a more ENGAGING, EFFICIENT, and PROFITABLE Practice?

The Steven Gaffney Company is the leading expert on honest, truthful and direct communication. What they means by truthful communication is the big problem is not what your clients are saying, it is what is not saying. It is the most critical game changing strategy to get and keep HNW clients. Their methods teach how honest persuasion strategies can help you engage clients and improve profits.

  • They are the #1 expert when it comes to open and honest communication.
  • They have developed a proprietary Outside-Inside Customization Approach that enables them to bring fresh a perspective, while tailoring their solutions to fit your specific needs.
  • Their consulting and teaching is focused and created with your desired end result in mind.
  • They are the only ones in their field that are willing to reinforce everything they teach with a Lifetime Guarantee.

Key Presentations

  • Getting To The Honest Truth
  • Influencing With or Without Authority
  • Leading Through Change During Times of Uncertainly

Additional Services

  • High Performance Executive Coaching and Advising Program
  • Consulting Services

“Steve’s program and style held a room of senior managers attentive and interested for 4.5 hours – straight. The lessons and techniques learned in that one session have turned around a number of client relationships that are critical to our success as a team and as a company. His post-program availability has been highly valued – especially as “emergency room” conditions have required refresher advice on tactics for specific situations.”

– Christopher P. Augustin, Managing Director, A Global Financial Institution


“Steven’s high energy and delivery style enables him to engage easily with his audience. He makes a positive and lasting impact!”

– Katherine Kerchner, VP, Finance & Business Operations, Lockheed Martin


“Throughout my career as an event planner I have had the privilege of working with some of the finest speakers available in the world. Never has a guest speaker connected with an audience the way that Steven Gaffney connected with our group. His work is topical and essential to any relationship. I can hardly think of a more important lesson topic for corporate management then honest communication; and I can certainly not think of a more qualified person to deliver the message then Steven Gaffney.”

– Jan Avant, Membership Director, Anthony Robbins Platinum Membership

Steven’s Client List Includes…

  • American Express
  • Allstate Insurance
  • Assurant
  • Citigroup
  • Fannie Mae
  • Lockheed Martin
  • London Life
  • Marriott
  • Meeting Planners International
  • NASA
  • National Association for Female Executives
  • U.S. Marine Corps
Travels From: Washington DC
$15,001 to $20,000


The #1 problem at work, home, and around the world is not what people say, its what they DON’T say to each other.

No one knows this better than Keynote Speaker Steven Gaffney, who, for two decades, has been the leading expert on the subjects of honesty and communication, helping people understand the costs of withholding information both at work and home.

Mr. Gaffney’s inability to speak due to hearing impairments as a child forced him to learn the importance of effective communication at a very early age.

This problem stimulated Steven’s desire to help individuals transform the quality of their professional and personal lives through honest and transparent communication, and is what drove the foundation of Steven Gaffney Company.

Steven is the respected author of six books and publications including: “Just Be Honest” and “21 Rules for Delivering Difficult Messages”.

Steven is a Certified Speaking Professional™ and a highly respected member of the Million Dollar Speaking Group of the NSA.


LEARN HOW TO GET THE UNSAID SAID, The Most Important Communication Strategy To Increase Trust, Build Remarkable Relationships, Get Things Done and Drive Sales!

This highly engaging and interactive seminar is delivered by Steven Gaffney, and based on his popular selling books, Just Be Honest and Honesty Works. Honesty is still not only the best policy, but it is the easiest and most effective way to communicate when it comes to resolving conflicts and producing results. A key problem within organizations and between individuals is not what people ARE saying, but it’s what they are NOT saying to each other.


“Getting the Unsaid, Said” How to dramatically increase your sales and income by getting others to tell you the real truth through honest communications that would allow you to establish relationships with others and overcome any objection.

  • Have you ever been in a situation in which a potential customer or client is not telling you what’s really going on?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you were blind-sided or surprised to find out something? Afterwards realizing had you known what was going on you could have resolved the issue?

The big problem is not what people says, it’s what they don’t say to each other.

Getting the “unsaid, said” is the ultimate key to building report, overcoming objection, increasing referrals and generating more sales.

Steven Gaffney has not only worked in the financial industry but in various market industries as well and offers the best practices through a fresh innovative perspective.

Learn the 5 most important strategies to get anyone to say anything.  As well as how to share difficult and challenging messages in a way that ultimately bonds and increases relationships.

Honest Persuasion Strategies that Make Things Happen – Internally and Externally

Everyone needs to know how to influence and sell. Why? Because, on a daily basis, there are opportunities for virtually everyone in an organization to directly or indirectly influence the health, growth and success of your organization. Many of these opportunities in today’s fast-paced, extremely competitive environment are there one minute, and gone the next. It is crucial to learn how to survive in a matrix organization where leaders do not own the resources that the need to accomplish their business objectives. The key is to leverage the power of your workforce to quickly recognize, develop and capitalize on these opportunities.


The Underlying Problem and Severe Costs

Sometimes people think influencing and selling means manipulating people into doing things they really don’t want to do. Others don’t know how to sell ideas and influence people across organizational lines, up and down the organizational ladder or with their clients. This causes ideas and opportunities to be missed and initiatives and proposals to be stalled or not well executed. This breaks down leadership, stifles teamwork, wastes huge amounts of time, sabotages innovation, reduces productivity and kills potential profits.

The Solution

This seminar provides specific strategies and techniques that you can use both internally within your organization and externally with customers, vendors and other organizations. You will learn the Key Rapport Factors involved in building sincere relationships, which is essential to influencing anyone in a non-manipulative manner. Also learn the Power Principles of Influence that enable your ideas, requests, and initiatives to be accepted internally and externally, as well how to dissolve resistance and resolve objections.

Be a Change Champion: How to Sustain the Boom and Avoid the Bust of Organizational Change

Research has shown that as much as 70% of changes attempted within an organization fail. What can be done about it? Steven Gaffney Company has identified four essential keys to successfully lead through any change within your organization.

In this session, leaders will learn critical skills for managing and leading through any change, no matter how unpredictable or uncertain the environment may be. Change also frequently reveals more problems that have been previously neglected or unresolved, making this skill set even more essential to the success of the organization. Many people have leadership skills, but the specific ability to lead through times of change and uncertainty is a specialized, distinct strength to help leaders survive and thrive in today’s business world.

This program includes six (6) months of unlimited leadership advisory, coaching, and consulting directly with Steven Gaffney. Steven will bring you cross-discipline, innovative strategies from working almost 20 years with top executives from major international organizations in various industries. He will work with you one-on-one to understand your challenges and offer sound guidance based on your desired outcomes. In addition, Steven will help you to create and implement a focused, winning strategy to quickly and efficiently achieve meaningful, long lasting results with your relationships internally and externally. He will help direct you to leverage your natural strengths as a leader with his practical and tangible approaches to help you produce winning results and achieve your professional goals.

Whether leading through uncertainty, looking to improve communication and leadership skills, or looking for fresh, innovative ways to boost the profitability (or cost savings) and productivity, working with Steven will assist you in mapping out the right path to business success with the least resistance and confront challenges head on. You will discover how to create and implement focused strategies and techniques to achieve the results the organization wants in the areas of leadership, building relationships, and communication.

This option includes a 360 Actionable Feedback Assessment in which you select up to 10 people to receive an in-depth confidential phone interview about yourself. An analysis and summary report will be produced with the general themes and findings with specific actionable items for you (respecting the confidentiality of each person being interviewed). The 360 Actionable Feedback Assessment is critical to discovering the hidden obstacles that prevent you from excelling to the next level and will help serve the game plan to help achieve the results desired during the coaching period.

In addition, this program also includes the following:

  • Unlimited one on one sessions via telephone 24/7 or web-conference
  • Unlimited email and text support
  • One onsite in-person meeting with Steven Gaffney in the Washington DC metro area with the participating leader (up to a half day). Steven may shadow and observe the leader in action with their team and give feedback and guidance needed for improvement. This visit is scheduled at the leader’s leisure depending upon goals and objectives.
  • One set of books, articles, materials and other products from Steven Gaffney to reinforce accountability and assist in meeting objectives.

Steven Gaffney and associates can help you improve your organizational performance by ensuring that the entire organization is aligned in vision, goals, and objectives through our tailored consulting services. We will strategically customize, formulate, and analyze a plan to help your organization achieve a breakthrough in performance, in addition to becoming a more focused, honest, and profitable culture. Our unparalleled strategies set us apart because we use our expertise in honest communication and breadth of diverse services to create a solution that best fits the needs and desired outcomes of your organization.

The Steven Gaffney Company can also help you when it comes to professional relationships, stressful situations, difficult personalities and much more. Through our consulting retainers, participants are able to schedule calls as issues and challenges arise, as well as work with us to obtain overall advice in areas of communication, motivation, teamwork, and leadership. Our programs are designed to help participants in setting goals and increasing accountability, as well as privately advise them on sensitive situations.

Areas of expertise

  • Honest, Open Communication
  • Getting The Unsaid Said
  • Leading Through Times of Change and Uncertainty
  • Inspiring Excellence
  • Achieving Beyond Results
  • Organizational Assessments & Consulting
  • Executive Coaching
  • Train the Trainer
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