Stig Nybo

U.S. Retirement Strategist

Stig believes every American deserves the opportunity to retire with dignity and confidence.

With 25 years of experience in leadership roles within the retirement business, Stig Nybo has made a significant commitment to the design and promotion of best practice for retirement plans.

His experience, having spanned across all aspects of the business (from business development – to operational excellence), gives him a unique perspective and tremendous insight into how organizations can drive both top and bottom line results. During his industry tenure, he has led operations, sales and marketing, and technology teams as President of Transamerica Retirement Services and strategy as President of Transamerica’s U.S. Retirement Strategy.

He often authors articles in retirement trades, the national press, is quoted in publications ranging from PLANSPONSOR® to The Wall Street Journal, and is frequently a featured speaker on the topic of retirement outcomes, behavioral finance, and change.


His experience extends well beyond the confines of the organizations in which he has worked, as he has served on the of board multiple organizations including:

  • Saving Re-Imagined, an exploratory effort of EBRI-ERF
  • Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies, a non-profit, private foundation (TCRS)
  • Employee Benefits Research Institute (EBRI)
  • National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA); Defined Contribution Institutional Investors Association (DCIIA)



  • LEARNING TO THRIVE in a post DOL Fiduciary Regulation world
  • The Art and science of De-Commoditizing You and Your Business
  • Context – Knowledge – Belief: Changing (saving) behavior

This past June, I was fortunate to see Stig Nybo speak at an MDRT Conference in Vancouver. I know very well how thorough MDRT is in selecting speakers and I knew he would be excellent for that reason alone.

What I found after seeing him speak is that he has a HUGE passion for helping Americans have a chance at the kind of retirement they want and deserve. His message is one of inspiration to all of us as advisors and how we OWE it to our clients to TELL THEM THE TRUTH, that if they don’t start saving money systematically in their retirement accounts it is almost impossible for them to achieve their goals.

Any advisor or client would benefit greatly from seeing Stig speak. He commanded the room for an hour and we had to have questions in the hallway because people were lined up after his talk and would have listened to him for another hour if they could have. He even gave away a few copies of his book. This man is a GIVER and contributes to all around him in any way he possibly can.
William M. Richardson III CLU, Richardson Financial – Wealth Management and Insurance Services

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Stig Nybo for more than a decade on numerous projects and presentations on a diverse set of topics. His ability to captivate audiences is unsurpassed. With unique stories and insightful corollaries, Stig makes his engagements unforgettable. He often brings truth and an unbiased clarity to shape often watered-down and misunderstood realities. Never was that more true then when he wheeled out a life sized version of a declaration on retirement – on which we signed our names pledging to uphold the principles of saving – absolute home run!
Dave Shute, Vice President, Marketing AIG Life and Retirement

If I had to hire a speaker, Stig would be my hands down choice. It is positively rare that you get a chance to hear a speaker of Stig’s caliber. He is a high profile leader; a master of audience connection. Not only has he used this gift to shape corporate cultures, he is innovative and driven to reveal deeper trends and peerless at presenting his ideas in fresh, powerful and memorable ways. I can’t say enough about Stig and the unique opportunity he presents for any group who wants to hear “over-the-horizon” thinking. I’m a huge fan.
Bill Beausay Full time Professional Speaker, MDRT Presenter – 2016 Author of 3 National Best Sellers – recently published “The Sender”

Travels From:  California
$5,001 to $10,000


Stig has an inside perspective on Capitol Hill, the legislative process, and policy making overall. His interaction with regulators has resulted in direct and positive changes to retirement policy. During the past year, he has been intimately involved in the ongoing discussions surrounding the pending DOL Fiduciary Rule, how it will impact industry, and how to thrive in a ‘post rule’ world.

Stig believes every American deserves the opportunity to retire with dignity and confidence. He is an award winning author for Transform Tomorrow: Awakening the Super Saver in Pursuit of Retirement Readiness (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2013), which received the USA Best Book Award for “Social Change” and “Business: Investing” and was named the fifth most influential person in the retirement industry by

He is the founder and operating committee chairman of Saving Re-Imagined, an effort to create a non-branded public service campaign to change beliefs around the benefits of saving and the achievability of financial security.

Stig lives in Portola Valley, California with his family.


On April 14, 2015, the Department of Labor (DOL) re-proposed fiduciary regulations to Federal Register addressing when investment services are fiduciary in nature.

While the retirement industry and congress continue to engage in further research, seek clarification, and urge moderation, the rule itself has already been resubmitted (Jan. 28th) to OMB for final review. OMB can take up to 90 days, but will likely expedite their review; OMB reviews all proposed and final rules, particularly their economic impact.

A final rule is expected in late March/early April. Baring grace periods being granted, as written, the transition period is 8 months from the date the rule becomes final. Given the complexity of compliance and the sheer volume of comments DOL receive to extend this period, an additional grace period is likely; perhaps up to 2 years.

These proposed regulations and their associated exemptions are highly complex and will have a profound impact on many advisors who work in the retirement marketplace. Those who are prepared, will likely flourish. Those who are not, will struggle.

Program Outline


  • there is opportunity in understanding

Important Background  

  • current rule
  • 2010 proposal
  • 2015 re-proposal

Level Setting  

  • what’s a fiduciary?
  • and a prohibited transaction?
  • how do I know if I am one?
  • why do I care? –

Understanding the Options 

  • can I use a “Carve-Out?
  • or a PTE (prohibited transaction exemption)?
  • what about the BIC (best interest contract)?


  • a timeline I can use
  • is there any chance it derails

Inside the Beltway (a Washington Perspective)

  • what about other agencies?
  • the Executive and Congressional perspectives
  • are there legislative efforts?

6)  Biggest Opportunities

  • seek to understand (understand the rule)
  • then to be understood (clear/compelling value)
  • advise (your clients need it)

My Observations

  • the big solves
  • does the rule help?
  • q & a

Our world is in a chronic state of under-saving, which not only threatens our ability to retire with dignity, but also puts at risk the very fabric of our society.

While behavioral economics is helping to powerfully shape the context of saving, we must be cautious about fixing the symptom and ignoring the problem. It will take much more than the blissful inertia of “set it and forget it” to truly motivate a change in societal saving and spending behavior.

Come explore the impact of behavioral economics, financial literacy, and beliefs on Saving Behavior

Areas of expertise

  • DOL’s Fiduciary Ruling
  • Retirement Planning
  • Pensions
  • 401K
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Changing Behavior
  • De-Commoditizing You and Your Business
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