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You Have 7 Seconds. Let’s Make Them Count!

Sylvie Di Giusto is a professional image consultant for executives, politicians, sales professionals and companies who place great importance on themselves and their reputation.

People whom you meet make quick decisions about you. Should they hire you? Vote for you? Buy something from you? Trust you? Seven seconds. This is that brief moment in time when others first see you, or your employees, whether it’s at a meeting, on the job, or at an interview. Research has found that first impressions are surprisingly valid, and that these impressions are based on how we dress, act, speak, look, stand or walk.

The good news though is that this process and your image is entirely under your control. You can make it what you want. You can control the message you send to the people who see you and interact with you. It’s a combination of your dress, your attitude, your communication and how you present yourself on the internet.

Sylvie will teach you

  • The Power of First Impressions – What happens in those first 7 seconds
  • What does your image tell the world?
  • The ABCDs of a professional imprint
  • The look of leadership
  • The importance of your surroundings
  • The consequences and impact of an unprofessional appearance (online & offline)


  • Executive Branding – The ABCDs of a Professional Imprint (Appearance • Behavior •Communication • Digital Footprint)


“Sylvie absolutely changed my thought process on so many things. She is simply amazing. I have attended many conferences and without a doubt Sylvie ranks at the top for her public speaking and impressive presentation. I encourage everyone, not only read her book, but consider hiring her to help your business succeed!”
B. Ronnell Nolan, Chief Executive Officer, Health Agents of America

I found Sylvie and Executive Image Consulting through a Google search when looking for someone to come and present on the importance of image at the workplace. I am so glad to have found her. Sylvie is highly knowledgeable in her area of expertise, personable, and engaging. The amount of positive feedback I received after the presentation was incredible! To top it off, Sylvie was flexible with our scheduling demands which made it all the more pleasant to work with her. If you are looking for advice or consultation in the area of image and leadership, I highly encourage you to consider Sylvie.”
Linda Najok, HR Business Partner, American Express

“Sylvie was great to deal with remotely and was extremely thorough in her assessment of me before our initial meeting. It was here though when I eventually made it to New York and met with her for the first time that I discovered the true value of what she offers. I saw some amazing sights in New York and had an experience to remember, but to be honest…my time with Sylvie was the most memorable and a real highlight of my trip. Her advice and guidance had made a tremendous difference and I look forward to engaging her services again in the future.”
Troy MacMillan, Managing Director | TWD The Wealth Designers Financial Advisory

At her events Sylvie establishes a productive working atmosphere while using modern and varied techniques, great content, put in a nutshell and easy to understand.”
Dr. Emanuel Siregar, Chief HR Officer,SanofiAventis

Partial List of Sylvie’s Clients

  • 100 Women in Hedge Funds
  • American Express
  • BASF
  • Bloomberg
  • C-Suite Network Conferences
  • Grant Thorton
  • Haworth
  • McKinsey & Company
  • NSA
  • Penn
  • Prudential
  • Waldorf Astoria
Travels From:  New York
City: NYC
$10,001 to $15,000


An executive branding & image expert using her multi-cultural background to work with leaders from around the world who place great importance in themselves and their reputation. With twenty years of corporate experience, a cutting-edge approach combined with a competitive mindset, and a passion for visualization Sylvie Di Giusto helps professionals and corporations to explore how people make up their minds very quickly about them, their leadership potential or their company, and either open the door for them or slam it shut.

Throughout her career, Sylvie has held senior positions, mainly within Human Resources, for organizations ranging from 10 to 100,000 employees. She has worked with every strata of management from CEOs to young executives, which made her familiar with the typical challenges that professionals and companies face in their workplace. Having spent all those years observing and influencing people’s career paths, she has witnessed how important the role of a professional image is in setting a person apart from the competition. She has learned it’s better to craft the way others are going to perceive you, rather than to sit back and hope it’s going to be in a great way.

When She is not working, she’s volunteering her time for the National Speakers Association. When she is not volunteering, she is spending time with her family exploring the extraordinary country of the United States, this amazing place she calls home.I have a multi-cultural background: Austrian by birth, French in my heart, Italian in my kitchen, German in my work ethic, and American by choice. My life is rich with unique experiences, not to mention the  joy of raising my two children in New York City together with my husband.

Sylvie has a multi-cultural background: Austrian by birth, French in her heart, Italian in her kitchen, German in her work ethic, and American by choice. Her life is rich with unique experiences, not to mention the  joy of raising her two children in New York City together with her husband.


A positive first impression ultimately boosts the bottom line of any career or business. It’s what captures clients, fosters trust, and makes people want to do business with you. This is particularly true for organizations that interact with customers face-to-face. Otherwise, your existing or potential clientele may see you, your products or services, and your entire company in a negative light.

Sylvie shows your audience how the way they are perceived by others becomes the perceived value of your products and services, and what impact it has on their own career, a customer decision making process, the outcome of a sales cycle, or the reputation of the organization they work for.

In her events she reveals the components of a professional “imprint”, which is the sum total of four factors: appearance, behavior, communication, and digital footprint. And, after the initial imprint has been established, how you need to sustain it over time.

Sylvie takes your participants on a informative, interactive and fun journey that will reveal how others perceive them and thus perceive the value of their abilities and their employer’s reputation.

She helps them to understand how people make up their minds very quickly about them, their leadership potential, their products or their organization, and either open the door for them or slam it shut.

Your Audience will:

  • Reflect on their own visual appearance, explore why people may perceive them as they do and understand why it’s crucial to make a positive first (and lasting) impression.
  • Understand that it is less about their age, gender, weight, or height. It’s all about accentuating the positives and camouflaging the negatives, practices that will increase their self-esteem and confidence.
  • Acknowledge that there are no excuses for bad appearance and that the consequences are serious and wide-ranging both for them and for the organizations they work for.
  • Better understand the impact their visual appearance and first impression have on others’ decision-making processes (e.g., during sales meetings, presentations, negotiations, and promotion discussions.)
  • Leave with practical advice about wardrobe choices, such as colors, patterns, cuts, fabrics, and designers who offer clothes appropriate for their career level, role, industry, personal style, and budget.
  • Not be pushed into a one-size-fits-all formula. Instead, they will understand that it’s all about the industry, their career level, the audience, the corporate culture, and the occasion period.
  • Be encouraged to draft their own stories, be the CEO of their own careers, and thus take responsibility for the way they appear, behave, and communicate every single day.
  • Understand that looking good is great but not sufficient. They will explore other factors relevant to their professional imprint (e.g., body language, business etiquette skills, and communication, both offline and online.)
  • Receive take away materials such as lists, e-books, presentation slides, and, ideally, Sylvie’s book, which summarizes the program’s main concepts and serves to integrate them into participants’ daily habits.



Areas of expertise

  • Executive Branding
  • Image Expert
  • Social Media Image Expert (Your Digital Imprint)
  • Communication
  • People Packaging
  • First Impressions
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