Concierge Speakers Bureau

A single-point-of contact for all your speaker & trainer needs.

Our concierge speakers bureau service runs on the most basic of premises. You want to find great speakers with relevant topics at the right price to deliver your desired outcome, but you don’t have the time, don’t know where to start and in some cases are not sure exactly what you are looking for.

You want to work with someone who is industry knowledgeable, will deliver the types of speakers you are looking for in a timely, efficient and customer-friendly manner that drives tangible results.

We understand that each company is unique. Therefore, we offer a customized approach to partnering with you to meet and exceed your speaker and trainer needs. We consider our clients to be partners and therefore we use a ‘hands on approach’, creating an in-house presence. This provides your team with immediate access to us.

Our concierge speakers bureau model is designed to save you time and money, and most importantly deliver a strong speaker ROI.

So how is our concierge speakers bureau different?

  • Unlike most concierge services there is no cost to you. You get all the benefits without the additional cost. Our fee is always included in the speaker fee and we never raise the price of the speaker fee. If you call them directly or call us you get the same fee.
  • We offer one point of contact who is from and understands the financial services industry. From here you now have access to a great selection of amazing speakers with topics that you care about.
  • Our whole-listic methodology is financial services focused and focuses as much on the pre and post aspects of the event, as the event itself.
  • We build out a simple, repeatable, actionable speaker process for YOU. We do this by working with you on the front end so that everyone knows exactly what work we will do after you call us for a speaker.
  • We provide one point of contact for more than just booking a speaker. We can provide you with:
    • A consistent speaker invoice the way you want to see it.
    • A consistent speaker approval process working with your compliance team as well as your clients.
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