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Right Speaker | Right Message | Right Outcome

We understand that planning and executing on a successful event takes a lot of work on your part. You invest substantial time, money and resources into your event: food, travel, entertainment, hotel rooms, meeting costs, and even loss of production from having attendees out of the field.

There are messages and goals that you want delivered. You need the tone to be set, and an influence over the audience throughout the entire event, and more importantly, long after the event is over.

The right speaker bridges the gap between your output and your outcome. Whether it’s an inspiring opener, and engaging break-out session leader, or a homerun-hitting closer, the time and money you invest in finding the speaker is as essential as all other line items combined.

When Planning Your event, RMA will:

  • Be one point-of-contact for your speaker needs
  • Never charge you more than if you called the speaker directly
  • Work with you to truly understand the outcomes you are looking for
  • Provide you with great speaker options to review
  • Communicate with you in a timely manner
  • Handle all the speaker logistics
  • Set up as many pre-conference calls as needed
  • Ensure that the presentation gets compliance approved
  • Make sure the right AV needs are in place
  • Work on both pre and post event action items as needed
  • Provide one invoice the way you want it broken out

What Can The Right Speaker Accomplish For Meeting Planners?

  • Open an event with enthusiasm creating an environment of engagement and value
  • Provide weighty and unique intelligence and fill in information blanks
  • Offer progressive, researched, respected content
  • Foster a sense of team while encouraging individual excellence
  • Inspire change and support it with maintainable tools
  • Give take away reference materials as well as other accessible resource suggestions
  • Model exceptional communication skills
  • Close an event to sustain enthusiasm, set goals, envision a successful future
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