Helping Financial Advisors Build Highly Successful Businesses

Providing Solutions to Increase Your Gross Income and Decrease Your Bottom Line

ActiFi will help you Optimize Your People, Processes, and Technology to Get New Clients and Deliver the Ultimate Client Experience.

ActiFi’s focus is on helping advisors make more money, have more time and provide an exceptional client experience.

ActiFi is committed to educating its clients and the financial services industry on new ideas, innovative approaches to leverage technology, and best practices to build better businesses.

The ActiFi team will provide an engaging presentation on best practices and specific “how-to’s” on developing executable client service models and using them as the basis for process.

Keynote Presentations

– Increase Profits, Increase Value: How a Systematized Business is Your

Roadmap to Success
– Aligning Your People, Your Processes, and Your Technology: “Get back

into the groove”
– Breaking M&M Business Planning Your Passion, Your Values, Your

  Advisory Practice Success CRM

– Breaking Through the Clutter – How to Make Informed Decisions about 

  Selecting a CRM

– Top 10 Tips for Marketing Your Financial Practice Grow Your Business 

  Like a Big Firm, with a Small Firm Budget

Client Engagement Program

– ActiFi’s Client Engagement is a unique program that combines the power of robust client feedback with the tools, support and resources to build more engaged and profitable client relationships. ActiFiClient Engagement will be powered by Client Audit, Advisor Impact’s industry leading client feedback program.

– Doing for advisors what advisors do for clients.



– A strategy is only as good as its execution.

“I had the privilege of organizing the 2012 NAPFA Larger Firm Exchange. The process workshops ActiFi delivered at this conference were outstanding! Advisors learned truly useful techniques they could apply in their own offices right away. We received rave reviews for their presentations, and people walked out the door completely blown away. I know several firms that went right back home and implemented the action plans ActiFi so expertly explained.


The ActiFi workshop facilitators were superb: hands on, well informed and generous in sharing uplifting and enlightening strategies for advisor success.”

– Cheryl R. Holland, CFP®
 Abacus Planning Group

“Our firm had worked with other coaches in the past, but ActiFi delivered what the others could not. We expect a 20% increase in revenue over the next year based on enhancements to our client service model and internal operations that have opened up significantly more time for business development. They focused my attention on where I want to be and how I am going to get there.


Together, we identified a new approach to planning, and then created a detailed, step-by-step action plan that turned the concept into reality. With this integral new strategy in place, ActiFi helped me develop a proactive communication program and persuasive marketing materials that are driving the message home with prospects and clients. Working with ActiFi was a profound eye-opening experience that highlighted the ways in which we could take our business to the next level.”

– Michael W. Lutz CFP®
Financial Advisor, Legacy Financial Strategies, LLC

What Attendees Say about ActiFi Presentations

– On a scale of 1 to 5, with five being the highest, you rated a 5.1! (No, my arithmetic is correct, someone rated you a 6.) These are the highest ratings ever—and over the years we’ve had dozens of top-notch speakers!  The information you shared was so powerful and practical…your applications to sales and business development was right on target.


– The day after the presentation, we used the techniques taught to us and we closed a major deal! What we learned is having a direct and major impact on our success and our bottom line.


– Your knowledge of the subject matter is excellent. I liked the real-life examples and the speech had high take-away value. It had direct application to both professional and private issues.


– You were fabulous! I liked your knowledge and personalized presentation and you moved along through the presentation at a good speed.


– Amazing! I walked away with enough great information to make this one session worth all of the expense and time of the conference. My #1 favorite.


– Our organization’s best speaker yet!! Your information is EXTREMELY useful!


– One of the best presentations I’ve ever experienced. The entire presentation had full take-away value.


– The presentation was completed on time and I’d give it an A+. The pace was good – not overly long, single dissertations. Very informative and useful.

ActiFi’s Audiences Have Included Members from…


– Legacy Financial Strategies LLC

– Lincoln


– Morgan Stanley

– Plancorp


– TD Ameritrade

– The Advocate Group

– Thrivent Financial


– United Capital

– Waddell & Reed

– Wells Fargo

Travels From:  Minnesota
City: Mpls
$5,001 to $10,000


The Premier Provider of Practie Management Solutions

ActiFi understands that the skills required to be a great financial advisor aren’t the same skills needed for running a great business.

Most advisors have big goals. Make more money. Have more time. Provide exceptional client service. Yet people, process, and technology obstacles get in the way of building a powerful foundation to handle future growth.  That’s where ActiFi comes in.

ActiFi helps advisors build exceptional advisory businesses in three ways.

First, through ActiFi’s Advisor Strategy, Accountability, and Goal Achievement Program (SAGA program) we work with advisors as their business architect…their business coach. We help identify important strategic objectives. Then we offer best-practice resources, tools, and ideas that get results. Most important, we hold advisors accountable to make sure they meet their goals.

Second, we take what we learn working with advisors and build software that enables others to become great business coaches. Acting as the blueprint that allows an institution to scale its practice management offerings, coaches use our software to asses an advisor’s current business, put in place realistic strategies and tactics, and track goal progress at both the advisor and institutional level.

Third, we offer in-depth consulting services and actually implement tasks for both advisors and institutions. When internal resources are stretched or nonexistent, ActiFi does the work, like a business-building crew. Save time and money by putting ActiFi experts on your team, ensuring the work gets done right, the first time.

Envisioning Your Success

It’s a great time to be a financial advisor.
It’s a great time to build a thriving business.
Now is the time to convert the firm you dream of into the firm you experience.


Length: 45 minutes to 1 hour

Recommended Audience:  Advisor conferences

Did you know that advisors who spend 60% of their time with clients see profits SIX TIMES greater than advisors who spend half as much time?

That sounds good in theory, but how could you possibly spend twice as much time with clients as you do now, when you have a business to run? A systematized business is the answer. A systematized business is one that is efficient and highly profitable and has a book value much higher than the industry average. Most important, a systematized business can be a reality for an advisory firm.

In this dynamic presentation, you will learn:

– The practical steps you can take to turn your high-level business objectives into reality

– Specific strategies and tactics to implement processes that will help you systematize your business

– How a CRM system can act as a workflow/process engine rather than just a glorified Rolodex

– Tools and techniques for documenting workflow, providing the blueprint for embedding and automating tasks into your firm’s CRM system

– Embedding fiduciary best practices into your daily activities

– Creating a “way of doing things” for your firm, ensuring a consistent client service level by everyone in your firm, every time

– How to translate process into achievable, measurable results

This presentation offers high take-home value, and all attendees receive complimentary access to RoadMap, ActiFi’s proprietary online advisory practice improvement tool.

Length: 1 – 2 hours

Recommended Audience: Advisor conferences, break-out sessions

There are common themes most businesses, including financial advisory practices, have as they grow.  Do any of these sound familiar?

– “My business has really grown but we’re stalling out, and I’m frustrated that my staff doesn’t do things the way I do them.”

– “We have a great team, but we don’t seem to be able to deliver consistent service to our clients.”

– “I just bought the latest and greatest new technology.  It seems cool, it works just like the sales person (who told me it would solve all my problems) said it would, but nobody seems to be using it.”

Many growing businesses naturally get out of alignment.  With growth comes added complexity. When times were simpler, adding new people, changing your offerings, and/or adding technology could provide an easy, cost-effective way to solve problems or increase growth.  But now, it seems like every change is “painful” – filled with bottlenecks, lost opportunity cost, and frustration.

As you grow, it’s important that you look at your business as a system. How do the key components align? Today’s opportunities require a more multi-faceted approach that takes into account the interactions between people, process and technology.

In this program you’ll receive practical, real-world advice on getting back into the groove. You’ll learn how to assess your business from a people, process and technology perspective. You’ll learn how to envision what the future could look like, and how you can craft a plan that can realistically allow you to achieve your objectives.

Length: 1 – 2 hours

Recommended Audience: Advisor conferences, break-out sessions

Every advisor knows the value of CRM (Customer Relationship Management software). Yet what advisors really want to know is how to select the right CRM program for their specific firm, and how to maximize return on investment.

In this engaging presentation, ActiFi CEO, Spenser Segal, will share insights from the groundbreaking CRM research study recently conducted with the FPA. Mr. Segal will share the results from an in-depth analysis of 16 leading CRM vendors across 150 different dimensions. Most important, he will outline an approach on how to select the right vendor so your firm receives the highest CRM value.

Length: 1 hour

Recommended Audience:  Advisory conferences, industry events

Marketing is an art and a science. However, that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult or expensive. With the wide variety of new marketing tools available to financial advisory firms, it’s easy to make a big-time impact with a small-time budget.

In “Top Ten Tips” you’ll learn:

– How to think like your client, identify your best ones, and find more of them

– The power of a “mantra” and how to use it to craft your communication strategy.

– An easy test to judge your marketing effectiveness

– Tips on getting other people to tell your story

– Simple ways to manage your online reputation and make sure you’re found

– The power of social networks

– Email marketing that gets read and appreciated

– And more!

Whether you have a full-time marketing director or marketing is something you currently do once everything else on your schedule is complete, you’ll leave this presentation with practical, easy-to-implement ideas that will help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Would you like to know which of your clients are comfortable providing a referral? Or which clients need life insurance?

How about which of your clients are at risk? And, how to prevent them from leaving?

The ActiFi Client Engagement Program will give you this and much more! With three ways for you to participate, we give you unique insights into your clients…and make you more money!

ActiFi’s Client Engagement is a unique program that combines the power of robust client feedback with the tools, support and resources to build more engaged and profitable client relationships. ActiFiClient Engagement will be powered by Client Audit, Advisor Impact’s industry leading client feedback program.

Every Client Engagement client receives:

– Online survey, invitation and reminder: Access two links to your survey, one for regular and one for top clients, along with a suggested invitation and reminder. You have the option to send paper surveys for an additional charge.

– Personalized dashboard: Access an online dashboard to send out links to your surveys, check status and view your reports and resources.

– Analysis: Detailed and actionable reports showing how top clients compare to all clients, any gaps in service that exist and the insights to help you take action.

– Client Level Reporting and Marketing Snapshot: Results are driven down to the client level, allowing you to run personalized meeting plans, view target lists for marketing opportunities and see all responses for each client.

– Resources and Tools: On-line courses, tools and templates help you leverage your client feedback.

– ActiFi Best Practices: Access to ActiFi’s suite of business planning, practice assessments and webinar series designed to help you run your practice more effectively.

Your Business Architect

Through ActiFi’s Business Engineering program we work with advisors as their business architect…their business coach. We help identify important strategic objectives. Then we offer best-practice resources, tools, and ideas that get results. Most important, we hold advisors accountable to make sure they meet their goals.  Click here to download the Business Engineering Program diagram.

ActiFi works with advisors to turn business ideas into business reality:

– Assess: Gain a clear understanding of firm objectives, opportunities and challenges

– Prioritize: Ensure focused time is spent working on the business

– Create Executable Plans: Craft plans featuring realistic, time-specific goals and built-in task accountability to ensure that core business objectives are accomplished

– Increase Revenue: Act on business development opportunities with both prospects and clients

– Track Progress: Monitor the status of strategies and tactics including who is responsible for task execution; ensure forward momentum on task completion

strategy is only as good as its execution.  Advisors can be so busy working in their business – meeting with clients and prospects – they sometimes struggle with finding time to work on their business. These are the organizational refinements that are critical to growing revenue, improving operational efficiency, boosting profit and freeing the advisor’s time for high-value activities. All of this results in greater business value and more satisfied clients.

Enhancing Internal Capabilities

When internal resources are stretched or nonexistent, or when circumstances simply require the experience and expertise of the industry’s practice management leader, ActiFi provides the level of consulting service perfectly matched to your needs.  This may include identifying what is and what is not working within your organization, or explaining the vast array of CRM and other technology options that exist and how your firm can benefit from making the right choices.

ActiFi can help to ensure that the right people are working on the right tasks, and that your firm employs a staffing model that fosters growth.  Their service may also involve putting solutions in place, working hand-in-hand with you to get the most from these new tools, and extending their use throughout your staff.

Do you want to grow your practice by adding advisers with their own book of business?  Are you concerned with preparing your firm for eventual succession?  Perhaps you want to take your business to the next level – or the one beyond that!  Maybe you just want your life back.  No matter what is at the top of your “Gotta get it done” list, they’re here to help you make that happen.

The services listed below address the areas advisors most often cite as challenges to meeting their goals.  If your principal concern is not listed, chances are great that we have crossed paths with it before.  Talk with ActiFi about it.

– Mission, Vision, and Competitive Differentiation

– Client Segmentation and Client service Models

– CRM Selection

– CRM Strategies and Adoption

– Process Templates and Workshops

– CRM Process Implementation

– Advisor Workstation

– Advisor Transition Management

Areas of expertise

Areas of Expertise

  • Practice Management
  • Advisor Technology
  • CRM Selection
  • Research & Best Practices
  • Business Acceleration
  • Client Service Models
  • Creating & Delivering on Competitive Differentation
  • Implementing Process
  • Advisor Transition Management
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