Amy Lynch

Strategies for Engaging the Generations

Delivering Industry-Specific Takeaways Based on Her Experiences & Research

Her job is not just giving presentations. She start conversations.

Amy’s presentations and training programs go beyond generational awareness to generational strategy—an approach we call Generations 2.0.

Amy will show you how to harness the business-essential traits of the generations and put them to work. The result Breakthrough engagement and customer loyalty — the Generational Edge that sets you apart from your competitors.

Generational Edge speeches aren’t canned–they’re tailored. From the kick-off call to final interviews and edits, our goal is to give your audience the do-it-today ideas and skills that address your specific generational challenges.

  • Market with Generational Intelligence
  • Harness the Bang of Change
  • Manage Like You Mean It
  • How to Lead When Everything Is Changing
  • Gen Z is Here, and They’re Not Who We Expected

Added Value

When booking Generational Edge for a keynote or general session, ask about adding a generations breakout or workshop to the conference at no extra cost.

This allows attendees to build on the keynote, target generational issues and solve specific problems. So long as our schedule permits, we are happy to provide this additional session.

“Amy has addressed Private Client Reserve functions in various of our markets, and she always give us powerful insight into the generational dynamics around managing wealth.“
Heidi Humphreys, Director of Marketing and Communications Private  Client Reserve US Bank

“It was clear you did a significant amount of research prior to the session to customize the presentation to meet our needs. I have not seen this extensive amount of work from other speakers. I highly recommend your services to others.”
Annette Matthies, VP of People, Elevations Credit Union

“The after dinner speech you delivered to EWI (Executive Women International) was perfect. I wouldn’t change a thing!”
Carolyn Ermey, Suntrust Bank

“Our bankers loved the keynote and the workshop that followed. I heard many, many favorable comments, and the video clips you used were delightful. These are ideas we need in our industry if we are to reach younger generations.”
Peyton Taylor, Director of Development Texas Bankers Association

Amy’s Client List Includes…

– College of Financial Planning

– Boeing Flight Services

– Elevations Credit Union

– Fidelity Investments

– First Premiere Bank

– Hospital Corporation of America

– Liberty Mutual Insurance


– National Association of Federal Credit Unions

– SHRM Singapore

– US Bank

Travels From:  Tennessee
City: Nashville
$5,001 to $10,000


President of Generational Edge, Amy Lynch has written and spoken about the generations for 15 years.  She has spoken to 100s of groups from MTV and Comcast to Boeing, J&J and the staff of the U.S. Senate. Amy has been quoted in national publications, including The Washington Post, USA Today, Boston Globe, Huffington Post, Chicago Tribune and NBC Evening News, among others.

Amy has launched and published newsletters and sold them to Fortune 500 companies. In the process, she has managed four generations of employees. She is the author of books, including How Can You Say That? about parent-teen communication in the digital age. Her forthcoming title for Boomers is Can’t Retire? Aspire!

Amy loves bicycles, her Millennial children (not in that order) and bingeing on Breaking Bad (a Baby Boomer gone SO wrong).  She competes in triathlons. Nashville is home.


From Millennial and Gen X to Boomer and Gen Z, each generation listens for its trigger words and signature tone in your brand messaging. If they hear it, you’re in. If not, they look elsewhere. In this interactive session, Amy reveals the crucial values and surprising trends that drive brand relationship and brand loyalty for each generation in your multi-gen market.

Outcomes: Attendees leave this session able to

  • Win the trust of target generations by building the appropriate brand position as ally or authority.
  • Create messaging that leverages the underlying value—individuality, independence or impact—that garners response from each generation.
  • Anticipate and plan for generation-specific objections.

How can you be nimble enough to thrive when everything keeps changing? Make innovation everybody’s job. Create a multi-generational culture that not only encourages innovation, but requires it. In this interactive session, Amy reveals the conditions that free each generation to take risks, push the limits and create the breakthrough solutions you need now.

Outcomes: Attendees leave this session able to

  • Compare and contrast the ways different generations define and approach innovation.
  • Delineate the reasons each generation may fall short regarding innovation.
  • Structure opportunities for input and collaboration—as well as for individual innovation.
  • Make ITO (innovation time out) part of your culture.
  • Create the conditions that free each generation to take risks, push the limits and create breakthrough solutions.

Young generations come to work with expectations unimaginable a few years ago. They respond to management in ways we don’t expect, unless we’ve figured out how to manage like we mean it. Like we mean for them to contribute, like we mean for them to stay.

Outcomes: Participants leave this session able to

  • Define the Millennial mindset about work ethic.
  • Motivate Millennials by providing meaning and ongoing learning and challenge.
  • Facilitate the input and collaboration Millennials need in order to do their best work.
  • Structure schedules and hours in ways Millennials understand.
  • Enhance Millennial loyalty.

Welcome to the perfect storm. The biggest demographic shift the workplace has ever seen collides with the digital disruption of a once-a-century 4th Turning. This keynote reveals the critical role each generation plays during times of extreme change, and helps you engage their skills to get the results you need now.

Outcomes: Participants leave this session able to

  • Anticipate the way each generation resists change.
  • Predict and navigate Generational Shift and Digital Disruption, rather than perpetually reacting to them.
  • Leverage the essential value each generation brings to the table during times of change.
  • Employ the trigger words and trigger tone each generation, from brand new Gen Z to seen-it-all-before Boomers, hears best.

Gen Z is entering the workplace at 4.5 million each year. Realistic, resourceful and resilient, they have not been coddled. For these digital natives, network thinking is a given, along with hands-on, DIY values. Zs are builders and fixers, a generation adept at hacking life. If they don’t have a solution, they find one. If they can’t find one, they make one. Don’t expect them to pursue traditional careers so much as forge their own paths. You’ll leave this interactive session with strategies for attracting, managing and communicating with this surprising generation.

Outcomes: Attendees leave this session able to

  • Describe the events and conditions that shaped this resourceful, realistic generation.
  • Predict Z’s likely reaction to organizational culture and policy.
  • Anticipate communication differences and problems between Z and other generations.
  • Create a management style that builds on Gen Z DIY values.

Areas of expertise

  • The Different Communication Styles of each Generation
  • Communicate, Engage, & Innovate Across the Generations
  • Lead Through Change
  • Gen-Savvy Sales & Service
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