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Females and Financial Services – The New Majority

The Female Affect is here to help financial professionals, broker dealers and financial services organizations tap into the opportunity, talent and needs of females as it relates to financial services.

The Female Affect provides public speaking and consulting services to male and female financial professionals and financial service organizations across the country to grow sales and improve business functions by focusing on females and financial services. Women are not a niche market, they are one of the fastest growing wealth segments in the United States and now is the time to re-orient your practice, business or firm to serve the needs of this power demographic. Presentation and consulting topics center on evolving your business model to better serve the financial needs of women and helping you educate your female clients and couples on the importance of taking an active role in her finances.

When it comes to career coaching and development, The Female Affect specializes in coaching female professionals who want to grow and excel in their careers. Women working in traditionally male dominated fields have unique circumstances and developmental needs. The Female Affect understands firsthand the challenges that women face as their careers advance and they charge up the corporate ladder. Organizations, executives and sales professionals can excel from the industry and sales leadership experience combined with market research found at The Female Affect.

What sets you apart from other financial professionals? Why do clients do business with you?
Let The Female Affect help you leverage your strengths and build your brand to be the advisor of choice for couples and women.

How can your firm attract and retain more female financial advisors and professionals?
We know there is a shortage of female financial advisors in our industry, yet it is a key growth strategy for every firm. The Female Affect can develop recruiting and development programs to help you increase the number of female professionals at your firm.

Ann M. Hughes founded The Female Affect in 2010 after spending nearly 15 years as an executive in the financial services industry. Ann is viewed as a leading authority on the topic of women and financial services, and she is committed to making the financial services industry more “female friendly.”

Ann’s vast understanding of women’s issues and the financial services industry has made her a sought after source in the media. She has been interviewed and frequently quoted in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, Investment News, LifeHealthPro, ThinkAdvisor, Financial Planning and Financial Advisor.


  • Growing Your Practice Through Women and Couples: Simple Secrets to Success
  • Women Winning in Financial Services: Leveraging Your Strengths
  • Women and Money: Taking Control of Your Financial Future

It was wonderful meeting you at the luncheon on Tuesday. That was a fantastic presentation and had many powerful takeaways. I already talked to one of my managers about how wonderful your presentation was and how we can utilize you in the future for our client and advisor events. I look forward to seeing you again and will keep in touch.
MassMutual Client Development

You were a hit. I observed the attention you received from the audience when you were speaking. They were glued to your every word. Your message was relevant, practical, and required for successful advisers.
Financial Planning Association

I wanted to share that we got such great feedback on your presentation – not surprising, but it was even more overwhelmingly positive than last time. I also heard from the guy I sat next to at dinner who I had a great conversation with RCS etc, and he said: Please also pass on to Ann that I thought her talk/content was the best of the event. This was the only one like this! Thank you for making an impact with what you do!
RCS Capital Meeting

Her Distribution Clients Include:

  • Equitable
  • Transamerica
  • Global Atlantic
  • Lincoln
  • Prudential

She has spoken to numerous firms ranging across all channels



Travels From:  Texas
City: Dallas
$10,001 to $15,000


Ann M. Hughes captivates audiences nationwide speaking and consulting on a range of business building and developmental topics to advance your career, business or practice through females and financial services. Ann is a leading authority in this area, working with individuals and companies teaching them how to better serve their female client base to increase visibility and sales. Ann also helps female professionals leverage their strengths and develop their confidence and skill set to excel in their careers.

Women are an economic powerhouse, and now is the time for women to own their careers and for companies to leverage the financial impact women have on our economy. As founder and president of The Female Affect, Ann uses her years of experience as an executive in a male dominated industry coupled with her education in the area of human resource development to combine real world experience with proven best practices.

Ann is proud to be the national spokesperson for the WomensJobList, the premier job board for women. This partnership is aligned with Ann’s commitment to helping women advance in their careers and underscores the importance of helping corporations create an environment where women feel welcome both as customers and employees.

Before founding The Female Affect, Ann spent ten years at ING, one of the world’s largest financial services firms, holding several senior leadership positions. From 2007-2009 Ann was the National Sales Manager where she led a 65 person sales team to achieve record results for ING Annuities. Under Ann’s leadership, sales increased 66% to their highest levels in company history.

From June of 2011 to April of 2014, Ann held an executive leadership position at Sammons Retirement Solutions, a member of the Sammons Financial Group. Ann’s responsibilities included the acquisition of distribution relationships, selection and oversight of investment options, management of internal sales efforts as well as the marketing functions for Sammons Retirement Solutions. Ann’s vast understanding of women’s issues and the financial services industry has made her a sought after source in the media. She has been interviewed and frequently quoted in numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal, InvestmentNews, ThinkAdvisor, Financial Advisor, Financial Planning and LifeHealthPro.

In 2014, Ann wrote a children’s book “Long Distance Goodnight Kisses” which shares the story of a working mom traveling across the country for a job she loves, but struggling to let her young daughter know her first choice was being at home with her. This is a story of how long distance goodnight kisses helped bridge the gap that distance created. Ann’s hope is that other traveling parents can read this book to their children to let them know that no matter how far away they are, love is always present. By parents sharing their careers with their children, they are setting an example that their children are loved dearly and can be anything they want to be when they grow up.

Ann is actively involved in charities supporting women and children in the United States and around the globe. Ten percent of all profits earned at The Female Affect are donated to charities helping women and children live better lives. Ann earned her Master’s degree from Iowa State University in Organizational Learning and Human Resource Development. She lives with her husband, Randy and daughter, Katie in Dallas, TX.


The average age of a financial advisor is 50.9 and the average age of a client seeking the advice of a financial professional is 60+. Branching out to evolve your client base is essential to avoiding an aging book of business. Women and couples of all ages provide an opportunity to develop new client relationships, serve more people, and increase assets under management.

Misconceptions that women do not want the advice of a financial professional and are willing to “go it alone” when it comes to investments aren’t accurate. Studies have shown that women want the advice of a professional, if that professional is willing to foster a relationship built on communication, trust and education.

Ann adds a new twist to traditional women and investing presentations by sharing industry know how, personal experience, preferences and real life examples of how women and couples work with their financial professionals. These findings are oftentimes the simple, yet overlooked tactics that help to unlock the keys to a better working relationship. Ann provides action steps to assist you in deepening your relationships with existing clients and ideas to help you acquire new female clients and couples.

  • Training for Male and Female Advisors/Financial Professionals

The number of females working in the financial services industry is slowly increasing, but it is still well below the national average of women working in other sectors.

Ann shares her personal experience and strategies for working and succeeding in a predominately male dominated field and the role confidence plays in our success. Traits of successful female professionals are the very same skills that clients demand from their financial professionals. These same characteristics make women uniquely qualified to be successful, exceeding their clients expectations at a time when the need for financial advice is at an all-time high. ’

Information is translated into action steps to help you grow and excel in your practice by leveraging your strengths.

  • Female Advisors and Financial Professionals

The economic clout of females is undeniable but often women do not seek the assistance of financial professionals. This seminar helps women understand their unique life circumstances associated with their longevity and finances.

Ann highlights the importance of creating a plan for your varying life stages before, during and after retirement and how crucial it is to work with a financial professional as you plan.

  • Female Clients Couples and Prospects

Areas of expertise

  • Engaging the Female Client
  • helps female professionals leverage their strengths
  • Attracting, Recruiting, and Retaining Top Female Employees
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