Anthony DiLeonardi

Engaging the Female Client, Legacy Transfer and Generational Strategies

Helping Financial Professionals Become the Trusted Adviser to the HNW Client

Tony  serves the “Wealth Adviser” who not only manages the client’s family wealth, but focuses on their legacy.

He helps the professional who creates, protects and transfers wealth and legacy for the clients they serve.

With over 25 years of proven sales and managerial financial services experience he brings purpose, passion and perspective along with relevant content to assist the wealth professional in building a more-productive business, deeper relationships and a more efficient practice.

– Face to Face

– The $14 Trillion Opportunity

– Strengthening Relationships with Female Clients Through Legacy Planning

– Transition Planning for the Silver Tsunami

– Navigating Life’s Transitions

– You Are Your Brand

– Embracing Change

– Your Core Personality

– Client Appreciation: Raising Wealth-Wise Kids

– Client Appreciation: Your True Legacy

“Thank you so much for giving a very informative talk at our FPA event. You are a wonderful speaker and we are very appreciative that you took the time to be with our group. One of the goals of the FPA IL is to provide current, thoughtful, informative information to our members, and you surely provided that to us.”

– Sharon Egan
IL FPA Chapter President

“Thanks so much for being part of our conference…we received fantastic feedback regarding your presentation. I will share your information with anyone in the industry looking for a dynamo speaker.”

– A Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, ExpertPlan, Inc.

“I have read Tony‘s book and it is excellent. He is very passionate and knowledgeable in his area of expertise, advising women on financial issues. I am please to cite his work and some of the concepts I’ve learned from Tony during conference speaking engagements. His content relates closely to the area I work in training financial advisors to communicate Social Security income planning to women.”

– Frank Horath
Principal & Financial Advisor, ClientFirst Financial, Aptos, CA

 “This was very valuable to me and my practice!”

– an Ameriprise Financial Services Financial Advisor

“We have received great feedback. We also have a success story from an advisor who came back to the office and called the wife of one of his clients to apologize for not being as responsive as he should have been to her requests. She is now moving her personal accounts to the advisor based on his call!”

– a Morgan Stanley Complex Business Development Officer on the West Coast

“You did a great job!  Thank you!”

– a Merrill Lynch Wealth Management Specialist in North Carolina

“Very good speaker in a difficult time slot!”

– an Ameriprise Financial Services Financial Advisor

“Very good stuff. In fact, right after the meeting I had an opportunity to exercise the material with an elderly client of mine. It worked very well.”

– a Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor, Irvine, CA

“Thank you for taking the time to come speak to our clients.  The feedback has been great and we felt the event was a true success!”

– Anthony Smith Advisors, Inc., Atlanta, GA

“Wow! Thank you so much for the insightful commentary related to branding of our team. We really appreciate the time you spent on this and will begin to implement the ideas that you have shared with us.”

– a Morgan Stanley team on the West Coast 

“I met Tony in 2010 and he gave me an autographed copy of his book ‘The $14 Trillion Woman.’ On a recent job interview I referred to the book. The interviewer told me she had the book in her office. I pulled out my signed copy. I got the job! Thank you!”

– Barbara Knapp Sassen
Investment Advisor, PNC Wealth Management

Anthony’s Client List Includes…

– Ameriprise

– ExpertPlan, Inc.


– Merrill Lynch

– Morgan Stanley

– Northstar Realty Securities

– Riversource Life Ins. Co.


– Schwab

– TD Ameritrade


– Wells Fargo

Travels From:  Illinois
City: Chicago
$5,001 to $10,000


As the founder of Third Quarter Advisers, LLC, keynote speaker Tony DiLeonardi channels more than 25 years of sales and managerial financial services experience to help inspire and guide wealth professionals through the challenges of running a dynamic wealth management practice. Third Quarter Advisers offers strategic best practices and coaching services and solutions for wealth advisors and their clients.

Mr. DiLeonardi speaks regularly at meetings across North America and strives to equip attendees with the skills and creative thinking needed for enhancing their overall businesses and personal lives.

Previously, Tony was vice chairman at Guggenheim Investments and earlier, Vice Chair, senior managing director of distribution, at Claymore Securities, Inc., an exchange traded fund (ETF), Closed-end Fund specialist that was acquired by Guggenheim Partners. Before that, Mr. DiLeonardi served as a regional sales director for First Trust Portfolios and national sales manager in Canada for First Trust.

He co-authored the book The $14 Trillion Woman.  His second book, Face to Face: Creating lifelong & multigenerational planning was just released. He earned a bachelor’s degree in communications from Illinois State University. Mr. DiLeonardi is a Registered Corporate Coach.

About Third Quarter Advisers, LLC

Third Quarter Advisers is an organization committed to serving the wealth professional who is seeking to be a trusted advisor to the high-net worth client as they create, protect and transfer wealth and legacy for the clients they serve.  We do this by identifying and enhancing Purpose, Passion, Perspective and Performance in the life of the trusted wealth advisor and distribute relevant content, coaching and community to assist the wealth professional in building a more productive business, deeper relationships and a more efficient practice.


Building life-long, multi-generational clients

Building “emotional intimacy” is a simple, yet powerful concept. This connection ignites greater productivity and deeper relationships, ultimately helping to retain assets.

The concept of connection has transformed the worlds of psychology, physiology and sociology. In this flagship session, learn the power of building connection that enables wealth professionals to tap into the astounding potential of human creativity, intelligence and innovation both within their practice and with clients and prospects.

Your essential guide to engaging the female client

Women control a significant portion of financial assets. Wealth professionals should be aware of the opportunities this entails and also understand that applying the “old school” sales model can be ineffective with female clients.
To help you move beyond traditional, competitive sales models, this session covers a 5-Step Partnering model that helps you connect with female clients by elevating your listening skills and by expressing genuine interest in your client and her financial goals.
This program is based on the book, “The $14 Trillion Woman,” co-authored by Anthony J. DiLeonardi and Barbara Kay.

*1 hour of CFP CE Credit has been granted for this program by the CFP Board®.

Help her leave her life’s true legacy

This program helps advisers gain insight into how female investors view wealth and investing, and how to uncover her core values that drive all of her investing decisions.  Research shows men and women view investing differently, with women more focused on such intangibles as family values and legacy. They also are more likely to be loyal to advisers who meet their needs and to recommend them to others.  Advisers will learn how to engage high-net-worth females and build trust by focusing on helping her to leave her intangible legacy in tandem with her tangible financial legacy.

*1 hour of CFP CE Credit has been granted for this program by the CFP Board®.

What’s your exist Strategy?

Over the next 20 years, nearly 80 million Baby Boomers will retire.  Many of them are business owners whose liquidity is locked up in a corporate entity, and several things need to happen for their dreams to come true.

This program addresses the story behind this market phenomenon and how trusted advisers can ease a client’s pain by introducing collaborative solutions.  The resultant impact on the adviser’s own practice is tangible:  Client Acquisition, Retention & Growth in your existing book.

Building wealth from generation to generation

Everyone faces life transitions, some celebratory and others mournful. Have you missed your clients’ major life transitions? As these are generally times when money is in motion, you may be missing opportunities if you fail to connect with clients and deepen relationships during these critical periods.

This program focuses on Seven Major Life Transitions, how to guide clients through a transition and ways to effectively build connection during these times.

Leveraging your personal brand to enhance your productivity

We all have a brand, whether we know it or not. If we don’t decide how to be positioned in the marketplace, others will do it for us. In this program, wealth professionals learn what a brand is, where a brand comes from and what elements go into creating a personal brand for their practice. Whether you already have an established brand or are just getting started, this program helps you leverage your brand message to elevate productivity.

Turning Chaos into Comfort

Change is like the tides, constantly rolling and shifting. Markets and the business environment ride an ever altering wave of change. Wealth professionals may ride high on the crest of change or be rolled over and taken under. In this session, learn powerful techniques to stay afloat and drive success during turbulent times.

How to turn potential personality conflicts into strong client relationships

This program helps wealth professionals discover their core personality type as well as identify the core personality types of their clients. During this session you will learn the strengths and challenges of the four core personality types, as well as adjustments and words you can use to form stronger relationships. Through understanding yourself and how others may perceive you, you can turn potential personality conflicts into solid connections.

Creating a lasting legacy

Historically, serving clients’ investment goals meant helping them plan for retirement and estate matters.

However, given the statistics on our youth’s lack of financial literacy, educating future generations on money management should be included in those goals. This client program focuses on how wealth professionals can fill this void and help their clients, be they parents or grandparents, deliver age appropriate lessons on money.

It’s not just your value, it’s your values

This client seminar is a natural call to action after wealth professionals attend “The $14 Trillion Opportunity”. Designed specifically for your clients, the program reviews the fundamental difference in how male and female investors view wealth and investing.

Specifically, research shows that men take a goals-based approach to investing by planning for the transfer of tangibles. While women understand the importance of this approach, they tend to apply a more values-based approach that also accounts for the transfer of intangibles such as family values. In recognition of these differences, this seminar moves beyond the typical will and estate plan discussion and introduces female investors to personal legacy documents. From there, they will learn strategies for having meaningful legacy conversations with family members about passing down their values, beliefs, life lessons and personal stories and help them link past and future generations to form solid connections.

Areas of expertise

  • Multi-Generational Clients
  • Engaging the Female Client
  • Transitions
  • Legacy Planning
  • Your Brand
  • Your Core Personality
  • Change Expert
  • Leadership


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