Barbara McVicker

Co-Producer of the PBS-TV Special ”Stuck in the Middle: Caring for Mom and Dad”

Helping Financial Professionals Develop and Grow Their Connection to Caregivers

There are 75 million adult children in this country taking care of aging parents.  The Sandwich Generation needs information and solutions to survive the “new” job and role reversal.

Barbara McVicker is an eldercare expert, national speaker, author of 3 award winning books, and she recently launched her PBS-TV special Stuck in the Middle: Caring for Mom and Dad.

Her presentation to advisors provides strategies on how to:

  • Build the client relationship
  • Connect and market to all 3 generations within the family
  • Start the eldercare conversation
  • Provide solutions and tools for all the stages of life

For advisor-client appreciation events, Barbara provides a lifeline to overwhelmed caregivers and their families.  She presents essential information and emotional support, and she tees up her presentation for advisors to then provide the solutions/products.

Advisor Presentations:

– Understanding and Marketing to the caregiver

– Planning Across 3 Generations

– Sooner than Later:  Are You Ready?


Client Presentations:

– Stuck in the Middle

– Before Things Fall Apart

– Are You Ready?

“Thanks for a great presentation at the NAIFA meeting! Your message was ‘spot on’ and was well received.”

– Paul Vineis
The Columbus Financial Group, National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

“We wanted someone who was not only a subject expert, but actually lived it, and who is a very good speaker. She fit the mold very well. She’s very compassionate and easy to talk to.”

– Janet Beers

“Barbara was early in recognizing the tremendous impact of caregiving on families that are ill-prepared to care for a population that is growing older in record numbers. Both as an author and as a public speaker, Barbara McVicker delivers in a very human and compelling voice, information, advice, and strategies to effectively manage the enormous demand of care giving on both organizations and families.”

– Nancy Petro
Nancy Petro Consulting

Barbara’s Client List Includes…

– Area Agency of Aging

– Ameriprise Financial

– Anthem


– LifeCare


– MetLife


– Nationwide Insurance

– Ohio Bar

– OhioHealth


– Transamerica

Travels From:  Ohio
City: Columbus
$5,001 to $10,000


Keynote speaker Barbara McVicker is an eldercare expert, author, and host of Stuck in the Middle, a public television pledge special. She knows firsthand the benefits and challenges of being a caregiver. Widely sought after, Barbara’s commentary is frequently featured by local and national media organizations including CNN, NPR, NBC, The Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

For 10 years, Barbara looked after her aging parents while raising two children and struggling to maintain her career as a high-level development director. She mirrored the typical caregiver in the United States – mid-forties, married and employed. Overwhelmed and feeling isolated, she eventually quit her job to care for her parents full time.

It was this decade-long struggle that inspired her to write her first book, Stuck in the Middle: Shared Stories and Tips for Caregiving Your Elderly Parents. Since then, she has written, Before Things Fall Apart: Preparing to Care for Mom and Dad and the companion workbook, Before Things Fall Apart: The Essential Workbook on Caring for Mom and Dad.

Barbara offers emotional support and essential information to adult caregivers who are struggling to simultaneously care for 3 generations. Two-thirds of these people are also in the workforce.

Her resume includes being a Robert Wood Johnson researcher at Case Western Reserve Medical School, and more recently, raising millions of dollars for nonprofit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity.


The financial, emotional, and physical impact of caregiving is overwhelming.  Recognizing the burden to families is important for understanding the pain, and then providing the cure.  This will differentiate your firm from the competition, attract new clients, and grow your business.

Discussing eldercare is a huge opportunity to market across the generations.  Caregiving and long-term care affects the whole family.  The advisor can start the conversation, build the relationship, and provide the solutions.

The advisor can support and educate Baby Boomers and their families about the high cost of waiting to get a plan and putting strategies in place.  Implementing a plan of action is imperative to the preservation of wealth, to avoid family conflict, and to provide for quality health care.

Feeling “stuck in the middle” between kids, career, and elderly parents? You’re not alone! Barbara provides both essential information and emotional support to busy adults caring for their parents and families.

An indispensable introduction to caregiving. In this information-packed, how-to presentation, Barbara guides her audience through Caregiving 101 and explains how to prevent Caregiving 911.

A call to action for anyone who has parents. Barbara educates your clients on the challenges of caregiving and explains how your services and products can benefit them.

Areas of expertise

  • Eldercare Expert
  • Communicating with Elders
  • Eldercare Advice and Guidance
  • Critical Conversations Across all 3 Generations
  • Challenges of Caregiving
  • Financial Burden: Money Matters
  • Building the Client Relationship
  • Having Important Documents in Order
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