Bill Cates

The Referral Coach - Hall of Fame Speaker & Expert on Attracting HNW Clients

Helping You Get More Referrals, More Introductions and More High-Value Clients

Helping You Get More & Better Clients Through Referrals & Other Relationship Marketing Strategies.

No one on the planet knows more about how to acquire high-level clients or customers through word of mouth, referrals, and personal introductions than Bill Cates.

Most individual financial professionals under-perform when it comes to acquiring clients through referrals. There’s a gap between where they are and where they could be. Bill’s mission is to help financial professionals fill this and become even more productive.

Bill will get your audience members to:

  • Question False Assumptions that Stifle Action
  • Bust Open Their Limiting Beliefs that Limit Results
  • Raise Their Behavior and Results to New Levels

Bill’s presentations are dynamic, fun, high–energy, and high–content. You can expect a highly-interactive session filled with practical business-building strategies.

  • Are You Playing to Win?
  • Telling Your Story – Selling Your Value
  • Don’t Keep Me a Secret!
  • Going Beyond Client Loyalty
  • Getting Referrals Without Asking
  • Approaching Clients for Referrals Without Pushing or Begging
  • What Makes You Different?
  • There Are Riches in Niches!

“We’ve received great feedback on your presentation at LAMP. You delivered the perfect mix of high-level content, humor, energy, and motivation. Our audience members (2,600 strong) went from taking copious notes, to laughing, and back to taking notes again.”
Bonnie Godsman, Senior Director, Meetings & Corporate Relations, NAIFA, Falls Church, VA

“The feedback for your presentation to the Financial Planning Association was exceptional. The topic of Referrals is a prized topic that constantly frustrates planners and firms in our industry as the industry evolves and begins to shed the image of pushy sales people. This is why your presentation was so important to our membership.”
Bryan Beatty, CFP, Director of Business Development FPANCA

“You’re a dynamic speaker with an important message. Your presentation at our conference was a rousing success. Not only did your presentation receive some of the highest scores, I had a number of people come up to me afterwards to say how much they appreciated your remarks. Thank you for helping me make this a very successful meeting!”
Mark Rannow, Manager of Financial Consultant Programs, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans

Bill’s Client List Includes…

  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Bank of America
  • Commonwealth Financial
  • Edward Jones
  • Lincoln Financial
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Met Life
  • New York Life
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Raymond James
  • Thrivent Financial
  • UBS
Travels From:  Maryland
City: Clarksville
$10,001 to $15,000


Motivational speaker Bill Cates, the author of four books (translated into 8 language), is an internationally known expert in the area of client engagement and client acquisition – particularly through referrals, personal introductions, and champions.

He has delivered hundreds of presentations throughout the world – including the main platform for the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table in the US, Malaysia, and Korea.

In 2010  Bill  was  inducted into the Professional Speaker’s Hall of fame. This award of excellence has been bestowed on less than 150 speakers worldwide since 1977. Bill now sits on the Board of Directors for the National Speaking Association.

Bill’s  referral  system  has been featured in Success Magazine,  Entrepreneur  Magazine, Selling Power, and the Wall Street Journal. And his own business success has been featured in Money Magazine. Bill has written columns for On Wall Street and Advisor Today and is a contributing editor to many of the financial services major publications.

Bill is also somewhat of an adventurer. He has reached the summit  of Mt.  Kilimanjaro, trekked in the Himalayas and Andes of Peru, camped in the Article Circle, and lived on a houseboat in Kashmir, India


The Most Successful Do What the Less Successful Are Unwilling to Do

Are You Playing to Win – Intro

Many people are limiting their success by focusing on pleasurable methods rather than pleasurable results. They’re not truly playing to win, but often playing not to lose. Bill Cates will get your people reflecting on what success means to them and what beliefs, assumptions, and actions they need to embrace to create the success they’ve always wanted.

(Note – This program is directed toward advisors, reps, professionals, and business owners wishing to grow their business or sales results.)

Discover and Communicate Your Authentic Value Proposition to Win More Clients and Referrals

Fundamental to your business success is your ability to discover, articulate, and communicate your value. Over many years of helping individuals and organizations through a process to maximize their Authentic Value Proposition™, Bill’s experience has been that most people (and businesses) are not particularly good at communicating their full and true value, in a way that feels genuine and captures the attention of others. Perhaps they’ve never really done the work it takes. Or, perhaps, they’re not revisiting their value proposition from time to time.

How Top Producers Get More Personal Introductions to High-Value clients

Don’t Keep Me a Secret – Intro

Bill Cates gives one success story after another – a ton of best practices – showing you real–world strategies you can use to acquire more high–value clients through word of mouth, referrals, and personal introductions. (Note – If desired, Bill will interview some of your top producers to glean stories and practices to share in his program – making them the “stars.”)

How to Create Incredible Loyalty and then Leverage that Loyalty into New Business

Going Beyond Client Loyalty – Intro

You work hard to satisfy your clients and earn their repeat business. Your Net Promoter Scores show that you have many clients willing to recommend you to others. Now what?  What does going beyond client loyalty mean?  It means leveraging that loyalty into word of mouth, referrals, and introductions.  Most businesses, advisors, and salespeople see word of mouth and referrals as “icing on the cake.” A side benefit of great service. Bill Cates shows you that this IS “the cake” and illustrates how you can create a culture of your clients engaged in promoting and introducing you to others.

How to Become More Referable and Promote Referrals and Introductions

Getting Referrals Without Asking – Intro

What does it take to become so referable your clients give you unsolicited referrals?  Can you be proactive for introductions without actually asking for them? Bill Cates has cracked the code on how to acquire more clients without having to ask for referrals.  He will show you exactly what it takes to generate powerful word of mouth and referrals to qualified prospects.

Use the VIPS Method ™ to Leverage Your Successful Relationships into Introductions

Approaching Clients for Referral – Intro

Yes – there is a way to approach clients of all levels for referrals without coming on too strong or looking needy or unprofessional. You will learn how to ask for referrals in a soft and effective manner using the VIPS Method™. You will learn how to deal with referral objections, turn referrals into engaged introductions, and so much more!

Your Secret Weapons to Differentiation in a Look-aLike Marketplace

What Makes You Different – Intro

What makes you different?  Do you struggle to answer that question from high-level prospects and centers of influence?  No longer!  The answer is simple and right in front of you. How you articulate what makes you different will bring you confidence and will spark the interest and trust of your new prospects.

Narrow Your Focus to Expand Your Results

There are Riches in Niches – Intro

Trying to be too many things to your clients is often a recipe for mediocrity in revenues. Learn who and how to create a reputation for you and your business within a target market. You’ll bring more value and create more word of mouth, referrals, and personal introductions.

Areas of expertise

  • Acquiring High-Quality Clients Through Referrals
  • Increased Client Loyalty
  • What Makes You Different?
  • Client Engagement
  • Becoming More Successful
  • Your Target Market – Riches in Niches
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