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Memory Expert | Guinness Record Holder | Hall of Fame Speaker

Discover How a Memory Expert Can Dramatically Improve Your Sales, Productivity, and Relationships

Bob Gray is like your favorite college professor but with a sense of humor. An unforgettable mix of fun, interaction, and laughs; Bob is changing the stigma of Memory Experts. Not the pocket protector, white coat wearing kind; he immediately dispels the mystery behind memory. “An excellent memory isn’t a gift, it’s attainable by everyone.”

With previous success as an award-winning sales executive, Bob understands the importance of staff/clients/customers not feeling like a number, a sale, or just your 2:30 pm appointment. He puts it simply: “having a trained memory in business is like going from ABCs to PhD.”

Bob has spent the last thirty years traveling the globe entertaining, keynote speaking, and training corporations, governments, and associations to adapt memory systems for their particular needs. He has developed a series of sales oriented personal development keynotes and workshops, which have been popular on six continents, as well as writing the best selling book “Right Brain Rapid Recall”.

His keynotes and workshops aren’t just fun, interactive and different, his audience walks away with tools that can immediately help them both professionally and socially.

Bob has been awarded the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation, the highest earned designation in the world of Professional Speaking.  Based on rigorous criteria and client ratings, the CSP designation has been awarded by the International Federation for Professional Speakers to less than 10% of Professional Speakers worldwide. In December 2006 Bob was inducted into the Canadian Speaker Hall of Fame.

In Dr. Brad McRae’s book The Seven Strategies of Master Presenters, Bob is one of twenty-eight presenters, including Les Brown and Rudy Giuliani, he has included in his Who’s Who of Master Presenters, ‘Bob Gray is among the most unique Master Presenters we have seen’.

  • Kickstart Your Whole Brain Potential
  • Never Forget a Client’s Name
  • Become a Memory Titan!

I have heard hundreds of presentations, this was a rare occasion where I came back a second time, just thirty minutes later, to hear you again.
Richard E. May, Vice President – Education, The Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation

Your closing general session was the perfect finishing touch to our meeting. With an attendance of about 1500 mobility professionals representing 37 countries, the message you delivered has resonated around the world. Your session received a rating of 4.8 out of a possible 5, the highest rating at the symposium.”
H. Cris Collie, CAE Executive Vice President

You are the highest rated speaker in a program that has been running for over 10 years.
Kelly Ridell, Rogers Communications

  • SunLife Financial
  • Mackenzie Investments
  • Fidelity
  • Rogers
  • Wachovia
  • Remax
  • PCMA
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Manulife
  • Investors Group
  • GE
  • Coldwell Banker
  • CIBC

Right Brain Rapid Recall (E-Book)


  • Names and Faces (#1 recall problem socially and in business)
  • The Calendars to the year 2020 (Instantly recall what day of the week any date falls on)
  • Prices
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Product Numbers
  • Technical Information
  • Playing Cards
  • Schedules & Appointments
  • Trivia
  • To-do Lists
  • Learn the ‘Secret’ to remembering numbers…the 300 year old Phonetic Index


Travels From: Canada
City: Ontario
$5,001 to $10,000


Bob Gray, motivational keynote speaker and memory expert, discovered his first memory technique when he was seven. He was given a magic book that showed him how to remember a twenty-item list. Shortly thereafter he was called on to ‘do the memory trick’ at family parties and gatherings.

Encouraged by praise at home, he began to find memory techniques could have a valuable role in other aspects of his life. With a little ingenuity, he adapted the ‘memory trick’ to help him with his work at school. The reward was a significant rise in his grades.

Years later, Bob immigrated to Canada from his native England. At the time he was working as an entertainer, and he had to prove to Immigration that he wasn’t taking a job away from a Canadian. As the Immigration authority quickly learned, he wasn’t taking a job away from anyone else in the world! Traveling and entertaining under the stage name of ‘Backwards Bob the Memory Man,’ Bob demonstrated the unique abilities that have netted him a place in the Guinness Book of World Records and recent appearances on Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, The Steve Harvey Show, The NBC Today Show, BBC, CBC, and many more.

For the first several years after arriving in Canada, he traveled throughout North America, appearing in Comedy Clubs, Colleges and Universities, where he demonstrated his unique abilities in front of tens of thousands of people. Soon, however, he decided to take a break from the road and entered the business world. Starting in the Fitness Industry, he quickly found that by adapting the memory techniques he had been studying and developing over the years, he was able to move ahead in his career faster than he or anyone else had expected. From never losing track of detailed information to remembering everything about his many clients, including not only their names and occupations but also the names of their family members, their birthdays, hobbies, and fitness goals, he got the job done with confidence and ease. Along with making a lot of new friends, Bob saw the sales retention of his company increase by 13% in the first year alone.

After teaching his memory techniques to his own sales staff, with highly acclaimed results, there was a phenomenal demand for him to teach his systems to other companies and organizations. At one point, he was invited to share his techniques at a national fitness convention. Because he incorporated his unique brand of humor and the incredible abilities he had developed in his stage days, his presentation was an instant success. From then on, there was no looking back. Bob was again doing what he loved. He was performing. Only this time, he also had the satisfaction of knowing that he was educating his audience as much as – if not more than – entertaining them.

When Bob is not presenting or developing his memory system, he is an avid golfer and enjoys playing squash and blues piano. He resides outside of Toronto with his wife and their daughter who has been memorizing a list of twenty items at family parties since she was six. Bob also enjoys setting new records for the people at Guinness and is currently training himself for “Speed Calendar Memorization,” another mental feat he is happy to teach to interested parties.

His many TV appearances include, “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not,” The Steve Harvey Show, ABC Regis Philbin, NBC Today Show, CBC, and Britain’s BBC 1.


Guinness Record Secrets That Create New Memory Pathways to Outstanding Data Retention & Maximized Productivity

60-75 min Interactive Keynote

  • Outperform your competition by applying embarrassingly simple memory techniques
  • Kick old time-consuming methods to the curb and discover breakthrough rapid recall
  • Optimize left and right brain synergy through creative visualization
  • Confidently deliver speeches and presentations without the aid of notes

Access Gray’s F.A.C.E Method to Instantly Improve Relationships, Instill Trust, and Increase Retention

90 min Interactive Keynote

  • Discover the NON-SALESY technique to fostering genuine client relationships
  • Make prospects become insanely attracted to you and elevate your profits
  • Improve memory optimization with innovative linking systems
  • Increase confidence and reduce stress in networking situations

Advanced Techniques to Easily Access Untapped Brain Potential, Increase Revenues, and Speed Past Your Competition

Half or Full Day Interactive Workshop

  • Become immediately perceived as a credible EXPERT in your field
  • Bypass the ramp-up years and quickly transition from rookie to award-winning executive
  • Cut the learning curve in half for remembering names, numbers, and new information
  • Maximize productive employee training by saving time and money on wasted retention methods

Areas of expertise

  • Increase your recall for clients names by 400%
  • Dramatically increase your productivity
  • Attain peak performance
  • Use social media to tap into your full brain potential

A Guinness Record Holder for the ability to write backwards, upside-down and upside-down and backwards using both hands and feet and the ability to speak fluently backwards

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