Bryce Sanders

Captivting the Wealthy Investor Before the Competition Does

Delivering Tools For Acquiring, Captivating and Understanding Top-Dollar Clients

 If you could build a clientele of 100+ relationships within the wealthiest 2-5% of your local market, who would they be?

Bryce has developed a series of training seminars for Financial Advisors based on personal experience (20+ years with a major financial services firm) plus interviews with:

– Successful financial advisors nationwide

– Professionals in different businesses that require the same skills

– Wealthy individuals who are approached for business on a regular basis

His seminars are designed for specific local markets.

– Identifying the Invisible Rich and the People Who Influence Them

– Where to Meet and Socialize with Wealthy Individuals

– Talking with Wealthy People and Getting Them to Like You

– Transforming Wealthy Friends into Clients

– Why You? Establishing your Value with HNW Prospects

Anonymous Advisor Quotes


Identifying the Invisible Rich:

“Where to look, know to evaluation, implement plan”…”Identify alternative prospect strategies”…”When is Bryce returning to this complex?” (Grand Rapids, MI 01/2014)


Where to Meet and Socialize With Wealthy Individuals:

“Discussion of  working way up through organization from bottom without huge capital investment”… “The benefit of belonging to an organization – how to use your time effectively/smartly to generate business prospects”… “The Action Plan which details actual steps to take.  The practical nature of the information” (Pittsburgh, PA 01/2012)


Talking With Wealthy People (and Getting Them to Like You):

“Very good philosophy for carrying on a conversation”… “Fact that it’s my job to build relationship and cultivate it”… “Great conversation starters and follow-up.” (Norfolk, VA 04/2011)


Transforming Wealthy Friends Into Clients:

“Received actionable steps to implement”…”Nuanced language for client facing situations”…”How to answer those hard questions” (Beverly Hills, CA 9/2013)



”Bryce is one of the most creative and forward-thinking of people writing on retail finance. His generosity of spirit and his willingness to share his incredible knowledge and contacts is very rare.”

– Hal Austin

Senior Editor at Financial times Group


“Bryce is a true partner in Business. At UBS, he helped us with several projects and every time his insights added value. All of the projects we called upon Bryce to help us with added directly to the bottom line. I was fortunate to have a business partner like Bryce upon whose experience I was able to draw upon.”

– Joy Joseph

 Head Learning and Development-Americas AXA-Equitable


“Bryce is a gentleman, a seasoned professional, and an accomplished expert on connecting – and building relationships-with wealthy and successful individuals.”

– Edward E. Kink

Associate Director, Industries Marketing, at KPMG

Bryce has Presented At:


– All the Major Wirehouse B/Ds

– A Number of the Regional Brokerage Firms

– A Number of Mutual Fund Due Diligence Meetings Across the Country

– A Number of Major Insurance Companies at the Regional & local Levels

– The Million Dollar Roundtable Annual Meeting in Toronto, June 2008

Travels From:  Alabama
$5,000 and Under


Financial Advisors across the country have consistently voice three challenges when asked about marketing to High Net Worth (HNW) individuals:

– ‘I’m having difficulty building a HNW clientele. I don’t know these people because I don’t move in the same circles.’

– ‘I know who these people are, but I don’t know how to talk with them in social situations.’

– ‘I know these people; they know who I am and what I do for a living, but they have never approached me. How do I transform social relationships into business relationships?’

Keynote Speaker Bryce Sanders has developed a series of training seminars for Financial Advisors to address the core issues above, plus additional specialized topics.

Bryce has provided training for the financial services industry on High Net Worth (HNW) client acquisition since 2001.

His core topics address how to identify prospects within the wealthiest 2-5% of your market, where to meet and socialize with them, how to talk with wealthy people and develop personal relationships and how to then transform wealthy friends into clients.

Bryce’s 20 years with a leading financial services firm enables him to address both the advisor’s and the manager’s objectives.

Bryce has had extensive interviews with successful financial advisors across the industry, successful business leaders, and philanthropists within the High Net Worth community.

He is the author of the book Captivating the Wealthy Investor. 

Bryce has been published in:

  • Manager
  • Financial Planning
  • On Wall Street
  • Advising Boomers
  • National Underwriter


How do you define your market?  Can census and demographic information identify pockets of wealth?  Can you identify individuals within the top 2-5% of your market by name and address? Who are local influencers? How can they help?


This program will focus on…

– Defining your market

– High asset, high cash flow prospects

– Low asset, high cash flow prospects

– High asset, low cash flow prospects

– Under the radar prospects

– Meeting and getting on the radar

Which community organizations attract wealthy individuals? What characteristics should they possess? What do you need to join? How much time does it take?  What do you do?  What does it cost?  How can you raise your visibility?

How to start a conversation when meeting a person for the first time.  Explaining ‘what you do’. Learning about their interests and passions.  How to discretely probe for information.  Initiating a second meeting and developing a social relationship.  Why wealthy people still make new friends.

Explaining to social acquaintances ‘What you do.’  Asking for referrals based on specific situations.  Why some HNW individuals will or won’t do business with people they know socially. What are the obstacles and how can you overcome them?

Why should I do business with you? Is what you offer also offered by most some or few others? How do successful advisors explain their value? How do other advisors compete for your clients? Is previous discounting an issue? How can you make the case for returning to the published fee schedule? Introduce change gradually? Unbundle?

Areas of expertise

  • High Net-Worth Client Acquisition
  • Closing Strategies
  • Networking
  • Referrals
  • Localized Research
  • Getting Them to Like You
  • Transforming Wealthy Friends into Clients
  • Where to Meet & Socialize with Wealthy Individuals

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