Dan Allison

A Comfortable Approach to Earning Referrals for Financial Professionals

Delivering a Workable Step-by-Step Plan to Achieve Real Results

Dan Allison’s Feedback Marketing concepts turn consulting upside down.

Rather than proclaim to have all of the answers to the challenges a business may face, Dan teaches businesses and professionals how to approach the true expert. . . the client.

Dan spent 18 months conducting focus groups and interviews with the kinds of clients we all want to attract. The goal was simple—to discover how our clients want us to approach them about referrals and to let them teach us how to have professional and effective referral relationships. The results became the foundation for Feedback Marketing.

Dan has developed simple step-by-step consulting systems and group workshops to help individuals and businesses implement his strategies to improve the way that they serve their best clients. The result is a simple process that you can use for the rest of your career to continue to strengthen relationships and get more referrals. In less than eight weeks, Dan’s clients begin to see significant improvements in their business and additional quality referrals.

As a keynote speaker, Dan delivers a perfect combination of humor, entertainment, and content. His speeches motivate audiences to take action while providing them with concrete tools to begin improving client relationships and gaining more referrals immediately. The most effective way to truly gain insight into Dan’s ability to hold an audience is to hear from those who have hired him.

– A New Approach to Earning Referrals – The Speech that Started It All

– The Five Myths You Tell Yourself about Getting Referrals – and the Real Truth

– The Six Questions and Answers That Will Change Your Career


“His clear, concise and ultimately effective program was presented in a comfortable and straightforward presentation. He has provided a simple and rational answer to the question, “How do I increase referrals from my best clients?” We are excited about an ongoing relationship with Dan and look forward to the tangible growth in assets under management we expect as our advisor partners complete their individual implementations.”

– Bryon A. Sanders
President, DKE, Inc.

“All of our fee based and fee only advisors agreed that this helped make this years conference the best ever. Our largest advisor and arguably our toughest critic, who doesn’t pass our compliments loosely, particularly commented that he will be implementing your ideas the next day!”

– Steve Atkinson
– Executive VP, Loring Ward

“This concept is so simple yet so profound. Of all of my years in the business, Dan Allison’s Feedback Marketing is one of the only systems I’ve ever seen that is practical, inexpensive, and completely based on honesty. Dan is a skilled presenter whose ideas position one as a professional advisor, not a salesman. This can help everyone from the beginner to the top producer build their business… understanding this system is incredible!”

– Celia Quinn
Advantage Capital Chairman’s Club

Dan’s Client List Includes…


– Ameriprise Financial

– CLS Investments

– FSC Securities

– Mass Mutual

– Northwestern Mutual

– Pacific Life

– Principal Insurance

– The Advisors Forum

– The Million Dollar Roundtable

– Royal Alliance

– Woodbury Financial

Travels From:  Nebraska
$10,001 to $15,000


Keynote speaker Dan Allison is not your typical consultant. Many people rely on academic credentials as evidence of their ability, but Dan also has the practical experience to back it up.

With a background in clinical and behavioral psychology, Dan used his knowledge to co-found a mental health company while he was still an undergraduate. The company began as a small, five-employee firm and grew to several hundred employees within a few short years. Much of the growth of his company can be attributed to the same strategies he teaches business professionals through his consulting and public speaking.

Dan sold his first company for millions while still in his twenties and has dedicated his career to showing professionals how gaining a better understanding of their clients will lead to an incredible referral relationship.

In a few short years, Dan has gone from a virtual unknown to speaking on some of the largest stages in the world. His message is simple: “Your clients are the best consultants for your business, and you need a solid process for engaging your clients in your business and its growth.”

By using Dan’s easy-to-implement strategies, businesses across the country are seeing big improvements in their referral relationships and their bottom line.


Dan’s flagship presentation engages participants with an ideal blend of humor, insight, and strategy. In this presentation, Dan will walk your group through the real problem that consumers face in referring the professionals they work with. Then he will show your participants how to implement simple strategies that will help them start getting referrals right away. Drawing from his background in clinical and behavioral psychology, Dan has interviewed hundreds of clients to learn how they want to be approached.

The results are detailed in this popular talk that has been described as “brilliantly simple,” “eye-opening,” and “the most refreshing presentation in years.”

Participants in your event will learn

– Why the majority of their clients do not give referrals as frequently as they could.

– The true roadblocks that prevent most professionals from creating effective referral relationships.

– How to implement simple, step-by-step strategies to begin getting referrals immediately.

Most professionals aspire to build a business through client referrals, but many are uncomfortable bringing up the topic with their clients. We may tell ourselves that our clients don’t like to refer or that they’re afraid their referrals might result in a bad experience. These assumptions could not be further from the truth. In reality, most clients would be happy to refer the professionals that they use. The problem is that most of us haven’t found a comfortable and professional way to bring up the topic without feeling or looking like salespeople.

In this entertaining talk, Dan will walk your group through the top myths about why our clients don’t refer and outline the challenges involved in developing quality referral relationships with clients.


Participants in your event will learn:

– The five myths that they tell themselves that make them ineffective in receiving referrals.

– A step-by-step approach for discovering how clients feel about being approached  regarding referrals.

– How to use this information to create successful and professional referral relationships.

– Would it be valuable to know exactly how your clients would answer the following questions?

– What is the most valuable part of their experience with you as a professional?

– What are the things you could do to make your clients’ experience with you so rewarding that they want to recommend you to others?

– Exactly how do your clients want to be approached about referrals in a way that is professional and effective?

This presentation will show your audience how implementing a professional method of getting feedback on issues that are critical to their business can result in a better client experience and significantly more referrals. Called by some a “referral approach for the Anti-Salesperson,” this presentation will inspire participants to address these important issues with their clients so they can begin earning new business.


Participants attending this presentation will learn:

– How having a consistent method of getting quality feedback from their clients can improve their client relationships and lead to increased referrals.

– The six questions that are essential for developing effective client relationships.

– A step-by-step approach to asking clients these six questions in a comfortable environment and enjoying amazing results.

Areas of expertise

  • Referral Relationships
  • Persuasion & Influence
  • The Client Influence
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Authenticity & Relationships


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