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Shift Your Mindset, Drive Your Results

What will you gain when you get really clear on what you really want in your business? Clarity…AND actual results.

Getting to Clarity’s unique business growth process isn’t just about DOING things differently – it’s about THINKING differently to get true breakthrough clarity on your mission.

More clarity means more confidence and influence over your results. When you see your responsibility in your success, you gain the vision needed for next-level growth. Debbie’s process combines the best of modern leadership with the ancient methods of connecting thinking to behaving to deliver true breakthrough growth. Most business processes focus on outputs, Debbie’s focuses on the inputs that translate to outcomes. She focuses on tapping into the conscious and unconscious mind to show how mind over matter delivers exponential growth.

Debbie Peterson’s Getting to Clarity process offers participants an unparalleled approach to next-level professional and personal growth that inspires business results.

There are three focuses to Debbie’s process:

  • Obstacles – Sharing tools that help you discover what may be holding you and the development of your business back. It’s not just doing something different, it’s thinking differently about it.
  • Habits – Creating an understanding of habits that are supporting or sabotaging your progress. When healthy strategies are developed, decisions become easier and daily action becomes strategic and focused.
  • Mindset – Creating a maximized personal mindset which accelerates professional results. You have much more influence over the success of your business than you think you do. Go from frustrated to FOCUSED instead.

Debbie believes that the mind is the biggest tool in achieving breakthrough growth. At any level of your career or business – changing perspective and gaining clarity will help men and women discover more clarity, focused action, momentum, and results!

Presentations are customized and content is deployed in an interactive, engaging and relatable way. Programs are delivered in formats from 1 hour to half and full days.

  • From Frustrated to FOCUSED: Mindset Strategies for Business Growth
  • From Frustrated to FOCUSED: Smart Communication Strategies
  • Step Up, Speak Up, Show Up – Confident Communication Strategies for Women in Business

We had an amazing conference and closing keynote with Debbie Peterson. Debbie shared with us what it takes to step out and be impactful in what you do. She is absolutely the right person to come in and create such a positive attitude for so many of us here in the Florida banking industry. We appreciate what she’s done, and we look forward to seeing her many more times.
Rita Lowman, Chairwoman, Florida Bankers

Debbie Peterson was our closing speaker, and we chose her as our closing speaker on purpose. Her key points are so poignant, and it helps all of us, all women and just all individuals with clarity. Catch it, challenge it, change it was kind of her key phrase. Step up, show up, speak up, those are the things that all of us need to be mindful in all of our daily activities and certainly in our work life. So I encourage you if any of those key topics resonate, hire Debbie, she is outstanding, she’s energetic, enthusiastic and she ended our conference on definitely a high note.
Susan Walker, Group Director for Wealth, BB&T Bank

We hired Debbie for a “YOUR Next Chapter – Retirement” keynote for our clients at our annual appreciation event. Her message was spot on, and we’ve heard great feedback about how she connected with our clients and how they perceive retirement as a result. There’s no doubt her message will stick in our client’s minds for a long time. Debbie was also very easy to work with, and we highly recommend her. She made our event spectacular!
Timothy Moore, Ameriprise Financial Services

Debbie Peterson facilitated a highly-interactive and empowering session at DTCC. Her ability to provide attendees with practical tools and share very powerful personal examples of how she put them into action in her own life contributed to the session being so impactful. Debbie’s open and engaging presentation style made the session interesting and fun. Her ability to customize the presentation and make it relevant to financial services set this training apart from most others. We received positive feedback from all attendees. Marie E. Chinnici-Everitt, Chief Marketing Officer, DTCC

Debbie gave a wonderful presentation at the Financial Planning Association of Southwest Florida’s Retirement Rethink Symposium. Helping clients to have a successful retirement is an important value-add financial planners can bring to a relationship. Her presentation on “Your Next Chapter – The Mindset of Successful Retirement” discussed action steps planners can take to help their clients with this major lifestyle change.

As Debbie was speaking, she engaged the audience, and it was impressive how she worked points from earlier presentations into her presentation. It really helped to weave the day together. Also, the pre-event promotional video was very helpful in attracting attendees. I really enjoyed working with Debbie, and hope we can work together on a future project.
Thomas Patricca, FPA Southwest Florida

I want to recommend Debbie Peterson to all the associations out there, and any company that’s looking for an inspirational leader to address women leaders within your organizations. She did a fantastic job as our closing keynote at our 6th Annual Women in Leadership Conference for the Florida Bankers Association, and she moved and inspired all of us who attended.
Alex Sanchez, President, Florida Bankers:


Partial Client List

  • Depository Trust and Clearing Corp (DTCC)
  • Florida Bankers Association
  • Florida Realtors Association
  • HBK/HBKS Wealth Management
  • Financial Planning Association of SWFL
  • Indiana Society of Association Executives
  • Ameriprise Financial
  • Edinboro University
  • Penn State University
  • Working Women of Tampa Bay
  • Women’s Council of Realtors
  • The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce
  • USAmeriBank Women Entrepreneurs
Travels From:  Florida
City: Fort Meyers
$5,001 to $10,000


After years in corporate America, Debbie had her own breakthrough that led to her become an advocate to help others to achieve the same. She now works with independent business professionals, groups, and associations to deliver the message that if YOU change your mind, YOU can change your results.

Debbie is a professional business keynote speaker, trainer, and mindset strategist who inspires audiences wherever she goes. She works with her audiences to help them get clarity on the obstacles that are holding them back in business, identify the habits that support or sabotage their progress, and develop the flexible mindset that will accelerate their business results. She founded Getting To Clarity to provide inspiration, motivation, and education for professionals so they may reach and realize their potential.

Debbie has a unique ability to connect with her audience and blend meaningful content with real-life examples leaving participants feeling she is speaking just to them. Her customized programs are engaging, energetic and full of tips, tools, and techniques to create growth.

During her career, Debbie discovered her passion for the power of thoughts and the ability to harness thoughts and create amazing results. This door opened when Debbie was selected to participate in a training program for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), which is described as a behavioral technology, a set of guiding principles, attitudes, and techniques about real-life behavior. Since her introduction to NLP, Debbie has spent years studying NLP as a student, as an assistant, and as a trainer.

Debbie is a Certified NLP Trainer, through the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP), and designs and delivers her own programs for individuals, groups, and corporations using NLP as a foundation. She is also a Haumana (student) of Huna, which is a modern label for an ancient Hawaiian system of empowerment and flexibility of the mind, body, and spirit.

Debbie is also a professional member of the National Speakers Association. She has successfully worked with groups at various stages of career. Her expertise is helping professionals get out of their own way and create MORE.

MORE Focus.

MORE Action.

MORE Momentum.

MORE Results!


When you change your mind, you change your results. Discover how you think affects how you behave and helps or hinders your professional success.

Because most of your thinking is unconscious, your mind is your biggest tool in achieving breakthrough outcomes in any level of your career or business—once you learn to harness its power.

Create the influence you need to drive the results you desire with four clear, consistent steps.

Participants Will:

  • Move From Frustrated to FOCUSED on their business objectives.
  • Ramp up their motivation to achieve the results they desire!
  • Discover mindset strategies for massive action (and deal with the doubt that crops up as a result).
  • Acquire productivity tips, tools, and techniques to make the most of their time.
  • Cultivate the community of people needed to grow their business and career to the next

How Is YOUR communication style holding you back?

Whether you own your own business or work for a corporation, every aspect of your career involves communication with others.

Communication is vital for you and your team to succeed but are you aware of what may be sabotaging it?

Communication is so much more than the words that you speak. Take charge of your personal communication and experience the professional results you deserve!

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  • Credit Unions
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  • Coach
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