Dennis Moseley-Williams

A Certifed Expert in The Experience Economy

Teaching Trust, Transparency and Engagement to Foster Closer Client Relationships

Travels From: Canada
City: Ottawa, Ontario


Motivational speaker Dennis Moseley-Williams engages and delights audiences and clients alike with creative insights on how to develop experience-driven solutions that deliver results, increase revenues and build enthusiastic referral-generating communities.

He is an internationally known consultant with expertise in practice management, business development and marketing strategies. He inspires organizations to create, innovate and foster closer relationships with stakeholders, clients and customers.

He founded Dennis Moseley-Williams Strategic Consulting, a full-service marketing and communications agency that helps organizations reach, connect, and build sustainable positive relationships with their desired communities through the integrated application of experience management, effective communication and best principles.

He is the author of Serious Shift: How Experience Delivery Can Save Your Practice, a guide book that examines how the experience economy can be adapted to the financial services industry.


How Experience Delivery Can Save Your Practice

The only unique competitive advantage is the exceptional experience an advisor can create for his or her clients.

Dennis Moseley-Williams examines the attributes and behaviors of Very Successful Advisors (VSAs), showing that the transition begins with changing – or shifting – one’s attitudes and expectations in order to deliver client experiences that are consistent, memorable and meaningful. He addresses the obstacle of resistance to change and ways to overcome it so that your business becomes your art, not simply a job.

How to Banish Our Resistance to Change

Our hurdles are not a lack of preparation, the difficulty of the project, the state of the marketplace or a lack of knowledge. The real hurdle is resistance. This enemy is our natural tendency to start making excuses, create elaborate alibis and buy into our own narrative of failure. Too often, we believe in the reasons we tell ourselves why we can’t – or shouldn’t or won’t – do what we know we need to do.

The Great Leap Forward addresses head-on the topic of resistance and the ways in which it can be overcome so that an organization can convert inspiration and innovation into implementation and profit.

Our Mastermind Groups are a dynamic and engaging experience designed to create lasting results based upon proven practices while creating the foundation for your world-class wealth management enterprise.

The Mastermind Group provides participants with an experienced facilitator and includes proven tools and resources that are completed during the session. Each workshop is followed up with two conference calls in which the participants learn to troubleshoot issues in the implementation phase. This approach creates a higher chance of lasting impact and meaningful value to your business.

Areas of expertise

  • Experience-Driven Solutions
  • Development
  • Leadership
  • Mastermind Sessions
  • Communication
  • Acceleration
  • Banish Resistance to Change
  • Consulting
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