Doug Buce

Turning Potential Energy into Kinetic Action

Working with Financial Services Organizations to Launch Ambitious Initiatives

You have a massive ball to move. It could be boosting sales, pushing innovation, creating passion around a mission, or simply inspiring your people to move beyond the drag of the status quo.

You can try to move the ball yourself, or you can launch it — like a spring — by turning potential energy into kinetic action.

For the past 11 years, Doug served as the Chief Learning Officer of Wells Real Estate Funds and President of Wells University.  While directing the professional development of all employees, he was instrumental in pioneering an educational sales model, which impacted over 10,000 financial professionals accounting for over $7 billion in funds raised.

His entertaining, inspirational approach coupled with thought provoking, practical content resonates in all industries and with any company trying to inspire people to take action.

Keynote Presentations:

  • Brain Freeze – Curing Decision Paralysis in Prospects
  • Building a Power Culture – The Pillars of Significance
  • BOING! From Potential Energy to Kinetic Action

Funshops . . . because Workshops are boring

  • Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
  • Innovate! Prototyping & creative Destruction
  • Infusion – The Science & Art of Star Power

Edu-Sales Models

  • Build a Rocket Fueled Sales Machine

“Powerful, meaningful, gut wrenching, thought provoking, and inspirational are just a few of the words that our President’s Circle members used to describe your presentation. You have an amazing gift. Thanks for sharing it with Team UVEST.”

– – Andy Barksdale, Sr. Vice President UVEST Financial Services

“I want to thank you for the wonderful presentation you put on at our recent National Partners Conference. The reviews from our attendees were excellent. You did a great job of mixing timely information with tremendous energy and humor to deliver a very captivating and worthwhile session.”

– – Russell Diachok, President & CEO Geneos Wealth Management

“At the end of our conference, we have the participants write down three things they plan to implement. Almost all wrote down your ideas! I’m sure you are not surprised.  Thank you.”

– – Don Warner,  Managing Partner Linsco Private Ledger

Doug’s Client List Includes…

  • Atlantic American
  • Bank Insurance & Securities Association
  • Bankers Fidelity
  • Bell South
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • CibaVision
  • E*Trade
  • Geneos Wealth Management
  • Jackson Healthcare
  • LPL
  • Wells CApital
Travels From:  Georgia
City: Atlanta
$5,000 and Under


For the past 20 years, leadership speaker Doug Buce has enjoyed delivering keynotes and customized workshops in the areas of neuromarketing, leadership, personal and organizational brand development, innovation, and business culture.

Doug delivers thought provoking, actionable content in a way that is entertaining and inspiring. He wants everybody to have a good time.

Additionally, he has developed and facilitated leadership, innovation, and marketing programs for IBM Workforce Solutions, Jackson Healthcare,  The Staubach Company, Bankers Fidelity, Linsco Private Ledger, Sun Microsystems, E*Trade, Turner Broadcasting, Bell South Long Distance, Chiquita North America, and CibaVision.


Imagine if you knew the secret combination to the decision-making command center of your prospect’s brain. Political and economic chaos fosters anxiety, which can cause people to question everything about their security. Compound this anxiety with uncertainty about the future, and you have a prescription for paralysis.

In this inspiring and practical presentation, you will learn:

  • What causes fear and how we are wired to make irrational choices
  • How to frame the battle of perception vs. reality
  • How neuro-sales techniques can access to decision making command center helping to cure momentum paralysis.

The company culture you build today determines your tomorrow.  This inspiring and practical presentation will reveal the key pillars in building a viable, long-term business. Leadership style, execution, motivation, and innovation will be presented in the context of your company’s life cycle to provide the insight necessary to thrive during uncertain times.

You will learn why intentional creative destruction is necessary, how to balance the Yin and Yang of Level 5 Leadership, why socialist baseball is killing corporate America, how to overcome the mental barrier to efficiency, how to vet opportunity, and why you must achieve escape velocity… now.

Move the ball! That ball could be a new product to sell, an innovative initiative that requires companywide adoption, or simply getting your people to accelerate beyond the status quo. There are two ways to do it … you can try yourself (good luck), or you can launch it through the art and science of compression spring physics. Get things moving by turning potential energy into kinetic action.

You will learn techniques to transfer energy into your people or prospects, the strategy in turning that potential into sustained action, and how to generate sustained action through strategically applied neuroscience.

Clarify decision making. Simplify goal setting. Amplify your impact. This fast-paced, interactive day guides participants through the UVP formula to discover how the combination of values, behavior, influence, experiences, and passions define who you are and what you should deliver to the team … all in one memorable, repeatable, life-altering sentence.

This Funshop brings clarity to the process and inspires participants to play an active role on the journey. We will define innovation, reveal its role in company and career sustainability, show how everyone contributes, and begin applying key principles to current team opportunities.

This Funshop will teach you how to craft a sharp, relevant message, and how to hit the decision maker’s bulls eye by employing neuroscience techniques. We would go on and on about this, but that’s all you really need to know. Oh, yeah… and that we helped a company raise over $7 billion by applying these techniques. Almost forgot.

Launch something that impacts lives, differentiates your organization, and boosts sales.  When the traditional sales model isn’t enough, boost the power with a custom Educational Sales Model built and powered by Boing Dynamics.  Enjoy the launch.

Areas of expertise

  • Business Growth
  • Accelerate Relationships with Customers
  • Innovation
  • Create Differentiation
  • Sales Training
  • Your Value Proposition
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