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Helping Organizations in the Areas of Leadership, Goal Setting and Performance

Inspiring You to Reach Your Maximum Potential

There’s a feeling that’s shared by high achievers, winning teams and top sales professionals all over the world. It’s the feeling that nothing can stop you.

Dr. Elko’s mission is to bring this exact feeling to the people that hear him speak and experience his coaching first hand.

He has worked with some of the most elite, prolific companies on the planet, whose mission is to stay on top of their game at all times.

Are you interested in giving a spark, a jump-start to your group, so they become more proactive and less reactive in this new, tougher, more competitive world?

  • How to Achieve Greatness at Work and in Life
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Vision for victory
  • Seasons – Learning How to Deal with Change

“Life changing and powerful…The definitive recipe for ongoing success.  The lessons and life strategies contained within “Nerves of Steel” go far beyond making you more successful in the workplace and on the field, they provide a recipe for greater peace, success and happiness in life.”

– – Barry Knight, Vice President,  Pioneer Mutual Funds

“There has never been a better time for this message.  Dr. Elko is fantastic!”

– – Donnie Smyles, Vice President, Financial Advisor UBS

“Dr. Elko has the unique ability to touch everyone he speaks with.  Nobody walks away without picking up something that makes them a better person.  If I had one choice for someone to work with my firm, I would pick Dr. Elko.  He has the unique ability to help people become the kind of person they want to be.”

– – Andy Kalbaugh, Chief Executive Officer, Mutual Service Corporation

Dr. Elko’s Client List Includes…

  • Bank of America
  • Genworth
  • Forethought
  • ING
  • Jackson National
  • LPL
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Morgan Stanley
  • National Life
  • Pioneer Investments
  • Sun Life
  • The Hartford
  • UBS
  • Wells Fargo
Travels From:  Pennsylvania
City: Pittsburgh
$5,001 to $10,000


Motivational speaker Dr. Kevin Elko is a human dynamo when it comes to giving pep talks. He addresses more than 200 audiences a year, ranging from professional sports teams to the biggest firms on Wall Street.  His job is to fire up the troops – get them ready to go head on against the fiercest, strongest and smartest competition on the face of this planet.

Dr. Elko a nationally renowned performance consultant, motivational speaker and author. He’s one of America’s most requested inspirational speakers.

In 2005, Kevin was the highest-rated speaker at the Million Dollar Roundtable, the conference for the insurance industry’s highest achievers, with an audience of 6,000 attendees representing multiple insurance and financial services companies.

He has a Ph.D. in Education with an emphasis on Sports Counseling.

He is the author of 4 books:

◊  Nerves of Steel

◊  The Pep Talk

◊  True Greatness: Mastering the Inner game of Business Success

◊  Touchdown: Achieving Your Greatness on the Playing Field of Business and Life

The movie rights to his book The Pep Talk have recently been sold and the book is in the process of becoming a motion picture.


One of the best things you can do to improve yourself is to learn how to connect with people.  Connection is simply defined as I see you as a person. The phrase used today to describe what is going on in society is extraverted loneliness, which means we are walking around in a crowded world yet people have never reported feeling more lonely and isolated. Connection is the answer to this dilemma – an intentional act to convey a message to our clients that they are seen as a person.

There is not enough education given to simple connection which is the reason why people go and eventually stay in relationships.  It is also very important with teams and companies.  In the absence of connection, fear usually rules.  Fear is the great disabler, and it is more dangerous today because fear is so widespread..  With the present volatility of the financial markets, constant change is all fields, and the constant alarm message by the media, this is especially true in the corporate world.  If the leader or the advisor can make each client feel valued and seen as an individual, all indication is there is not fear but confidence and strength.  The biggest mistake is to treat clients and employees like commodities.  Connection is learning to treat people like people and not numbers.  You will be amazed at how it will change your level of success.

This workshop will help participants utilize tactics to connect to others.  It teaches self-talk to help connect, listening skills (feel, felt, found) and the use of thank you.

This seminar consists of four major points and their associated action items:

Point 1: Those who have goals make twice as much over time as those who do not, according to a research study conducted with MBA students at Harvard University over ten years.

Goal: Get a notebook and write daily goals.

Point 2: Clear mental clutter.  A person is effective when realizing “there are some things beyond my control and there are some things that are not.” When the vision/goals are clear, one is pulled to them, but what makes the vision fuzzy is mental clutter, or thoughts in our head about things we can do nothing about.

Goal: Develop a focus phrase that clears the mind and then to write it on a card supplied at   the seminar that the participant can keep in a wallet or purse.

Point 3: Develop a “game plan”.  The process to do so is discussed, exploring effective strategies to adhere to one. A key to performance is to get to our day and start our process as early as possible and without emotion.

Goal: Develop a personal script to use when starting the day to visualize the process and to focus before starting each day.

Point 4: “Claim” the vision. High-level performers know the effectiveness of asking and asking and asking.

Goal: Leave the seminar and focus on asking for what one wants, or claiming it.

This program addresses life-changing concepts by explaining the step-by-step process necessary to guide you. Dr. Elko teaches you how to be mentally tough when times call for it, and how to stay focused on the things that are truly important.

Winners always look for a solution. It is the difference between being an over-developed survivor or a developed achiever. This discussion presents a five-step system of first creating a vision of what you want to accomplish and then taking the necessary action steps to get there.

These are not tough times they are changing times, this is a very important distinction because as one labels they tend to adopt a set of behaviors that follow their label. This talk outlines how the participant identifies the changes in their world and develops mental strategies to do the changes needed to become effective again.

Areas of expertise

  • Achieve Greatness
  • Inspirational & Motivational
  • Performance Coach
  • Foundation of Winning
  • Nerves of Steel
  • Vision for Victory
  • Dealing With Change
  • Lessons & Life Strategies
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