Frank Maselli

The Financial Industry's Premier Keynote and Sales Trainer!

Delivering Modern Ideas and Immediate Actionable Take-Aways in an Inspiring Manner

What makes a Maselli Training Program special? They are:

  • High-impact: people do something immediately…this training creates positive behavior change!
  • Modern: these are fresh ideas that reflect today’s issues and client attitudes.
  • Relevant: the content comes from the real world challenges we face today
  • Fun: our delivery is engaging and passionate and entertaining

Frank is one of the most inspiring and insightful leaders in the financial services industry. He is a recognized specialist in helping financial professionals reach new levels of success and he does it with tremendous warmth, humor and passion that have earned him Top Speaker awards at many national conferences.

Frank talks to advisors from the heart about finding success and happiness in a hyper-competitive environment. He reaches professionals of all levels and leaves them with a deeper understanding of the critical role they play in their client’s lives. With over three decades of experience and a deep passion for the business, Frank is one of the most dynamic keynote presenters in the industry today.


  • PASSION PRO$PECTING: New Clients – New Assets – New Power!
  • Conviction & Passion: Building the Twin Pillars of Success
  • The Lifeguard in the Storm: A New WHY for a New World

Advanced Skill Training

  • Referrals the Professional Way: 10 Strategies for Networking with Top Clients and     Centers of Influence
  • The Instincts of Success: Finding and Using Your Deepest Strengths
  • Thriving on CHAOS: 5 Strategies for Growing Your Business in the Toughest Times
  • Seminars: The Emotional Dynamic
  • Mind Over Money: Understanding the Psychology of Advising
  • Finding Your Niche: Mastering the Skill of Target Marketing
  • The Professional Conversation: Five Ways to Talk and Listen Effectively
  • Building Generational Rapport: Bonding Across the Age Gap
  • Breakout Branding: Creating & Telling The Story of You
  • Focus & Discipline: Taking Positive Control of Your Business

Special Programs

  • Special 2-Day Advisor Program
  • Management Training
  • Wholesaler Training

What qualifies Frank as an “expert” in this industry?

His expertise comes from three decades of “combat” at all levels of this industry. Whether an advisor, a top branch manager, a wholesaler and a national sales manager for a major money management firm,  he has had some remarkable success.

Your people get state-of-the-art training born from those real-world experiences. Very few speakers can deliver that depth of understanding. Plus he has also written three best-selling books which means he stays current on all topics related to advisors. So this is not a string of tired old war stories from “back in the day.” It’s fresh, bold thinking that will help people focus on growth again!

Which firms has Frank spoken to in the past?

  • Ameriprise
  • AXA
  • Bank of America
  • Cetera Financial
  • Charles Schwab
  • Edward Jones
  • Fidelity
  • Jackson National
  • Lincoln Financial
  • LPL
  • Merrill Lynch
  • MetLife
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Nationwide
  • Pacific Life
  • Raymond James
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Transamerica
  • UBS
  • Wells Fargo
Travels From:  North Carolina
City: Raleigh
$10,001 to $15,000


Motivational speaker Frank Maselli began his professional career as a U.S. Army Officer in command of an elite group of combat medics.

In 1983 Frank joined Dean Witter where he opened one of the country’s first Sears Financial Centers.  In 1986, he moved to PaineWebber where he became their top mutual fund Sales Director and manager for the #1 complex office in the nation.

During a thirty-three year career, Frank has served in a wide array of successful roles including advisor, branch manager, wholesaler and most recently as Executive Vice President and National Sales Manager of Natixis Global Asset Management in Boston where he created the renowned Advisor Academy.

He has written three best-selling books and numerous articles.  SEMINARS: The Emotional Dynamic is in its third edition and has become the industry “bible” for all types of presentations. Referrals: The Professional Way is modernizing the entire networking process for top advisors. 40 Tips for the Under 40 Advisor is helping the next generation succeed.

A graduate of Lafayette College, Frank is a member of the National Speakers Association, MENSA, and a private pilot.  He lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and two daughters.


It’s time to grow again! We need to get back into action and start bringing in new relationships. This program will arm you with the latest prospecting ideas and tactics. It’s filled with practical take-aways you can use immediately to get in front of more people who desperately need your guidance. We help you find YOUR path to success. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to prospecting. Growth can be tremendous FUN

In this program you will learn:

  • First Steps – The 5 core beliefs and attitudes you need before you can prospect
  • Discipline – Setting the right goals and cresting a simple plan that works
  • Motivation – How to find more than enough inside yourself
  • Building prospecting campaigns that add focus and fun for you and your team

The modern prospecting modalities including:

  • Referrals: How to penetrate the world of your top clients and centers of influence
  • Events: How to leverage your time and have more fun with seminars & workshops
  • Social Marketing: How to becomes the primary advisor for an industry or niche
  • Target Marketing: How to become the primary advisor for an industry or niche
  • Direct Mail: Why paper mail works and how to use print intelligently
  • Phone: Cold calling may be dead but the phone can still grow your business

Building the Twin Pillars of Success

To thrive in today’s highly competitive industry, you need a powerful business belief system that keeps you and your clients on course no matter what the obstacles. That’s “Conviction.” Then you need an engine, a high-energy power source that drives your business and transmits enthusiasm. That’s “Passion.” Neither of these forces can be given to you by someone else. Instead, this program will help you find them both within yourself!

A New WHY for a New World

Investors today are confused by conflicting advice, bombarded by data, and unsure of what to do with their wealth or whom to trust for advice. They are looking for understanding, guidance, and leadership from their financial professional. To fulfill that role in the client relationship, advisors need a deeper level of emotional and intellectual awareness. This has nothing to do with products and everything to do with who you are on a personal and professional level. It’s a different way of thinking about yourself, but it may be the only way both you and the client can succeed

10 Strategies for Networking with Top Clients and Centers of Influence

Based on Frank’s latest book, this program teaches new and advanced techniques for generating referrals from top clients, CPAs and attorneys. (3 hours)

Finding and Using Your Deepest Strengths

Instincts (along with personality and learned abilities) drive much of our day-to-day behavior. But in our business, instincts play a bigger role than we realize. Understanding your natural instinctive strengths can help grow your business, reduce your stress, and improve your personal interactions in amazing ways.

5 Strategies for Growing Your Business in the Toughest Times

This program will get you back on offense growing your business while others are wandering aimlessly waiting for something to happen. It’s filled with practical take-aways that you can use immediately!

The Emotional Dynamic

Advanced Presentation Skills for Financial Professionals

Based on Frank’s first book, this program is a comprehensive examination of financial presentations and the skills needed to dramatically improve the business results from your events. (4-8 hours)

Understanding the Psychology of Advising/strong>

This program discusses the complex relationship dynamic at work between a client and an advisor. What does it really mean to be an “advisor” to HNW families and professionals in today’s world?

Mastering the Skill of Target Marketing

Niche or target marketing is a potential goldmine for advisors. This program teaches ways to become the “go-to” financial advisor for an entire industry or group of professionals.

Five Ways to Talk and Listen Effectively

Communication is our business and most advisors are naturally gifted at it. This program takes that innate talent and sharpens it with advanced, professional skills. The results are better and more effective relationships…and greater business impact.

Bonding Across the Age Gap

Whether you are a young advisor trying to reach 60+ clients or an older advisor trying to connect with the Gen Y grandchildren of your best clients…this program will help you connect with folks of all ages.

Creating & Telling The Story of You

Who are you and what do you represent in the mind of your top clients? How do you come up with a compelling, unique and memorable story? All advisors have the same products today…so you need a competitive edge. This program will give it to you!

Taking Positive Control of Your Business

Focus and discipline are two critical factors for success in any business. This program empowers advisors with the specific skills they need to get back on offense! It’s time to start expanding your asset base and pro-actively building new relationships.

Financial Lifeguard Academy (Special 2-Day Advisor Program)

10 Steps to Success in the NEW Financial Services Profession

This is the “graduate” class! Possibly the most powerful two-day training program in the industry. The Financial Services Industry is undergoing a massive evolutionary shift and our profession is changing fast! To succeed in the future advisors will need new skills and attitudes that reflect a deeper understanding of their clients and of themselves. This program details the bright new future for those of us who are ready to heed the call. It will cover all the critical skills you need to thrive in the middle of this revolution. It’s jam packed, action-oriented and will leave you and your team inspired and energized to reach new levels of success.

These programs are designed specifically for managers and leaders from the national level out to the branch or office management team. Basically anyone who needs to motivate and inspire others would benefit from these ideas and strategies.

Taking the Hill: A Combat Leader’s Guide to Victory

The Financial Services Industry is in a fight for survival! Today’s leaders need a new set of skills, attitudes and approaches to succeed and to help their people thrive. This program discusses the new principles of leadership and how they can be applied in this challenging environment. It explores the relationship between “leadership” and “management” and how both can be strategically combined to drive an office or a firm toward success. We will also highlight “The 10 Most Important Things All Top Managers Do.“ Attendees are usually required to do some pre-work that will be discussed during the program.

The Instincts of Leadership Success

As a manager or leader in your organization, your actions and decisions are driven by three main forces inside you: intelligence, personality and instincts. The first two, you may understand pretty well, but when it comes to instinctive strengths… most people are pretty clueless. And yet these “hard-wired” characteristics impact literally everything we do all day. This training program will take you deep into the world of your own mind. You will walk away with a better understanding of yourself and how you operate. You will also learn how to improve interactions with colleagues, teammates and your boss! It’s a profound discovery process that can also be tremendous fun!

The 12 Disciplines of Professional Wholesaling

This is the advanced skill course for mutual fund, annuity or managed money wholesalers and sales managers. The full program is 8 hours but it can be customized in modules to fit your team’s needs and meeting agenda.

Areas of expertise

  • Financial Advisor Best Practices
  • Networking & Referrals
  • Run Your Business Like a Business
  • Marketing & Niche Marketing
  • Building General Rapport
  • Presentation Skills
  • How to Listen Effectively
  • Wholesaler Training
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