Jack Beauregard

Founder & CEO of the Successful Transition Planning Institute

Training advisors to help their clients through this major life transition into The Platinum Years®

Travels From:  Massachusetts
City: Boston


In 1983, Jack founded Designer Orthopedics, the first cost-containment company in the U.S., which he built into a multi-million dollar business. Jack then decided to transition out of that company and in 1988 founded InnerVisions Associates, which focused on integrating the human and cultural issues in mergers-and-acquisitions. Associates of InnerVisions were involved in the integration of 140 mergers.

As part of this process Jack helped owners who had sold their businesses and executives of merged companies determine what they wanted to do after leaving their companies.  Realizing that the “what next?” question would be a growing problem for baby boomers in the coming years, Jack then founded the Successful Transition Planning Institute to help baby boomer business owners and executives deal successfully with this challenge.

Jack has presented his unique approach on many radio and television programs, including National Public Radio and the Voice of America worldwide business program. He is also a popular keynote speaker at conferences, seminars and workshops.  In 2011 he authored Finding Your New Owner: For Your Business, for Your Life, an award-winning book that describes his unique approach to transition planning for baby boomer business owners.

Jack speaks periodically at Salem State University (MA) on how baby boomers can make successful transitions from their full-time positions. He is an alumnus of Harvard University and holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA.


The best is yet to come! Explore new opportunities, new adventures, new challenges and a dynamic lifestyle.

This workshop, based on personal insights, experiences and years of working with financial advisors, can help you plan the transition from your current mind and place into the next chapter of your life.

From this presentation you will walk away knowing:

  • How financial planners have successfully transitioned out of their companies
  • The five different styles for making decisions and which one pertains to you
  • Become aware of what psychologically could be holding you back
  • Learn a new way to think about leaving
  • The 12 successful and unsuccesfull ways for leaving your business

Would you like to capture some of the 10 trillion dollars that will be transferred by baby boomer business owners in the near future?

In this speech you will learn how owners can keep working while they live a new, dynamic next stage of their lives. You will also become aware of best practice tools that help owners become intellectually, emotionally, psychologically, structurally and spirituality prepared to leave their companies which provides you the opportunity to manage their liquidity events.

Financial Advisors will walk away knowing:

  • There is a Third Alternative for Baby Boomer owners, instead of either: Working until they die (“dying at their desks”) OR Moving into an unfulfilling Traditional Retirement.
  • How owners can benefit from planning for and moving into their Platinum Years sm.
  • How they can benefit from helping their clients plan for and move into their Platinum Years sm.
  • What issues prevent or block Baby Boomers from wanting to think about retiring.
  • New ways to bring up the topic of the Platinum Years sm with Baby Boomer business owners, so they will feel comfortable thinking about, planning for, and successfully moving into this exciting new stage of life; and financial planners will learn about resources that can help them think about and plan for their Platinum Years sm.
  • How they can collaborate with other advisors.
  • How to market this new service, so they can grow their business—both with current clients and by attracting new clients.

On the average, eighty percent of business owners’ net worth is an illiquid asset that is tied up in their companies.

Money that they will need to fund the next chapter of their lives, yet seventy-five percent of baby boomer business owners have no plan to unlock their frozen wealth because they themselves are mentally and emotionally frozen by the very idea of thinking about leaving their companies.

This presentation is designed to help owners wrap their hearts and minds around the very thought of leaving their companies.  Jack shows business owners and their advisors how to use an “integrated transition planning process” to achieve superior transition results.

This timely seminar helps baby boomer business owners successfully answer:

  • “What do I want to do with my business”
  • “What do I want to with my life after I leave my company?”

At This Session Owners Will Learn:

  • Successful and unsuccessful ways to leave their company
  • How to become mentally and emotionally prepared to transition their business
  • Why Integrated Transition Planning is essential for a successful transition
  • What their motivations, attitudes and feelings are about the future of their company and their life

In this inspiring and transformative presentation, Jack Beauregard explains how Baby Boomers  can use their Platinum Years —an active 10-20-30 years between “traditional” work and retirement—to create an exciting, meaningful new stage of life.  Jack Beauregard will explain:

  • Why the Platinum Years are an exciting new alternative to either “dying at your desk” or a boring, meaningless retirement.
  • The new opportunities for self-actualization and freedom that your Platinum Years offer.
  • What prevents successful Baby Boomers from taking advantage of their Platinum Years
  • What you need to know and do to successfully prepare for and live your Platinum Years adventure.

The programs help you become both intellectually and emotionally prepared to think about leaving your full time position, also known as retirement, even if you don’t know what questions to ask.

  • Describes successful and unsuccessful ways to leave your full-time work
  • Explains how to avoid unsuccessful approaches
  • Helps you discover specific fears that have been preventing you from thinking about leaving your work
  • Effectively deals with the identity crisis around leaving
  • Provides key information about how to create and implement a Successful Personal Transition Strategy
  • Guides you in creating your personal transition goals

Areas of expertise

  • Advisor Succession/Transition Planning
  • Business Owner Succession/Transition Planning
  • Understanding clients better
  • New successful way of thinking
  • Personal transition preparedness

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