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Helping Financial Sales Professionals Succeed In Today’s Ever-Changing Environments

What clients say they appreciate about JAM’s programs is that they are insightful, interactive, and provide tools for improvement.

Leaders, salespeople, and professionals from various industries say they choose to work with JAM because of their ability and commitment to helping them distinguish themselves from the competition.

With a focus on communication, leadership, sales effectiveness, and executive presence, their coaching and suite of programs are designed to leverage, build, and enhance the skills necessary for individuals, teams, and organizations to break ties in their favor and experience growth and success over the long-term.

JAM has improved the performance of hundreds of sales professionals with their easy to use sales approach.

Market Metrics and Kasina, independent market research consultants, awarded a # 1 national ranking to a sales organization JAM trained.



JAM Consulting Group Programs are made to advance the sales process by delivering actionable results to wide-ranging audiences from seasoned principles to junior associates.

Who You Are:
Understanding yourself and building your Coaching and Leadership abilities

  • Clout
  • Core Four
  • MVP I
  • MVP II
  • Think Straight-Talk Straight
  • Transitions

What to Say:
Creating clarity in the way you communicate and the client experience you deliver

  • EPIC
  • Fulcrum
  • LED
  • Messaging
  • Multiplicity
  • Successful Succession
  • Time Machine

How to Say it:
Increasing opportunity by fine-tuning your selling skills in the different venues you find yourself in

  • Coaching The Sale
  • Compass
  • Connect
  • Small Room, Big Deal
  • Speak Up


JAM’s programs are practical, relevant, and impactful. They have been game changers for our firm.

The team at JAM Consulting has helped me tremendously by delivering quality training and coaching to some of my best clients. They have helped me advance the sales process by delivering actionable programs to wide-ranging audiences from seasoned principles to junior associates. Everyone walks away from the table with feedback they can use in the next conversation or meeting.

Since I started working with Kaleen I have a new outlook on working with strategic partners like CPA’s and attorney’s. Kaleen has taught me a process that has not only helped me identify potential partnerships, but also how to cultivate those relationships that has proved to be mutually beneficial. This year (2016) four of my top five new clients can be sourced back to the introduction by a strategic partner.

A Partial List of Jam’s Clients

  • UBS
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Raymond James
  • Morgan Stanley
  • LPL Financial
  • Edward Jones
  • Ameriprise
  • Cetera
  • Wells Fargo Advisors
  • Pacific Life
  • Nationwide
  • AXA
  • Allianz
  • Invesco
Travels From:  Illinois
City: Chicago
$5,001 to $10,000


With a seasoned team, extensive expertise, and a suite of powerful programs, they can help you and your organization be more impactful and competitive in today’s dynamic marketplaces.

Their team has 90+ combined years of experience and knowledge in sales, management, and coaching that is incorporated in both content and delivery. Additionally, outside partners that specialize in behavioral science offer key foundational principles that are built into each program which effectuate and differentiate JAM’s content from others, providing participants with tools that are unique, yet pragmatic and relevant.

The essence of learning is through experience. They create an environment that encourages participation via large and small group discussion as well as role-play. The ability to practice concepts prior to applying them in the field leads to better muscle memory and behavior change.

Getting results is critical. JAM programs center on understanding where you are, uncovering blind spots, and offering tools that can be used immediately. The result is building skills that lead to results. In fact, several clients have designed their in-house training to incorporate JAM to ensure all teams are exposed to and utilize the concepts and tools our programs provide.

Meet the Team

Jim Morel, President/CEO
Jim is the Founder and Chairman of JAM Consulting Group, Inc. (1996) specializing in helping select sales groups become more impactful in a highly competitive marketplace.

Jim is a nationally known speaker and executive coach. He earned the distinction of “Sales Executive of the Year” 8 times over a 30-year career.

George Amidon, Managing Partner
George is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, workshop leader/facilitator, executive coach and program developer. He has presented to groups across the U.S. and Canada delivering programs aimed at enhancing the overall effectiveness of his audiences. The programs he and the JAM team develop are relevant, timely and actionable focused on communication, executive presence, sales and leadership.

He has been recognized multiple times as Sales Person of the Year as well as a top performing Senior Executive/Sales Leader. His 30+ years of experience in the field has provided him with a unique perspective on the challenges sales organizations face and strategies to help them elevate their performance.

Kaleen Barbera, Managing Partner
As a keynote speaker, trainer, professional coach, and program developer, Kaleen empowers professionals with the tools to optimize their skills in the areas of communication, sales effectiveness, leadership, and executive presence. As an integral part of the JAM team, she has worked with hundreds of industry professionals and teams across the country and in Canada, accelerating their growth and driving results.

Kaleen’s 19 years’ experience within the financial services industry stretches across management, sales, and relationship and business development. Her knowledge differentiates her from others and adds value to her clients, distinguishing them from the competition. Professionals that she has trained and coached continue to grow year over year and say what they appreciate and respect most are her insights and authentic commitment in helping them reach their goals.

Greg Heffington, Managing Partner
Greg’s experience includes working in operations and compliance, marketing, and sales. Greg is a well-respected speaker on a wide range of topics relevant to companies, C-Level Executives, and sales professional.


  • Client Centered Practices
  • Communication Skills
  • Productivity
  • Business Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Executive Coaching
  • Personal Coaching



Learn about the 3 components of CLOUT, Social, Personal and Emotional Appeal and how they impact your personal brand. Develop your own Clout Plan and increase your ability to positively influence others.

Key concepts/takeaways:

  • Understanding of 3 key influencers: personal, social, and emotional appeal
  • Tools to identify blind-spots and make improvements
  • Awareness of traits of the highly successful and how they impact Clout

Personality plays a significant role in the selling and sales process. Learn the “Tells” that will help you discover personality types, both in person or over the phone.

Learn more about others as well as yourself so you can adjust how you communicate and interact to connect more effectively with your clients, prospects and employees.

Key concepts/takeaways:

  • Creating a greater awareness of who you are.
  • Understanding strengths and challenges with different personality types.
  • Identifying adjustments to increase effectiveness based on personality traits.

“The goal of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths making weaknesses irrelevant .”  (Peter Drucker)

Jam makes the distinction in this program between leading and managing. Simply put, leaders lead people, managers manage things. They recognize that both are important to being effective. However, their focus in this program is on leadership.

Organizations, employees, clients and shareholders depend on their leaders to guide their growth, promote their brand, and build the organization’s culture.’ In short, they depend on their leaders to do two things: make judgments and communicate the path that leads to the best outcomes for all.

Key concepts/takeaways:

  • The trust of your team
  • Alignment of the goals
  • Accountability of their performance

The program provides insight and understanding of the exciting opportunities and unexpected challenges that come with moving from an internal to an external sales role.

Based on behavioral science, this program maximizes the effectiveness of your value proposition by focusing on the concept of balance between logic and emotion. This program can be delivered as a keynote, and has enhanced effectiveness as a segue to coaching or the workshop to refine and enhance the message being created.

Key concepts/takeaways:

  • Whole Brain Engagement
  • Your Value Proposition
  • Next Steps

In today’s saturated markets, it’s more important than ever to communicate clearly and concisely. Do your staff, business units and referral sources deliver the same clear and consistent message about your organization? Is it clearly defined and repeatable?

The program underscores that professionals consistently miss opportunities to impress their clients because of a lack of understanding 1) what clients expect and 2) how to deliver a holistic, exceptional experience.  Ideal for all team members.

Key concepts/takeaways:

  • Understand what differentiates the EPIC experience and professional from others
  • Gain insights and awareness of existing blind-spots and learn 4 key traits of the exceptional professional
  • Ways to improve performance, from first impressions through the close
  • Clarity on company’s brand and values and how to demonstrate those to clients

Increase sales and strengthen client relationships with Coaching The Sale’s 3 field-tested, key components, Discover, Discuss and Decide. This program teaches the art of closing well and learning to focus on what clients need to hear from you and how they want you say it.

Key concepts/takeaways:

  • Understanding and maintaining a consultative mindset
  • Neutralizing skepticism and the role it plays in the mind of the client/prospect
  • Improving sales results by creating meaningful dialogue and establishing commitments

Connect is designed to enhance effectiveness and increase results by focusing on proper execution of a first meeting with a prospect, based on behavioral science, experience in the field, and proven methodologies.

Learn to develop a clear, concise and compelling message with a more collaborative close and how to eliminate the “I’ll think about it” and the “Maybe”.

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