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CEO | Author | Speaker | Growth Expert | Brain Enthusiast

Helping Clients Close More Deals, Shorten Sales Cycles and Improve Profitability

Your biggest growth obstacle is actually STATUS QUO.

Let Jeff Bloomfield use the power of neuroscience to change your message, your delivery, your culture and your performance.

Getting your marketing and sales teams to understand and focus on the buying brain is a key to growth. Your team must be able to communicate with your audience in a way that drives compelling and provocative information into the parts of their brain that allows them to choose to do something different.

Jeff is exceptional at helping your team understand the power of neuroscience to achieve your growth goals.

Braintrust Insight

When you are an Enterprise Company at $500M+ revenue, with a solid business strategy,
your opportunities likely lie in execution…

What if you had a consistent approach to developing, delivering and coaching based on the neuroscience of decision making?

Based on a deep understanding of the buying brain, our team can help ensure you’ve identified your ideal buyer, define your buyers’ objectives and challenges, and create visual storytelling techniques to better inform and enable communication between your marketing and sales teams.

By connecting the science of trust to the buying brain, we will help your sales team create insights that challenge the buyers’ status quo, create contrast through quantification, and clearly articulate value through differentiation.

Focused on the science of influence, we will enable your leaders to create coaching stories that inspire change, develop a framework for creating buy-in, and develop visual storytelling techniques to create a commitment to change.

Jeff will customize his presentation to meet your organization’s specific needs. His goal is to facilitate the outcome you want to create.


  • Story-Based Selling/Neuroselling
  • Secrets of the Buying Brain
  • Leadership IQ
  • How Great Communicators Connect
  • How to tell a great Company Story

1 and 2-Day Programs

  • Neuroselling – For Field Sales Representatives
  • Neuromessaging – For Sales & Marketing Leaders
  • Leadership I.Q – For Executive Leaders
  • Neurocoaching – For Front Line Managers


That was the BEST Key Note speech I’ve sat through in a very long time! I say “sat through”, because that’s normally how it feels when I attend events over my lunch hour. However, your speech was an experience. And it was great! Perhaps because our company is going through a lot of change right now, it felt personal to me. I knew I was being impacted. I felt like I could relate. And it makes me feel motivated to pass this information along to my Executive Team and our Sales Group.
Human Resources, Benefits & HRIS

“The Braintrust story based selling system has changed my life. I use it on every appointment now and will not let someone just say “get to the price.” After my story, my prospects literally tell me, with passion, why they are in the business and where they want to go. This month alone it has helped me sell 3 additional time clocks and 2 productivity packages. I walked out with signatures on $210/wk, 100% because after I told my story, she shared her story, that she wanted more time with her family, and that she has had to clean up a lot of processes that were inefficient. Without the initial story, I would not have been able to pick out her personal values (time and family) and build the trust needed to recommend she spend more with us to get more time with her family. It’s a more than a 10k deal on productivity!!”

“When I first heard Jeff speak, I was intrigued with how he was able to incorporate the latest neuroscience into the sales and marketing process. This scientific approach to how the human brain creates connection, builds trust and ultimately makes a buying decision was really appealing to our leadership team. We loved the fact that there was science behind connection. I’d never seen anyone combine storytelling, science and sales in such a unique way.”
Dave Nurre, Vice President, Sales, USI Corp.

“We now have an understanding of the mechanics of decision-making and how the human brain actually builds connection and trust. The “inside out” approach to messaging has made a tremendous impact on our business today and I believe will continue to pay dividends in the future.”
Gary Price, Director of Global Sales & Marketing, CSZ

I’ve known Jeff for over 10 years and watched him transform lifeless training departments and sales teams into vibrant, creative, and motivated forces for positive change. It’s the energy he brings to everything he does that sets him apart. Jeff pours every ounce of himself into what he’s doing and the joy he expresses is infectious…he loves what he’s doing and it shows!”
Steve Thompson, Area Director of Sales, Genomic Health

“As a large organization, we partner with many, many outside subject matter experts each year to supplement our ongoing training needs. Without question, Jeff is the most engaging, inspiring and committed speaker and trainer we have ever partnered with. I highly recommend Jeff to any company, group or event that is looking for a dynamic, one of a kind program!”
Kim Kelly, Director of Training & Development, Paychex, Inc.


Just a few recent corporate engagements

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • MetLife
  • Protective Life
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • USI Corp
  • United Healthcare
  • Omnicare
  • Gilead
  • Paychex
  • Sunny Delight
  • Mitsubishi Electric
Travels From:  Ohio
City: Cincinnati
$15,001 to $20,000


Jeff has the unique ability to help you change the engine on your John Deere tractor and explain the intricate details of neuroscience and neurobiology while he’s doing it!

To explain further, Jeff grew up on a 100 acre farm in North Central Ohio where his Papaw taught him the value of hard work, how to fix any problem with enough creativity and possibly a little duct tape, the platinum rule (treat others better than they expect to be treated) and that family matters more than anything else.

After being the first person in his blue-collar family to graduate from college, he spent his corporate career in Biotechnology where he led several product launches for genetic cancer therapies. One of those therapies was for brain cancer. It was here that Jeff discovered the power of neuroscience and the fact that no one he knew in corporate America truly understood how the brain worked, otherwise they wouldn’t do sales and marketing the way it was currently being done.

From there Jeff set out with a new mission, to teach others what he learned about the brain and how they can apply that information as professional communicators, particularly in leadership, sales, and marketing.

He has started and led two successful sales and marketing consulting and coaching companies, written multiple white papers, been featured in several industry-leading magazines and authored the Amazon best-selling business book, Story Based Selling.

But even now, as CEO of Braintrust, Jeff will tell you his most valuable lessons in life are still the ones he learned on the farm from his Papaw.

Jeff now spends the majority of his time speaking to organizations and conferences on the secrets of the buying brain and how to build and deliver compelling messaging that creates instant trust, clear contrast and an urgency to change. Regardless of whether you are in leadership, sales or marketing, Jeff’s message will not only resonate, but leave you with an entirely new set of tools in your communication arsenal.


A presentation focusing on trust and telling a more differentiated story in the customer conversation.

Successful sales professionals are “connectors” and are able to be humble, honest, authentic and show appropriate empathetic vulnerability to their prospects.

People buy from people they trust. They trust people they like. They like people they connect with. Learn how to connect immediately by sharing a story of your “why”.

What you can expect from this program…

  • Learn the power of connection as a salesperson
  • Understand the science of trust (connection & credibility)
  • Learn the secrets of the “buying brain”
  • Create insights that challenge status quo
  • Learn how to create contrast through quantification
  • Be able to clearly articulate value through differentiation
  • Use visual storytelling techniques throughout the customer conversation
  • Increase commitment, decrease discounting

The number one job of a sales and marketing organization is to solve a customer’s problem. That begins with a complete understanding of what it is your ideal buyer is trying to accomplish in their world.

What you can expect from this program…

  • Learn the secrets of the “buying brain”
  • Ensure that you have identified your ideal buyer
  • Define buyer objectives and challenges
  • Discover proper insights to challenge status quo
  • Create effective visual storytelling techniques to present insights
  • Clearly identify your differentiators
  • Build an effective insights storyboard for your sales team

Successful leaders are “connectors” and are able to be humble, honest, authentic and show appropriate empathetic vulnerability to their people.

People follow people they trust. We’ll teach you how to establish your trustworthiness as a leader with a genuine story about what you believe.

What you can expect from this program…

  • Learn the power of connection as a leader
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the science of influence
  • Create Leadership stories that inspire change
  • Develop a strong framework for creating “buy-in”
  • Understand the role of personal trust and professional credibility
  • Champion a science based communication methodology

Areas of expertise

  • Neuroscience
  • Story-Based Selling
  • Differentiation
  • Business Development & Growth
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Leadership Development
  • Strategic Planning
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