Joe Colavito

Why Guess When You Can Know What Your Clients are Thinking?

Dedicated to Helping Wholesalers and Advisors Who Want to Perform at the Next Level

Travels From:  Georgia
City: Atlanta


Joe Colavito is a student of people, performance and success; in business and life.

He can’t stand the thought of high potential sales professionals underperforming; not maximizing the use of their time, talent, resources and prospecting opportunities. That’s why he’s dedicated to investing his 29 years of progressive career experience into serving innovative sales leaders and their teams.

After graduating from Penn State University in 1987, Joe began his career as a financial auditor with Deloitte before joining the coca-cola company as an internal auditor. He then spent 8 years as the youngest recruiting partner in two global executive search firms. These experiences combined to broaden joe’s business acumen, strengthen his consulting and sales skills, and deepen his understanding of the vital role sales teams play in driving business growth.

In 2003 Joe hit the reset button on his career to pursue his dream of becoming a motivational speaker, author, and performance coach. Over the past 13 years Joe’s delivered dynamic interactive training sessions for over 12,000 professionals. Along the way he’s been asked to personally coach hundreds of leaders in their business and life.

He has proven expertise in assessing sales process effectiveness, facilitating ASLAN training and development workshops, and providing his clients with strategic direction and customized communication plans. Everything he does is designed to increase his client’s influence, clarify their competitive advantage, and maximize their performance at the point of sale.

Joe and his wife Debbie have been married for 27 years. They have five children, including three active teenagers. Despite all that joe has experienced in the marketplace, he claims his most valuable insights and lessons have come from working closely with Debbie to raise their children.


Unlocking the power of a continuous client discovery process

Why guess when you can know exactly what your clients are thinking? nothing will increase your success faster than your ability to develop unlimited influence. this interactive and engaging presentation is designed to transform your client discovery process into a proven strategy for growing your business.

Walk away knowing how to:

  • Apply 4 core principles of influence
  • Tap into your clients’ self-talk
  • Remove clients’ inter-fear-ance before it impacts their performance
  • Unlock all 4 quadrants of the Brain
  • Gain trust by becoming a level 5 listener
  • Conduct an emotional client checkup
  • Avoid guessing which solutions your clients will buy into most easily

Sharing Your story to Expand Your Brand and Increase Your Influence

If you Don’t know where you’re going, how will you know when you get there? Likewise, if you can’t share your story in a compelling, repeatable and memorable way, how do you expect to expand your brand? Unwavering focus is a thought provoking guided tour designed to help simplify, clarify and amplify your value proposition, so you can more easily attract new clients and gain more referrals.

Walk away knowing how to:

  • Integrate your core values, strengths and passion into a unique value proposition
  • Convert the “why” behind “what” you do into a prospecting tool
  • Share your backstory to motivate clients to invest their future in you
  • Merge your story, client experience, and marketing message into a seamless brand

Overcoming the hurdles that keep you from growing your business

What differentiates the best performers from the rest of the pack? join us on an expedition to discover how high altitude performers master the ability to consistently maintain unwavering focus, cultivate unlimited influence, and overcome the common hurdles that threaten their success … and yours.

Walk away knowing how to:

  • Adopt best practices from high performers
  • Identify your core drivers of success
  • Maximize your ROA – return on attention
  • Avoid the 8 common traps that keep you back from growing your business
  • Trust your instruments to steer your business regardless of market conditions
  • Cultivate behaviors that breed unmatched performance in business and life
  • Story creation ( for branding or presentations )
  • Client Referral Generation
  • Value Proposition Identification
  • Performance Acceleration

Areas of expertise

  • Leadership Development
  • Sales Performance
  • Peak Performance
  • Strategic Innovation
  • Team Dynamics
  • Effective Communication
  • Creating Influence
  • Staying Focused


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