Kevin Knebl

A Leading Authority on Social Selling, Relationship Marketing, LinkedIn and Twitter

The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales

Kevin Knebl can help your company, association or organization significantly leverage social media for increased lead generation, business development, sales, recruiting and consistent marketing and public relations purposes. The majority of his clients are in the financial services industry.

Kevin is recognized as a leading authority on LinkedIn and has trained hundreds of companies, associations and organizations and tens of thousands of business professionals on the most effective uses of LinkedIn since 2004. He also has more Recommendations (1805+) on his LinkedIn profile than anyone else in the world among over 380,000,000 LinkedIn members.

He speaks, trains, coaches and consults internationally on Social Selling, Relationship Marketing, Online and Offline Networking, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Personal Development from a relational perspective versus a tape on the glasses and pocket protector approach.

His speaking, training, coaching and consulting style has been described as a blend of comedian, therapist and stimulating teacher. Individuals and organizations significantly grow their networks, businesses, and revenues through his dynamic, inspirational and humorous trainings, webinars, workshops and individual and group coaching.


The topics that Kevin can come up with are varied, and can be customized to meet your organization’s needs. If you see even a glimpse of something you were hoping to find here, contact us, and we can make it work for you.

  • Social Selling for Huge Sales Success
  • Basic to Advanced LinkedIn for Huge Sales Success Boot Camp
  • High Tech/High Touch Relationship Marketing
  • Online and Offline Networking for Huge Sales Success
  • Basic to Advanced Twitter for Huge Sales Success Boot Camp

“At our sales meeting this morning, the 30+year Executive Sales people were asked “What could the new salespeople be doing to develop their business?” The immediate reply was “Spend 100% of their time doing everything Kevin Knebl was talking about this weekend.” This is a major endorsement coming from the guys who Kicked It Old School “…standing in lobbies wondering: is anyone going to talk to me?” – these salespeople saw instantly how Kevin’s training on Social Media will accelerate the relationship development process. They also noted the ability to track online attention that our competition may be getting. They get it – not just the new computer-savvy kids, but also the guys who spent miles behind the windshield, banging on doors and combatting the gatekeepers.The relationship building focus of Kevin’s seminar eclipses the technology aspect, putting the technology in its place as the relationship building tool that it is. Thank you! Having known Kevin throughout 15 years, I can attribute my personal success in large part to his mentoring, his teaching and his example. I can attribute much of my personal and business success directly to him – because I use his tools and steal his best lines every day!”
Paul Yost -President at Sutherland, Inc.

“Kevin gave a presentation at the FPA NorCal Conference that I attended and it was a breath of fresh air. He has a natural ability to draw in his audience and keep them entertained, but more importantly he provided concrete, actionable tools that I have already begun implementing. Thank you Kevin!”
Sean M. Kenmore, CFP -Managing Partner at Affinity Capital Advisors

“I saw Kevin speak at a recent Financial Advisor convention. He delivers a powerful message that amps up the audience and makes what many financial advisors consider impossible (getting business through social media) seem not only attainable but completely attainable. After his keynote, I found myself revved up with a high of optimism that stretched all the way through the conference, not even being damped by lectures on tax regulation updates. Super!”
Leslie Van Zee -Marketing & Communications Manager at Mosaic Financial Partners

“I attended Kevin workshop on LinkedIn and in an hour learned more about how to utilize this tool than I have learned in the last 3 years of being on it. If you get a chance to see Kevin live, DO IT.”
Bill Cassidy CLU, ChFC, LUTCF, CLTC -Managing Partner at Spence Cassidy and Associates, LLC

“Kevin gave such great information in a short amount of time at a luncheon that I attended, I can only imagine what he could deliver in an all-day seminar. He said he would send all of the attendees templates and ideas to build and deliver a dynamic LinkedIn experience for anyone willing to put in the effort, and he did. Kevin is a man of integrity and his keeps his word. In today’s world this is becoming more uncommon and it is nice to know that you will get exactly this from Kevin, period. I would recommend anyone interested in booking Kevin, or, if you have the opportunity to go hear him speak, run, don’t walk to get a chair at his next event. You will not be sorry.”
Dimitri Struck -Financial Representative at COUNTRY Financial®

“Kevin provides a unique way of looking at sales and social media. I consider myself an out-of-the-box thinker, but he stretched me beyond even that. Plus, a very engaging speaker that made the time fly by and the audience asking for more. If you want to motivate your staff, sales or otherwise, I would look at bringing Kevin in. It will revolutionize your business.” Daniel Glanville -Financial Advisor at Precision Wealth Management

“Kevin Knebl is my Hero! Knebl Communication’s class on “LinkedIn” has significantly reduced the timeline for bringing the new Murphy Company Branch on line. Kevin is a strong communicator, giving clear direction utilizing outstanding techniques that hold your attention and achieve results. His strategic thinking, practical, clear direction allows him to communicate the tasking that can be easily applied to every type of business. This promotes a quicker return on your investment. The relationship that I have developed through “LinkedIn” from his seminar has already allowed me to win a $500,000.00 project with a brand new customer without competition! Finding this individual and developing a relationship through standard networking practices would have taken a year or more. The timeline was dramatically shortened. I have recently taken an additional class from Kevin that has expanded my knowledge and use of this valuable tool. This class too was outstanding! I consider it an honor to call him a friend. His friendly cheerful manner makes his programs just that much better!”
Vicki Chase -Account Manager at Murphy Company

“I recently hired Kevin to speak about social media to my group of insurance and financial services professionals during our annual fall planning meeting. Kevin’s presentation was informative, entertaining and extremely valuable to our group. He spoke about Facebook and LinkedIn and our group was riveted for all five hours he was with us. We could have easily listed to him all day as he shared useful and practical insights to Facebook and LinkedIn and relationship building in general. I would highly recommend Kevin as a speaker for any group interested in learning more about social media and relationship building in general.”
Mike Kish CPCU, CLU, ChFC -State Farm Insurance

“I had the great fortune to hire Kevin to conduct a seminar for our team on leveraging social networking (specifically LinkedIn) for our business. Even better, I was able to participate in the seminar. Kevin’s presentation was absolutely outstanding. He clarified the objectives upfront (ensuring his content was relevant to us), tailored his content, pace and detail of information to the team assembled (seemingly on the fly), was personable, humorous, engaging and EXTREMELY informative. Even better, I have already seen the impact of his presentation on our team. His content is relevant and 100% actionable. Kevin’s presentation was probably the best investment our company has made in the past 6 months. I would strongly endorse Kevin to anyone curious as to how to leverage the emerging social networking tools to grow their business, establish their company brand (as well as their personal brand) and grow their business through personal networking. I anticipate significant ROI from this investment. Thank you Kevin. You rock!”
David Hyatt -President, Corvirtus, LLC

“I attended Kevin’s class on social networking using LinkedIn. I have also used Kevin for individual consultation regarding LinkedIn and Twitter. I am truly amazed that a single person has amassed the knowledge that Kevin has at his finger tips. He knows so much about this stuff, it is almost like trying to drink from a fire hose when you hear him talk about it. However, he does have a talent for breaking it down into simple terms and making it easy to understand. Kevin has provided me with invaluable ways to use LinkedIn and Twitter to further my business. After hearing him speak or meeting with him in person, the anticipation of implementing what Kevin has recommended makes it hard to sleep at night until his recommendations are all put into practice. I highly recommend Kevin for training and consultation on all of your social networking needs. I will definitely continue using Kevin for his expertise in that area.”
Mike DiGiglia -Attorney

“We hired Kevin to present to and train our employees on the business benefits of social networking, specifically LinkedIn. Our participants represented the areas of sales, technical, administration, and management. Kevin’s approach was such that everyone learned how LinkedIn can enhance their business productivity and personal interactions. His training session showed the depth of his understanding of dealing with people. Our sales professionals are already growing their networks and reaching new contacts one week after the session. I highly recommend Kevin to other business leaders.”
Jim Torney -President, Essex Technology Group

“Outstanding deliverables! Kevin’s in depth knowledge and expertise in social media was refreshing; the sharpness of his presentation created a sense of urgency among the participants in his workshop. I look forward to working with Kevin in the future and would absolutely recommend him for other businesses who are seeking a social media expert.”
Scott Carmack -State Farm Insurance

“I attended Knebl Communication’s LinkedIn Training webinar and was blown away by the additional information I learned in this short period of time that will enable me to continue to professionally sell in today’s market. Although I thought I knew how to navigate and utilize the Linked-In site, Kevin showed me three tricks that instantly enabled me to approach my prospects more professionally and improved my ability to communicate on a more personable level. In today’s day and age when relationships mean everything and every advantage helps when within the” final three feet”, this course instantly provides assistance in improving a sales persons effectiveness in that space. I highly recommend taking this course to improve your professional sales capabilities. This is the second type of course that I have attended on social media, and the difference with Kevin’s content is that “he gets it”… meaning he understands the value of the data and how to help utilize that knowledge as an additional part of how we need to be communicating in a professional business to business setting, instead of just farming the data and spamming into internet space. Invest in this seminar, the message and the impact will be immediate.”
Mark Todd -Regional Sales Manager, MG America

“I heartily recommend Kevin Knebl as a consultant for networking training, including effective use of LinkedIn as a networking tool. Kevin met with the staff of my company in Pittsburgh PA, Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc. Kevin began by outlining keys to effective interpersonal relationships, then detailed how LinkedIn can work to improve outreach for the benefit of everyone.If you can meet Kevin in person and have him speak to your group, you should.”
John Buck -Project Manager at Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.

Here is a partial list of Kevin’s clients.


  • Allianz
  • AMG Funds
  • AssetMark
  • Brokers International
  • Cambridge Investment Research
  • Cetera Advisors
  • First Allied Securities
  • FPA NorCal
  • Insurance News Net
  • NerdWallet
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • OneAmerica
  • Orinda Asset Management
  • Revel-E
  • RZ Financial Network
  • Safe Money Strategies/Bank On Yourself
  • Security Mutual Life
  • Standard & Poors
  • State Farm
  • Transamerica
  • United Advisors
  • United Planners Financial
  • ValuSource
  • Vistage
  • The Wall Street Journal Office Network
Travels From:  Colorado
City: Monument
$10,001 to $15,000


Kevin Knebl, CMEC is an International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Executive Coach whose clients include individuals and small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. He’s an in-demand, leading authority on Social Selling, Relationship Marketing, LinkedIn and Twitter with a healthy dose of Inspiration, Transformational Insight, and Humor blended in for conferences, conventions, company trainings, and many other events.

Kevin is the coauthor of “The Social Media Sales Revolution: The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking” (McGraw-Hill). Kevin is also a contributing author of “Learn Marketing with Social Media in Seven Days” (Wiley). Kevin’s background includes being the top salesperson for four different companies including being the top salesperson in the world for an international consulting company with over 300 salespeople in 15 countries.

He has trained hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of professionals on the most profitable uses of LinkedIn since 2004. Kevin also has the most individually, hand-written, client Recommendations (1850+) on his LinkedIn profile among over 420,000,000+ LinkedIn users worldwide. He’s also been married for 21 years to a woman he met when she booked him to play piano at her wedding to another man. Yes, that last sentence is true. And he has a face for radio.


This presentation is designed to educate organizations and their salespeople about the current state of Social Media for Sales from a non-technical perspective.

Kevin educates businesses and organizations on how social software aligns with their sales and business strategies.

This presentation enables attendees to understand the relevance of Social Media in sales from a lead generation, brand management, visibility, client acquisition referral creation, strategic alliance and revenue growth perspective.

Case studies are delivered which provide quantifiable results in this constantly evolving medium. Kevin covers this topic from the 10,000 feet level all the way down to the step-by-step, depending on audience and need.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest Business Networking platform with over 300,000,000 users and more than three new professionals joining per second.

Since 2003, Kevin has trained tens of thousands of professionals and businesses on the most effective uses of LinkedIn as a lead generation, business development, brand management and revenue producing tool. He also has more Recommendations (1600+) on his LinkedIn profile than anyone else in the world, regardless of industry.
This exciting 90-minute to half-day, in-depth training session will teach your company or organization:

  • Why LinkedIn should be a strategic component of your business process
  • How to create robust profiles that highlight you and your business
  • How to identify and connect with prospective clients, customers, networking partners and strategic alliances
  • Methods of communicating with millions of people that result in greater visibility for you and your business
  • How to showcase your credibility and add value to your network
  • The art of building and converting online relationships into offline business, which leads to long-term success and revenue growth

At the end of the day, long-term business success has always been and always will be about relationships. Whether online or offline, people are the same, only the technology changes. Learn the strategies and methodologies used to leverage this amazing business tool.

In a more and more interconnected, over-caffeinated, hyper-competitive, always-on, 24/7/365, CrackBerry world, how do we stay top of mind with our prospects, clients, referral sources and networking partners?

Spamming and stalking are not the answer. Showing appreciation and adding value win out over self promotion every time.

Companies today are squandering millions of dollars searching for the elusive Holy Grail, when it’s as simple, and inexpensive as taking a sincere interest and a little human touch.

All things being equal, people do business with and refer business to people they know, like, and trust. This presentation teaches how implementing a “High Tech/High Touch Relationship Marketing System™” into your business sets you apart from the masses

For over a decade Kevin Knebl has been speaking to and teaching organizations how to leverage their everyday contacts into a never-ending stream of new prospects. Using his highly effective relationship cultivation procedures, new contacts are converted into lifelong clients, customers, strategic partners and referral ambassadors.

He teaches the non-manipulative art of positive persuasion. Throughout the presentation, Kevin draws on a theme that defines great relationships, solid business culture and innovation: Abundance vs. Scarcity.

Increasing your TOMAto Factor (Top of Mind Awareness through others) results in people wanting to business with you and refer business to you

Twitter is the world’s best real-time business tool.

People unfamiliar with Twitter tend to think that it’s about 15 year olds talking about Kim Kardashian, Sponge Bob and what they had for lunch. In reality, businesses are strategically using Twitter to identify potential clients, alliances and partnerships among many other business purposes.

This exciting training workshop will teach you how to tap into this amazing stream of information while positioning you and your business as a thought leader in your industry and the go-to resource of choice.
Twitter is not a pet rock, mood ring, or hula-hoop. It’s a business tool that when leveraged correctly opens up visibility to over 500,000,000 real-time conversations which can be strategically monitored for lead generation, business development, brand management and public relations purposes.

Areas of expertise

  • Social Selling & Relationship Marketing Specialist
  • Inner Clarity+Outer Success Coach™
  • “High Tech + High Touch = Much Higher Success”
  • Networking
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Emotional Intelligence

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