Kevin Nichols

Author of The Indispensable LinkedIn Sales Guide for Financial Advisors

Would you like to acquire more affluent clients with the help of LinkedIn?

Every program they conduct, every coaching session they hold, and every training tool they develop is:

Action Oriented: Every program, presentation and coaching session conducted Matt is driven by the principle, “activity drives the dream”. Why? Too many people get side-lined by preparation. The Oechsli Institute gets everyone learning through experience. Because everything is based on current research, The Oechsli Institute is able to identify the right sales and marketing actions, and make certain they are performed the right way. Much of their coaching involves mastering the art of selling to the affluent — skill development.

Research Based: This is what sets The Oechsli Institute apart from other research firms; their coaching and workshops enable them to apply their findings in the real world. Their research has become the foundation of every program; speaking about what the affluent want, and how the elite professionals are able to meet their expectations.

Street Tested: Because their research is ongoing and all their field work is action oriented, The Oechsli Institute is able to test every facet of their findings to ensure their methods are working in the current environment. Every tactic they promote has been proven successful by many hard-working professionals.

  • Social Media

A partial client list includes:

  • MSSB
  • Wells Fargo Advisors
  • UBS
  • Sotheby’s
  • ADT
  • Nationwide Financial
  • Caldwell Banker Real Estate
  • Metlife
  • Raymond James
  • Linsco/Private Ledger
  • The Hartford
  • ING
  • Waddell & Reed
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Pioneer Investments
  • BlackRock
  • IMCA
  • Securities of America
  • National Mutual
  • Prudential
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Mass Mutual
  • Jackson National
  • ScotiaMcLeod
  • Royal Bank of Canada
Travels From:  North Carolina
City: Greensboro
$5,001 to $10,000


When used properly, LinkedIn is a tool that has enabled a small cadre of financial advisors, to make social selling a core part of your business development efforts.

Kevin Nichols is the Director of Coaching and Social Media at the Oechsli Institute and the author of The Indispensable LinkedIn Sales Guide for Financial Advisors.

Kevin has an MBA in marketing, coaches advisors and teams on social media usage, writes The Social Media Advisor blog and a bi-weekly eNewsletter for He is also the creator of Social Media Prospecting Guide for advisors.

In addition to writing for, Kevin is a much sought after speaker, trainer and performance coach. He has been heavily published on social media marketing for advisors by additional publications such as InvestmentNews, Registered Rep., RIA Central, RIA Biz, and more.

About The Oechsli Institute

Founded in 1978, The Oechsli Institute is a research-based coaching organization specializing in affluent sales and marketing that combines the academic with practical application. For over three decades they have conducted ongoing studies on both the affluent, in their decision making patterns, and elite advisors in their marketing and sales tactics. Through these parallel studies, The Oechsli Institute has found itself in a unique position; being able to field test the empirical data uncovered, with hands-on application through their coaching of sales and marketing professionals.

Much of their work focuses on the financial industry where they have researched wealth management teams, financial advisors, managers, wholesalers, and support personnel. From this work, The Oechsli Institute has been able to create models and templates, of both elite wealth management teams and elite advisors that have become industry standards. All of their training, workshops and coaching is based on these elite models developed through their research. The goal is to help advisors and teams improve their sales and marketing efforts, modernize their service models – all while strengthening the loyalty of their affluent clients. Their training programs and financial advisor coaching have been embraced by the biggest players in the financial services industry and beyond.


By combining The Oechsli Institute’s research on affluent investors with emerging technologies you will learn how to acquire more affluent clients and use technology to your advantage.

This is one of the only presentations that will show you specific tactics on how to leverage social networks like LinkedIn to actually bring in business!

You will learn how to…

  • Hand-select your prospects like never before by identifying your contact’s connections
  • Gather personal and professional information on clients and prospects in advance of face-to-face meetings
  • Develop a profile that mirrors your real-world brand and resonates with affluent investors
  • Build deeper, more meaningful relationships with your clients, prospects, COIs and referral sources
  • Develop content that people actually want to share online
  • Search for your niche on LinkedIn
  • Create more touch points with your top relationships
  • Get access directly to the decision makers, avoid the gatekeepers
  • Gain exposure and be found (optimize your profiles)

Areas of expertise

  • Financial Social Media
  • Client Acquisition
  • Social Media Compliance
  • LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter
  • Digital Marketing Strategies

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