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Speaker, Consultant & Coach for Conscious Financial Professionals

Kim Ann Curtin, founder & CEO of The Wall Street Coach, an international executive coaching & leadership development firm. She is an international speaker and expert on topics ranging from Transforming Wall Street to Inspired Executive Leadership and How to Awaken the Inner Corporate Hero. She is also the author of Transforming Wall Street: A Conscious Path for a New Future and the Founder of The Wall Street Coach

Kim and her team help C-Suite executives & financial professionals accelerate their personal and professional success through consciousness, helping them to become as successful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Since 2006, Kim Ann Curtin has been sharing her insights on a range of topics with captivated audiences around the world, from Wall Street North on Park Avenue in Manhattan to a private museum in Greece.

She is available to speak on any of the topics listed under programs, or on customized topics that most interest your event, group or corporate setting.

  • The Indispensable Adviser: Aligning Money & Meaning for Client Success
  • Visionary Leaders Say “Yes” – The Path to Transformation and Success
  • Civilizing Organizational Culture – Align Culture with Strategy
  • Build Your Dreams Here!  – Defining the New Talent Landscape

“Barron’s would like to send their sincere gratitude for your participation in our Barron’s Top Women Advisers Summit last week. You were absolutely fabulous and the rave reviews continue to pour in from your session! You did a wonderful job of making sure the content was relevant and applicable for the attendees. Congratulations and thank you again for all of your hard work and preparation.”
Jenna Sabia Mathis, Advisory Content Development Manager, Barron’s Magazine

On behalf of Dress for Success Worldwide, thank you for so generously giving your time to present at our annual leadership conference, Thriving Globally, Succeeding Locally. The conference provides an invaluable opportunity for the leaders of our affiliates from around the world to gather together and learn how to strengthen their individual organizations. Attendees truly benefit from the expertise and insights you shared with them. We are extremely grateful that you participated in this event and contributed so significantly to its success.
Executive VP, Dress for Success

It is with pleasure and total confidence that I highly recommend you have Kim as a speaker. I recently brought Kim in to lead a speaking event on the topic “Resolution Revolution” for our exciting event series called Wonder Women in Action! Kim was able to inspire and engage everyone in the room. When our topic of conversation came to end, there was a tangible buzz in the room, and the Q&A segment culminated in a very successful event for all in attendance. Kim is a real Wonder Woman in Action!
Aliya Hallim-Byne, Founder/CEO, Wonder Women


Travels From:  Hawaii
$10,001 to $15,000


As the Founder & CEO of The Wall Street Coach, Kim Ann Curtin and her team work with movers and shakers in the business world who want to make disproportionate gains in their personal lives and careers.

Their clients have a successful career by society’s standards, but feel like something is missing. Kim often works with a company’s entire executive team, but she also help individuals from finance superstars to start-up founders.

She recently completed her first book, Transforming Wall Street, a collection of interviews with 50 conscious financiers. By interviewing these business standouts, she learned how they built their fortunes without compromising their integrity.

She is certified by the International Coach Federation and The Coaches Training Institute. She is a member of Marshall Goldsmith’s C-Suite Level Executive Coaching Team and sit on the faculty of Alan Cohen’s Foundation for Holistic Life Coaching.


Managing finances is never just about the money.  So, how do successful advisers build lasting and mutually-beneficial relationships with their clients?  Client-adviser relationships founded on trust, with the client’s values and life-goals at their core, help your clients to create and enjoy wealth. These relationships also bring high long-term value and fulfillment for the adviser.

While money is a critical tool for building wealthy, healthy and meaningful lives, all-too-often advisers miss out on opportunities to connect more deeply with their clients and go beyond the financial returns.  In other words, enhance your relationship building skills to enhance your bottom line career longevity, and career satisfaction.

Kim Ann Curtin applies her leadership lessons and insights, gained from veteran Wall Street executives, to success in developing solid client-adviser relationships. This unique presentation begins with a review of the Universal Needs Checklist, helping you to assess which of your needs are currently being met or neglected, as well as how to move toward 100% needs fulfillment for yourself, your executive teams and your workforce.

During this interactive talk Kim will explore:

  • How to shift your mindset from sales to service
  • How to establish lasting trust from the first interaction
  • The listening skills that ensure truly understanding versus simply hearing
  • How to decipher your clients’ deepest needs and how they translate to true wealth creation
  • The deep sense of purpose available to you when you become an indispensable adviser
  • You are guaranteed to leave this talk feeling invigorated and motivated.

Today’s leaders are laser-focused on preparing their organizations for the future.  As shifts in the economy, business and workforce impact your operations, leading your organizational transformation requires the commitment to say “yes” – to insure progress, success, growth and profits.  Visionary leaders say “yes” to building a forward-thinking organizational strategy, to change, to innovation, to leadership authenticity and to sustaining a dynamic workplace.

Trends indicate a need to create a new workplace model, in order to retain experienced executives and also attract a new generation of employees.  In a constantly changing environment, leaders are also expected to manage change, spark innovation, achieve growth and increase profits along the way.  To meet this growing challenge, conscious leaders need to generate new energy, focus on solutions and build sustainable foundations to ensure the continual health and growth of their executive teams, their workforce and their organizations.

Kim Ann Curtin applies her leadership lessons and insights, gained from veteran Wall Street executives, to guide transformations and achieve success in all industries and organizations. This unique presentation begins with a review of the Universal Needs Checklist, helping you to assess which of your needs are currently being met or neglected, as well as how to move toward 100% needs fulfillment for yourself, your executive teams and your workforce.


Say “yes” to building a healthy, “forward-thinking” organizational strategy

  • Re-engaging the proven “systems thinking” Deming principles to maximize the collective potential of your organization and sustain your workforce
  • Build a “forward-driven” organization that will thrive in the future, based upon resilience, innovation, collaboration, shared goals and authenticity

Say “yes” to change

  • Become a conscious and energetic catalyst for change
  • Energize and prepare your organization to profit from the opportunities that external changes create

Say “yes” to innovation

  • Inspire and cultivate an innovative atmosphere that energizes your workforce and also helps to grow revenue
  • Create a dynamic culture that accepts failure, recognizing it as a step toward innovation – learning from mistakes and moving forward

Say “yes” to practicing leadership authenticity

  • Build empathy, vision and trust
  • Develop key communication and listening skills ensure a deeper understanding of organizational issues vs. superficial hearing
  • Leadership authenticity and mindfulness accelerate success and unlock unique leadership capacities

Say “yes” to sustaining a dynamic workplace

  • Authentic leaders create an environment that inspires loyalty and longevity
  • Visionary leaders encourage a dynamic that solicits and values employee contributions

Organizational culture can be your greatest asset – or your greatest liability. “Culture fit” is a major factor in productivity and talent retention, as well as a powerful recruitment tool.  To compete in today’s highly competitive business environment and talent market, leaders are reinventing the workplace by engaging talent, creating a common vision and aligning their culture with their strategy.

In today’s transparent technological environment, organizations need to proactively define their corporate culture – to avoid having it defined for them on social media. Visionary leaders are recognizing the compelling business case to create a positive organizational culture. This need drives leaders and organizations to adopt a new operational model consisting of highly engaged and flexible teams, driven by authentic leaders.  This dynamic work environment creates trust, values contributions, inspires loyalty and offers a defined path for learning and career development.

Kim Ann Curtin applies her valuable leadership lessons and insights, gained from veteran Wall Street executives, to organizational culture transformations – and success – in all organizations. Her unique presentation begins with a review of the Universal Needs Checklist, helping you to assess your own progress toward needs fulfillment and also better understand the fundamental needs of your workforce.

If You Build It…They Will Come & Prosper

  • Design a dynamic culture that inspires engagement and values contributions.
  • Demonstrate authentic leadership with trust, vision, understanding and resolve.
  • Reinvent the workplace. Invigorate your teams and empower your workforce.
  • Build strong foundations with a culture focused on workforce needs, diversity and inclusion.
  • Feature a robust learning environment – to maximize employee opportunities and success.

Culture Converts Business Strategy into a Reality

  • Be a “corporate culture hero”. Inspire employees to adopt a shared vision.
  • Highlight the organization’s values and philosophies as a competitive strategy.
  • Promote positives – collaboration, contributions, new ideas and innovation.
  • Harness the power of diversity as a business strategy – to maximize value and expand awareness in a competitive environment.
  • Integrate people, networks and teams to maximize organizational advantages.

Don’t try to fit a round peg into a square hole!

  • Align employees with your company strategy – to create a shared vision and reduce stress.
  • Select talent to insure a good cultural fit – to maximize productivity and minimize turnover.
  • Avoid misconceptions. Engage in genuine and truthful communications upfront.

Employees are your most valuable asset. Visionary leaders recognize the critical need to adjust their organizations to meet new workforce expectations – to increase productivity, strengthen workforce stability and create legends…one employee at a time.  It is critical for all organizations to maximize talent recruitment, development and retention efforts. Successful workforce transformations are built upon a solid foundation of strong leadership, teamwork and employee engagement.

High turnover leads to growing costs in training and recruitment, as well as loss of productivity.  A dynamic organization fuels innovation, values training, respects employees, and connects and inspires everyone.  A dynamic organization proactively embraces evolving workforce trends – new technology models, remote workers, unique work styles, social media and cultural and generational diversity.  A dynamic organization aligns their talent with their strategies to engage and motivate employees, foster strong relationships, generate energy and build mutual trust.

Kim Ann Curtin applies her valuable leadership lessons and insights, gained from veteran Wall Street executives, to fuel successful talent transformations in all industries and organizations. Her unique presentation begins with a review of the Universal Needs Checklist, helping you to assess your own progress toward needs fulfillment and also better understand the underlying needs of your workforce.

Building a Dynamic Corporate Culture

  • Align your workforce with your organizational mission. Give your employees a purpose.
  • Focus on leadership authenticity to accelerate success from the inside out.
  • Champion ambitions. Fuel employee passion and engagement by demonstrating vision, rewarding contributions and building relationships.
  • Avoid costly talent turnover by offering options and incentives – incorporate new technology models (BYOD), integrate remote workers and support unique work styles.

Building Effective and Inspired Teams

  • Maximize the potential of remote teams. Use a personal approach to drive long-term performance– build individual relationships with team members to utilize their strengths.
  • Tap into the unique strengths of each generation – from technological proficiency and social media expertise to best practices, historical perspectives and organizational knowledge.
  • Discover opportunities in a culturally diverse workforce – communicate different perspectives, create new energy and respond to a wider range of customer needs.
  • Build flexible teams. Realign talent with projects, based upon skills and priorities.

Building an Innovative Organization

  • Make work a group adventure! Encourage employee engagement in ongoing creative processes and exploration of new opportunities.
  • Applaud success but accept failure as a learning experience – recognize employee ideas.
  • Act as a leadership catalyst for innovation and change. Exude positive energy, explain shared goals, inspire collaboration and challenge employees to reach their full potential.

Areas of expertise

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leadership Development
  • Behavioral Finance Decision Making
  • Conscious Capitalism
  • Mindfulness
  • Executive & Personal Coaching
  • Cultural Diversity & Integration
  • Crisis Communications
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