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Kristin Arnold is known for her practical and concrete approach to helping teams think things through in order to make better decisions and achieve sustainable, substantive results.

Kristin is NOT your traditional stand and deliver presenter. She breaks the “speaker” mold with her unique interactive style. She makes the audience the focal point of the program. She engages them early and often about issues they care about. Key messages stick long after the event. Audiences walk away with easy-to-follow action items that can be implemented immediately.

Some speakers say they customize, but just change a few words, insert the logo and push the “play” button. Not Kristin. Her presentations are custom-built from the ground up. She gets super clear on the specific outcomes and take-aways desired by each individual client – and delivers exactly what they need to hear.

Popular Keynote Topics (pick a topic from below, mix & match, or let Kristin create one just for you!)

  • What Were You Thinking? Making Smart Decisions in a VUCA Environment
  • So What? Now What? Crowdsourcing “Keepers” at the Close of the Event
  • Team Player or Spectator? How to Get Everyone in the Game
  • Innovate or Die… Mining the 7 Sources of Innovation for the Next Big Thing

Creative “Add-Ons” to the Event

  • Facilitate leadership business meeting to implement the meeting outcomes
  • Facilitate mastermind meetings with high performers/long-standing attendees
  • Repurpose crowdsourced information from the attendees to extend the learning
  • Provide industry speaker pre-session training so they are more engaging & interactive
  • Provide post-event webinars/virtual panels to reinforce session content & extend the learning
  • Provide a signed copy of Kristin’s book(s).

I am so grateful for your wonderful presentation. I don’t know what I would have done without my new knowledge….Thanks so much for bringing your expertise to T. Rowe Price. I’m a true believer!
Kara Wisner, Project Manager, T. Rowe Price Associates

Kristin does a great job of getting the principles across while making the workshop interesting and interactive. Class participants give her rave reviews.The participants in the department’s Leadership Development Program enjoyed your Extraordinary Team Facilitator workshop. They found your presentation to be top-notch. Comments I have heard include such things as…she presented the information in a very informative, non-threatening manner with just the right touch of light humor. Kudos to you on a job well done! On a more personal note, I add to the team’s compliments. I have completed two other facilitation courses by national organizations and found yours to be by far superior both in content and delivery.
Kay Freidinger, Director, Missouri Department of Revenue

Kristin is a cornerstone of the success of the organizations I led over 20+ years including federal programs, corporations and non-profits. Her preparation, rapid assimilation of our needs, and facilitation provided my teams the necessary forum to build our strategic and annual plans from which our success is built. We are able to accomplish this in a concise format that leads to actionable plans and responsibilities for our team.
Lance Bush, President and CEO, Challenger Center for Space Science Education

  • Accuform Signs
  • Advanced Emissions Solutions, Inc.
  • American Express Travel Services
  • AmeriGas Propane, Inc.
  • Anheuser Busch, Inc.
  • Aramark
  • Axosoft
  • Baltimore Gas & Electric
  • Bank of America
  • Bard PV
  • Bombardier Aerospace
  • Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Dixon, Hughes, Goodman, LLC
  • GCon, Inc.
  • Grimes Aerospace (now Honeywell International)
  • Harley Davidson Motor Company
  • Hess Corporation
  • Ingenuity Engineers
  • The ITA Group, Inc.
  • Kia Motors America
  • Lockheed Martin
  • Marathon Oil Company
  • Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation
  • Mercedes-Benz USA
  • Monarch Marking Systems
  • Raytheon Company
  • T. Rowe Price
  • TGS
  • Western Union.
Travels From:  Arizona
City: Scottsdale
$5,001 to $10,000


Kristin J. Arnold, MBA, CPF, CSP is the president and founder of Quality Process Consultants, Inc., with offices in Scottsdale, Arizona and Cape Traverse, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

As a professional facilitator specializing in high stakes meeting facilitation, interactive speaker and engaging trainer and consultant, Kristin is passionate about teamwork, engagement, action and momentum.Kristin’s passion for teams is reflected in her writing, speaking, facilitation and consulting.

She is the author of several books in the Extraordinary Team Series (Team Basics, Email Basics and Team Energizers), as well as a newspaper columnist and contributing author to myriad other team-based books, such as The IAF Handbook of Group Facilitation. Her latest book, Boring to Bravo was published in August, 2010.Featured in numerous publications such as Harvard Business Update, USA Today and Selling Power,

Kristin knows what it takes to lead, facilitate and participate in high performing teams. She was the national president for the National Speakers Association of the United States in 2010-11. She also served as president of the Downtown Hampton (Virginia) Development Partnership (2001-2), a nonprofit business organization attributed to turning Downtown Hampton from a quaint, sleepy town to a thriving entertainment, retail and residential center.

Prior to founding QPC, Kristin was one of the first female graduates of the United States Coast Guard Academy and the first woman stationed onboard the USCGC Buttonwood, a sea-going buoy tender. She parlayed her understanding of teams and teamwork with an MBA in Marketing Strategy into a specialized management consulting firm focused on building extraordinary teams in the workplace.


In a world of incredible change and chaos, where decisions are made in the blink of an eye, have you ever made a half-baked decision? For whatever reason, you just didn’t think it through. The result? Less than stellar outcomes.

You and your people don’t have hours to agonize over every decision, (nor would you want to…) but you can get smarter about it!

In this highly interactive and thought-provoking presentation, you will be able to:

  • Identify 5 common traps that cause poor or faulty reasoning
  • Discover simple techniques to prevent yourself from falling into these traps
  • Learn an easy, 4-step process that will allow you and your teams to be brilliant!

BTW, VUCA is a military acronym for Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment. I am sure one of these traits is familiar to you!

You just budgeted a boatload of bucks for the upcoming conference. And what do you have to show for it? Smilie faces? Comments about the tepid coffee?

Find out what your attendees are really going to take away and do back in the workplace.

In this unique and highly interactive session, the participants will:

  • Share their “keepers” – key takeaways and best practices
  • Develop mastermind partnerships and accountabilities
  • Be energized and motivated to implement their ideas
  • Be excited about coming back to the next conference!

And… you’ll be able to extend the learning by following up on the actions that matter most!

Grrr…. It just rankles you. It’s that ONE person on your team who pushes every single one of your buttons:

  • Doesn’t play well with others.
  • Is late for meetings and late with deliverables.
  • Opposes everyone’s ideas (unless it was their idea).
  • Rarely consults the team or keeps them informed…or just doesn’t play at all?
  • Need I go on?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if everyone was a great team player…even that one?

You can get even the most difficult team members on board when you discover:

  • The team’s prime objective (remember Star Trek?)
  • Five strategies that will prevent 80% of your problems from happening in the first place
  • The Vulcan Mind-Meld to get others onboard
  • How to get people to sign up and step up – even when they don’t want to
  • The rituals you should be doing to build your team every day

Let’s face it. We’re living in a commoditized world. And if you aren’t innovating, you’re dying.

But it’s gotta be more than “new and improved,” slapping a new label on a new package of your tried-and-true product.

You’re looking for innovation…and it’s in short supply!

In this big brainstorming, barnstorming barrel of a good time, we’ll:

  • Dig through Drucker’s 7 sources of innovation
  • Show you how gosh darn easy it is to come up with new ideas
  • Sift through the possibilities to find real gold in them there hills!
  • Brainstorm in real time potential innovations

Areas of expertise

  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Strategy
  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork
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