Larry Winget

The Pitbull of Personal Development ®

An Icon in the World of Personal Development and Self-Help

Hall of Fame Speaker, Larry Winget is the best branded, most recognizable speaker in the business. Many speakers claim to be original, but Larry Winget is THE original.

He has established himself as an icon in the world of personal development and self-help. You won’t find many people who don’t know or who won’t recognize him as a result of his six national bestsellers, his thousands of on-stage appearances or his many regular television appearances.

Larry was the first to be willing to take on the “positive attitude” motivational speakers and the Law Of Attraction bozos with his common sense, back to the basics approach. Larry still believes that hard work and excellence are the keys to success and communicates that like no other person on the planet can!

Larry makes you think. He makes you uncomfortable. He offers common sense solutions that are impossible to argue with. On top of all that, he is hilarious.

And remember this: Larry actually speaks. What does that mean? Don’t you remember when speakers had original content and were able to mesmerize an audience with just their words and didn’t have to rely on a PowerPoint slide show or video clips? Larry does.

Keynote Presentations 

  • The Cold, Hard, Ugly Truth About Success
  • The Idiot Factor

Breakout Sessions

  • How To Stop Getting By and Start Getting Ahead
  • The Eight “ATEs” of Leadership

A bald-headed, cowboy-booted combination of Will Rogers, Norman Vincent Peale, and Vince Lombardi, Larry Winget is an American treasure!”
James Bradley, NY Times bestselling author of Flags Of Our Fathers

“Larry’s frank, brutal, tough and sometimes even obnoxious! But you know something? He has a big heart and an even bigger gut for how we can avoid big mistakes.”
Neil Cavuto, Fox News

“Listen to this man. He is the Rock Star of personal finance!”
Keith Ferrazzi, Bestselling Author of Never Eat Alone

“Larry tells it like it is (his trademarked style) and gets in your face to make you face your reality.”
David Bach, #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Automatic Millionaire and Start Late, Finish Rich

“The Thesaurus folks really need to come up with more words for ‘BRILLIANT’ because I am running out of words to describe Larry!!”
Suzannah Nickell

Larry has spoken to over 400 of the Fortune 500 companies as well as just about every type of association in existence.

Larry Winget Intro Video

Larry Winget – The Pitbull of Personal Development

Larry Winget, Motivational Speaker


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Larry’s Full Presentation



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Larry Winget is a bestselling author, television personality, social commentator and internationally acclaimed speaker.

His newest book, Grow A Pair: How To Stop Being a Victim and Take Back Your Life, Your Business and Your Sanity is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller. He has also written five additional New York Times/Wall Street Journal bestselling books that have been translated into over 20 languages including Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get A Life, You’re Broke Because You Want To Be, It’s Called Work For A Reason, People Are Idiots And I Can Prove It, and Your Kids Are Your Own Fault.

He is also a member of the Speaker Hall Of Fame. Larry has starred in his own television series on A&E, two PBS specials and two CNBC specials. He has appeared on Dr. Phil, The Today Show, Tool Academy, The Big Idea, Larry King and in three national television commercials. Larry is a regular contributor on many national television news shows on the topics of success, business, personal finance, parenting and the wussification of America.


This is Larry’s most popular keynote address and pulls material from 3 of his bestsellers, Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get A Life, It’s Called Work For A Reason and People Are Idiots And I Can Prove It. In it, Larry attacks traditional business wisdom and offers simple truths in his caustic, thought-provoking, and hilarious style. He offers a realistic approach that will work for anyone, at any time and in any business. The principles he discusses are the foundation for true success and can be applied to life, money, parenting, customer service, sales, leadership and more. He is known as the Pitbull of Personal Development, the Rockstar of Personal Finance and has been called the King of Common Sense and this speech reflects all of those monikers.

Larry points out the contradictions of saying we want success and practicing actions that bring about failure. His emphasis is personal responsibility, integrity, an impeccable work ethic, flexibility in a time of change, keeping a sense of humor and more. He teaches that business improves when the people in the business improve and that everything in life gets better when we get better and nothing gets better until we get better. Winget’s approach remains that WORK is the key to success: not talking about work, not having meetings about work, not writing reports about work, but WORK. Larry says, “You don’t think your way to success, believe your way to success or happy your way to success, you only WORK your way to success!” This speech has been given to nearly 400 of the Fortune 500 and is the foundation of Larry’s approach to life, business and success. It never fails to make you think AND laugh!

According to Bookpage, “his no-holds barred approach to business is refreshing, and his clear sense of personal integrity is a much-needed refresher in today’s business climate.”

This is the keynote people use when they want to have Larry back a second time. It is based on his New York Time bestseller, “The Idiot Factor.” And don’t worry, if you don’t like the title, you can change it!

In this keynote, Larry talks about the many ways we sabotage our lives and businesses. It is full of great stories just like you are used to from Larry, and has the caustic wit and humor that Larry is so well known for. So it’s still informative, thought provoking and hilarious – in other words, it’s Larry at his best only more of it.

Larry has become a financial guru to many people because of his work on A&E’s Big Spender, his appearances on CNBC’s The Millionaire Inside, The Today Show, as a regular on Fox News and Fox Business and in his PBS special.

This dynamic keynote is based on Larry’s #1 Bestseller, You’re Broke Because You Want To Be. In this keynote, Larry teaches that your financial condition is the result of your choices.

Larry covers how to set priorities for your life and that life is like a crime novel: if you want to find the culprit, follow the money. He tells his personal story of how he went from dirt poor to rich to bankrupt to multi-millionaire. He ties wealth building and getting out of debt to good old-fashioned hard work. He will also teach you how to develop a philosophy of money that can carry you through any situation.

If desired, Larry can also give tactics on how to get out of debt and how to change your lifestyle so you will have more money. While a serious subject, the speech is also hilarious and Larry tells great stories of his time shooting his television series, Big Spender for A&E and relates the stories of many of the encounters he has had.

his is a great breakout for any of your management/leadership team. It focuses on eight words, all ending in “ate:” Create, Communicate, Educate, Delegate, Participate, Hibernate, Evaluate, Amputate.

1. Create

Create the right environment, atmosphere and group of people. This includes Larry’s famous 20-60-20 Principle.

2. Communicate

The importance of communicating expectations.

3. Educate

What your people really need to be educated on, and how to do it.

4. Delegate

Questions every leader should be asking himself before he delegates a task.
5. Participate

Are you involved, or do you hover? Includes Larry’s Rules for Rewarding.

6. Hibernate

When to trust and walk away, so your group can do what you’ve taught them and deliver what you expect from them.

7. Evaluate

What to judge, what you have no right to judge, and the stupidity of “constructive criticism.”

8. Amputate

When to hang on to them, and when to cut them loose.

Notice that Motivate didn’t make the list – find out why!

Areas of expertise

  • Personal Development
  • Executive Coaching
  • Leadership Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Personal Branding
  • Personal Finance
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