Laura Virili

Educating Advisors to Crush It Thru Social Selling

Helping You Move the Client Acquisition Needle to Seal the Deal

Laura Virili is a Wall Street veteran who has worked directly with top producing Financial Advisors & Private Wealth Advisors for over 20 years – she walks the walk and talks the talk. She simplifies social media for advisors by making it applicable to their business model by teaching them how to acquire new clients, deepen existing relationships and easily connect to the next generation, while understanding industry rules and regulations.

No one has put together a more concise, easy-to-implement program for the industry that allows advisors to get moving as quickly and successfully as possible to:

  • Increase assets.
  • Find higher quality leads in 30 seconds or less.
  • Differentiate themselves from the competition.
  • Seal the deal with prospects and convert them into clients.

No theory, all fact, and plenty of success stories. Advisors leave with a roadmap they can begin to implement immediately to drive results, fast!

  • Client Acquisition Thru Social Selling
  • Brand You – If You’re Not Social You’re Not Relevant
  • LinkedIn – An Introduction Machine
  • LinkedIn Advanced Search – Tips & Tricks to Build Your Book
  • LinkedIn for Leaders – Social Selling & Recruiting Best Practices
  • Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter – How to be a Social Advisor in a Noisy World

“Initially I was more of a passive LinkedIn participant. After learning how to leverage LinkedIn from Laura Virili I was able to source an introduction thru the Advanced Search feature which resulted in an $8M account! LinkedIn has jump-started my prospecting efforts. The power of this tool is incredible.”
Ron J. CIMA® SVP, Wealth Management Advisor

“After hesitantly joining one of my firm’s webcasts on how to leverage LinkedIn, I was so impressed with the presentation that I tracked the presenter down. It was Laura, and since our first call my revenue YTD is up 36%, annuitized PCs up 70% and fee based up 48% with almost $50M in net new assets. Laura’s ability to help me laser focus on referrals has made LinkedIn the partner in my business I’ve been looking for.  Simply put, Laura has the know-how and the business savvy to help execute your business plans.”
Jack B. SVP, Wealth Management Advisor

“I have been a Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor for a decade, today’s marketing meeting on LinkedIn was the most beneficial marketing training I have ever received. Your content will allow me to restructure my LinkedIn account and to focus on building my network and my practice.”
John G. FVP Wealth Management Advisor

In short order, Laura has taken me from no LinkedIn presence and zero knowledge of how to utilize this tool, to a full presence and a thorough understanding of how to use LinkedIn to further build my business”
Gregory H. Managing Director, Senior Financial Advisor, Barron’s Top 1000 Advisors

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Laura Virili has always been a connector. While other seven year-olds were playing with dolls, she was introducing hers to dolls across the street and across town.

Today, Laura is a leading social media influencer, speaker, and private coach, and has spoken in front of tens of thousands of people over the course of her career. In demand and ahead of the curve when it comes to leveraging LinkedIn and other “platforms for professionals,” she has developed a keen understanding of the world of a financial advisor by working with the best of the best for over 20 years in the financial services industry.

“Everyone needs a strong social media presence. It’s no longer an option – whether you’re new or have been in the business 20+ years. You wouldn’t go to a networking event without combing your hair or shining your shoes. Similarly, you can’t compromise your online appearance. It’s now everyone’s first impression of you,”   Laura explains.

Widely considered to be at the forefront of “LinkedIn for Leaders” in their field, Laura offers the very latest insight and instruction AND shares the most overlooked marketing and prospecting techniques used by her clients every day.

Laura regularly shares informative & entertaining “how to” videos on her website and articles on LinkedIn on how to quickly & easily setup a social media strategy, providing the steps to get it going and keep it going with little effort. She believes in education that inspires and her goal is to help people connect the dots and simplify their social media marketing strategy. Her specialty is coaching financial advisors and other professionals on how to quickly get started on LinkedIn and other platforms – then continuously leverage their power and potential, step-by-step – to drive results.


Today’s prospects are well informed, more educated and highly skeptical. Transactional business is on the downward slide and clients are looking for relationships and connections.

In this presentation Laura shares what it takes to acquire new clients thru social selling. She provides a roadmap that shows you how to create all the right connections, break the ice, build rapport in an authentic and sincere manner, take the conversation offline and convert prospects into clients.

This enlightening presentation provides Financial Advisors an actionable approach for getting in front of today’s prospects.

What does someone find when they Google you?

In today’s world if you’re not online you’re not relevant! In this presentation Laura explains the importance of being a social advisor and provides a roadmap to build the brand called you.

This inspiring presentation is ideal for new and senior Financial Advisors, managers and leaders as it enables them to understand the importance of social media as Laura shares best practices of building and communicating your online brand.

The result – be the only one clients think of and the only one prospects want to work with.

Is your pipeline full?

If you want to become a social selling rock star you’ve got to know how to find all the right leads in all the right places. In the days before LinkedIn you had to be lucky or charming. Now, you just have to be smart about it.

In this presentation Laura reveals clever, often unknown ways, to locate your best leads on LinkedIn and from there create warm lead lists and custom pipelines.

This game changing presentation is for new Financial Advisors who are building their book and any Financial Advisor looking to acquire new clients.

The result – increase your leads and sales pipeline, acquire new clients and increase your book of business.

Discover money-in-motion, C-suite executives, business owners, COIs and more thru LinkedIn’s often overlooked Advanced Search feature.

Laura provides a live demonstration that incorporates all the possible techniques for finding your ideal prospects and then shows you how to save your searches so that LinkedIn will automatically notify you when new prospects meet your criteria.

The result – Find ideal prospects from geographic location to industry to niche market instantly!

In a world dominated by celebrity brands, it’s essential for senior executives to build and communicate their personal brands to expand both individual and corporate success.

In this presentation, Laura explains how executives can make their mark on the organizations they lead. In addition, she demonstrates how to leverage LinkedIn for targeted recruiting efforts.

The result – Leaders who align their values with their organization recruit the best talent and in turn attract the ideal clients.

Social media enables Financial Advisors to create ongoing interaction with clients and prospects to deepen relationships with just the right amount of online engagement.

In this presentation Laura explains the different uses for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and the specific benefits of each.

Even though Financial Advisors are restricted with regard to what they can and cannot do within each of these platforms, there are still strategies for connecting to clients and prospects on a more personal level.

Areas of expertise

  • Financial Professionals & Social Selling
  • LinkedIn, Twitter, & Facebook
  • Compliant Social Media
  • Your Online Brand
  • Differentiating Yourself
  • HNW Client Acquisition
  • Building Lasting Relationships
  • Social Media Best Practices
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