Manish Malhotra, MBA

Founder, President, & CEO of Income Discovery

Helping Financial Advisors Build Retirement Income Plans for Their Clients

Manish Malhotra launched Income Discovery to develop innovative solutions addressing the retirement income planning challenge. Being part of the team at Citigroup Smith Barney that developed a time-segmented retirement income solution, he realized the potential of developing a new paradigm to help retirees understand, and make trade-offs for, their retirement income plan.

He proposed a new analysis framework for retirement income strategies in a paper (link) in the Journal of Financial Planning. The framework and approach are used in Income Discovery, which started as the software for optimizing retirement income strategies, and now offers a complete technology platform to find, engage and service pre-retirees and retirees.

What is Income Discovery’s Value Proposition?

What They Do                                                                      Resulting Benefits

Find Personalized Optimal Income Strategy                Enhance Retirement Income

Demonstrate why the recommendation is                    Comply with the DOL Fiduciary Rule
in the client’s best interest

Build client solution’s using partner’s products           Win new clients, relation more AUM, Grow Sales

They offer multiple tools and services to support the full business process for retirement income

  • The retirement income planning challenge
  • Develop a new analysis framework for solving the retirement income planning problem

Manish has spoken at the Financial Planning Association (FPA) National Conference called Experience in 2013. He has also spoken at the FPA Retreat Conference, a gathering of top financial planners across the country, in 2013 and 2015. He has also participated as a panelist at the same conference in 2012.

Additionally, he has had multiple speaking engagements at FPA Local Chapters, LIMRA’s annual conference and their retirement income roundtable.

The initial argument for rethinking the approach to retirement income analysis was in a peer-reviewed article on Advisor Perspectives (link). The next article in the same publication (link) argued the need to take benefit of the mortality pooling to fund the income need in the last phase of retirement. Then, a summarized new analysis framework for retirement income strategies was published in a paper (link) in the Journal of Financial Planning.

Besides writing in publications for professionals, Manish also authors an educational column in MarketWatch RetireMentor. In his first article (link), he clarified that despite getting a bad rap, annuities are a retiree’s friend rather than foe. In follow-up articles, he explained three distinct strategies for use of immediate annuities in an income plan (link) and a strategy that addresses a retiree’s concern with the loss of access to capital on immediate annuity purchase—the strategy of locking lifetime income by paying small premiums (link).

Publication Titles 

A Framework for Finding an Appropriate Retirement Income Strategy

Annuities get a bad rap

Get payments for life with these three strategies

Lifetime income from small premiums



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Prior to forming Income Discovery, Manish was a Sr Vice President at Citigroup leading the architecture for Data Access Platform for Enterprise Contracts Positions Warehouse for Global Functions. Prior to that he led the IT strategy & application architecture function at Citigroup Global Wealth Management (Smith Barney and Private Bank). His team was responsible for building the IT architecture of an integrated desktop for Financial Advisors and Private Bankers, a multi-year initiative. He also led technology evaluation of financial planning software in that role.

Prior to Citigroup, he led the IT architecture for enterprise risk and portfolio optimization systems at Bank of America. Prior to Bank of America, he designed and implemented global risk systems at Nomura Securities.

He started his career as corporate banker with a leading private financial services firm in India before moving into software at Dresdner Kleinwort’s subsidiary in India. He is an engineer-MBA from top schools in India (Indian Institute of Technology and XLRI).


Areas of expertise

  • Retirement Planning
  • Retirement Software
  • Income Planning and Software
  • Annuities & Mutual funds
  • Enterprise Risk and Portfolio Optimization

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