Marc Vahanian

The 7 Keys Coach

Helping Financial Professionals to Connect, Communicate and Collaborate for High-Impact Results

Marc Vahanian is a 7 Keys Coach, whose specializes in working with financial services professionals.

He works with executives and their teams to effectively navigate change and generate solutions that bolster, motivate, and enhance team morale and productivity. Marc developed a universal framework called The 7 Keys, a set of specific principles and practices that unleash creativity and collaboration to produce winning results.

Apply The 7 Keys to Authentic Confidence in:

• Public Speaking
• Presentation skills
• Delivering a Winning Job Interview – Getting The Job
• Executive Presence
• Conversational Leadership
• Coordinating with others
• High-Impact Relationships
• Generating and Closing Sales
• Producing Value
• Overcoming obstacles
• Delivering on your promise
• Accountability

Marc has over 25 years of experience coaching Peak-Performers, executives, and corporate teams. His background as a performer, screenwriter, fitness coach, and executive consultant has helped shape Marc’s unique approach with executives at all levels in various industries.

Marc offers programs that focus on leadership skills for obtaining peak performance while managing change in challenging times.  He works with companies that are going through competitive challenges and navigating change, whether caused by downsizing or accelerated growth.


  • Authentic Confidence – The 7 Keys
  • Preparing for the Interview – The 7 Keys
  • Peak Performance in Challenging Times
  • Navigating Remarkable Change
  • Communicating Expectations and Delivering Effective Feedback

Marc works with clients on the following challenges:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Engage people
  • Team Building
  • Acquire clients
  • Employee Retention
  • Public Speaking
  • Interview Preparation
  • Navigate Change
  • Inspired Collaboration

“Marc Vahanian empowered us to achieve demonstrable results as a team and contributed greatly to our bottom line.”
Mark Goldberg President, Carey Financial

“Marc is impressively effective at coaching a team through radical change. He masterfully led the team through discovery and change processes.”
Renee Schaaf – SVP, Principal Financial Group

“Marc has an unusual ability to make a real difference in the lives of executives.”
Michael Hamilton – Partner and Chief Learning and Development Officer, Ernst & Young

“Marc is a wonderful partner, coach, teacher, listener and motivator all rolled into one. He’s provided me with exceptional career guidance and advice the past few years.”
Chris Connolly – SVP Licensing, Disney

“Having worked with Marc Vahanian for over a year, it seems more like a way of life he has guided me to, where body, heart, and soul unite as one.”
Mick Fleetwood – Musician, Fleetwood Mac

A Partial List of Marc’s Clients

  • Principal Financial Group
  • W.P. Carey
  • Ernst & Young
  • Pfizer
  • Seventh Generation
  • Sentinel Investments
  • Royal Alliance
  • ESX
  • AYA Healthcare
Travels From:  California
City: Los Angeles
$5,001 to $10,000


Marc Vahanian is an executive coach and seminar leader who specializes in working with financial services professionals. He introduces specific principles for growing and sustaining a book of business and cultivating high-yield collaborations that produce measurable results.

His book, Authentic Confidence The 7 Keys, outlines his approach. He works with advisors on clarity of purpose, power of passion; how to craft and present narratives that inspire trust, and communicate the bigger “why.”

With his uncanny ability to shape safe, creative and productive learning environments, he brings an eclectic skill-set that connects mind and body. He has been featured in People Magazine, on CBS’s “48 Hours” and E-Channel’s “The Golden Globes,” amongst many others.

Leadership development projects include: Peak Performance in Challenging Times, Navigating Change, Preparing Today to Win Tomorrow, and Getting the Job.  Marc holds a certificate from the Foundation for Human Enrichment in Traumatic Resolution and Somatic Experiencing and is also a certified Somatic Coach through the Strozzi Institute.


Authentic Confidence – The 7 Keys program demonstrates principles for leadership development and cultivating high-impact collaborations that unleash creativity while generating measurable outcomes.

Professional development projects using The 7 Keys:
• Peak Performance in Challenging Times
• High-Impact moments for engaging your people
• Success in Sales
• Presenting with Purpose, Passion and Poise
• Navigating Change

How is confidence relevant to your life and work?

Confidence is an invisible force that is as real and consequential as gravity itself. It takes confidence to get out of bed in the morning. It takes confidence to step inside the arena. It takes confidence to play “all in,” to know when “nice and easy” is enough.

Every client and potential client needs to feel confident that you will look after their interests. Your colleagues need to know not only that you are competent, but that you have the confidence to handle your part of the deal.

As you pursue goals, Authentic Confidence mobilizes you to take risks, overcome obstacles and to stay – stay in the relationship, stay in the game, stay on course, stay true to you.

The 7 Keys will guide you in the complex process of presenting yourself and your work. Applying The 7 Keys will distinguish you from the competition. When you declare your commitment to a specific quest,
you will discover how The 7 Keys band together to aid you in pursuing and achieving your highest aspirations.

The aim of this program is to equip you with The 7 Keys and connect with your innate confidence. Whenever you are shaken, temporarily thrown, or even disheartened – The 7 Keys are there to remind and restore your Authentic Confidence. Confidence and faith are partners – giving you courage to step in, step up and move forward.

The 7 Keys

  • Purpose – why you do what you do
  • Passion – the animating force that propels people into action
  • Preparation – get ready
  • Partnering – working together to create value
  • Practice – the path to mastery
  • Poise – dignity and grace amidst the unexpected
  • Presentation – telling your story, getting real and closing the deal

Marc Vahanian’s coaching has been described as nothing short of “life changing.” Whether you are looking to impact your organization, or impact your life, Marc’s ability to deliver insightful, dynamic leadership coaching has proven to take organizations and leadership goals to new, elevated levels.

With over 25 years of experience and 30,000 coaching sessions in personal and professional client development, Marc’s leadership education provides specific practices that help clients and organizations connect with their core values. Marc Vahanian’s Leadership Program helps executives and their corporate team to identify their current challenges and concerns, re-define the immediate opportunities and goals, then reconnect and re-engage with the company mission with purpose, pride, and passion. His practical management training has been utilized by some of the world’s most successful organizations and individuals, from presidents of major corporations to international celebrities.

Uniting a diverse background in multiple disciplines, Marc’s standout leadership strategy helps leaders, teams, and organizations make decisions by focusing on two central principles: mood and narrative. By understanding your story within “Who you are” and “Where you are going,” Marc makes sense of “What you are producing” and more importantly the tone with which you communicate that narrative to your customers, clients, and colleagues. The principles and practices within his leadership-learning forum include learning the language and intelligence of the body, which encourages developing sophisticated ways to build rapport, trust, and effective-partnering with clients and colleagues alike. As a culmination of this development, Marc helps leaders and organizations develop their own exceptional MAP – “Mood,” “Action,” “Passion.” Today, companies are going through demanding challenges from competition, technology, and evolving customer expectations. Uncompromising leadership-strength with a human touch has never been more important. Marc helps leaders and companies understand that to stand out, stay strong, and continue to thrive, it will be through developing their one-of-a-kind MAP: “a Mood of generosity,” “Actions with purpose,” and “focus with Passion.”

Marc Vahanian’s unique leadership authenticity connects mind and body. As a certified Somatic Coach with countless hours in Leadership training from the Strozzi Institute, Marc develops intuitive and innate attributes within the client to become more organized and to communicate more powerfully, while also introducing ways to stress-freely interrupt the chaos that disrupts calm and successful business practices. In his own words: “I’ve made it my business to understand what drives people forward and what stops them dead in their tracks.”

So whether you are an individual leader or a high-performance team, Marc offers performance management through in-person sessions or phone consultations to introduce new ways to unleash your creativity, passion, and productivity. If you are looking to Perform Better, Be a Centered Presence Under Pressure, Increase Energy and Stamina, Identify Breakdowns and Produce Breakthroughs, and Create Solutions, Marc Vahanian’s leadership development will provide the applicable solutions for you, your team, and your organization to reach Peak Performance Mastery.

Areas of expertise

  • Public speaking
  • Presentation skills
  • Interview preparation
  • Navigating change
  • Leadership development
  • High-Impact conversations
  • Executive presence
  • Keeping people motivated and engaged
  • Holding self and others accountable
  • Being approachable
  • Conflict resolution
  • Overwhelm
  • Client acquisition
  • Retention
  • Morale
  • Career and role transition
  • Fun
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