Matthew Ferrera

Philosopher | Speaker | Photographer

Success Starts by Believing You Deserve it!

Why I Speak

For me it all comes down to little moments in which I can make a big difference — Like this one:

One day, I was speaking to an audience about inner beliefs and personal drive as vital components of our professional growth. We discussed how our self talk – what we tell ourselves about our value and work – drives our discipline and growth. Throughout the session, I shared numerous perspectives from successful people around the world. And we laughed a lot!

When the program ended, many people shook my hand. There were hugs and smiles and pictures. And then there was one moment — the one that told me I was meant to be there that day:

An man walked over and whispered: “I almost didn’t show up today. I was planning to leave the business. I didn’t want to do it anymore. But after your words today, I’m more motivated to keep going. I’m not going to quit! I’m going to make next year my best year ever!” And I looked into his eyes and believed him.

#AlwaysInspiring programs that combine photography, philosophy, personal growth and great stories.
For sales organizations, marketing firms, technology firms and everyone else.
A fresh perspective year after year.

Recent Programs Delivered

  • A You-Shaped Recovery!
  • AlwaysInspiring: You!
  • How to Catch a Lightning Bolt!
  • Top Technologies for Changing Times
  • Marketing in Unusual Markets
  • Leading Self and Others Through HyperChange
  • Managing the Instantly Virtual Organization
  • Preparing for a Post-Pandemic World
  • Leading Self and Others Through HyperChange
  • Managing Your Instantly Virtual Organization
  • Overcoming Stress and Change Management
  • How to 10X Your Business Today!
  • From Panic to Power: Stress and Change Management 101

Type of Programs Matthew Delivers

  • Conference Keynote Speaker
  • Personal Growth and Development Workshops
  • Marketing, Technology, Consumer Trends and Online Advertising
  • Creativity Retreats featuring Writing and Photography
  • Executive and Leadership Professional Retreats
  • Event Emcee and Panel / Interviewer Expert
  • Resident Philosopher / Mentoring Program

All Sessions include:

  • Pre-work reading and self-assessments
  • Session registration and management service
  • Session Producer online in every class
  • Digital Workbook and extra supporting materials
  • Full HD recording for your library
  • Flexible formats: Half, Full-Hour and longer durations
  • Create a series for the ultimate spaced-learning experience


Thank you Matthew Ferrara for your total inspirational at Summit. I love that you prescribe operating to and from the human heart ❤️ Your energy and your spirit and light goes above and beyond. Clearly this is how you walk through the world! Thank you for sharing it with us!
— Melisa Lundgren, BHGRE

Matthew was inspiring (to say the least) and shared how to push forward, not in your normal way, but: What if everyone in the world aspired to make a difference in the life of just one person. WOW! I love that! Thank you, Matthew, for spending time with us!
— J. Coleman

To have the opportunities I have had to be in the presence of Matthew Ferrara is a gift that I am forever grateful for in my life. His words, his photos and his philosophical sense of the world have made me dig deep within myself both personally and professionally. I always leave better than I arrived after being in Matthew’s presence.
— Kirsten Johnson, Arizona’s Best Realty


Travels From:  Nevada
City: Las Vegas
$10,001 to $15,000


“I always wanted to be a chemist.”

But like all good stories, mine has a twist – including the day I sat next to a business woman in my college who turned to me and said: “Wow, you can talk an awful lot! You should be a speaker!” So I pursued a degree in philosophy, had an adventure on talk radio and took a leap into entrepreneurship that turned into a thirty year career. With the help of generous mentors, my adventures have been many: Building an international training firm, launching a help desk and telecom company, delivering management consulting to global sales organizations and pioneering early efforts in online marketing and learning. Ultimately, those experiences have led me to create the leadership development firm I have today that gratefully counts as friends and clients many of the best companies in the world.

A Bit about Matt

  • I’m a two-time cancer survivor
  • I really do have a Degree in Philosophy
  • And a Degree in Political Economics
  • I love to write, mostly mystery stories for fun
  • I typically travel 250,000+ miles a year
  • I speak three languages (and read Latin – Carpe something!)
  • Many of my photographs have been auctioned for charity; You can find my work here and on Instagram
  • I co-host an annual writer’s retreat in Florence, Italy (I went to school in Bologna)
  • My team and I built an international help desk and training company in the 2000s answering thousands of calls a month and delivering 2500+ instructor-led webinars annually
  • I’ve authored dozens of courses, hundreds of articles, and quite a few blogs and videos  – and a few pretty decent quotes
  • I’m the Dean of Innovation for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World
  • I’m a co-author and Faculty of Realogy’s Ascend: Executive Leadership Experience
  • I’ve hosted Retreats on concepts like “Stand” and “Brand” and “Happiness” and “Grow”
  • My career has taken me to over 22 countries
  • I have an amazing wife
  • I live in Las Vegas
  • I have four cats
  • I’m a Rotarian
  • I shoot Nikon

Finally, A Trip Down Memory Lane…

  • 1991: Started First Sales Training/Marketing Consulting Firm
  • 1994: Regional VP, RE Educators Association
  • 1997: Rhode Island Educator of the Year
  • 1999: Reached 49 States teaching Marketing/Sales/Tech
  • 2001: Launched National Help Desk Service
  • 2003: Launched New England-Based Telecom
  • 2005: Launched Online Video Learning Service
  • 2008: Launched The Learning Network, LLC leadership
  • 2012: Co-Authored “Ascend” and “Maestro” Leadership Development Courses
  • 2013: Relocated Firm to Las Vegas, NV
  • 2016: Became Co-Owner: Art of Writing Retreat, Florence, Italy
  • 2017: Launched Resident Philosopher Mentor Program
  • 2018: Co-Faculty/Author, Training Magazine Program of the Year Award Recipient
  • 2018: Became Resident Philosopher for firms including LeadingRE, Engel & Volkers, MoxiWorks
    and Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty



Matthew Ferrara explores what it takes to re-ignite our growth in the best of times, and challenging times. Learn the three-part growth model that will fire up your Attitude, develop key Disciplines and inspire your Sphere of influence to get back on track towards our goals. Pandemic-proof your business today and the future with this uplifting and practical program for anyone ready to get back to GROWTH!

Learn how Matthew challenged himself to stop “doing deals” and “start making a difference” – turning around his business and creating a category-of-one contribution that doesn’t need advertising to attract unlimited growth. Connect core values to your #mantra, rethink your customer relationships to begin your journey of unlimited success.

Join Matthew Ferrara for this personal development program offering a new way to generate a fourth wind during stressful periods and create opportunities during uncertain times. Change is part of life and learning how to constantly rejuvenate ourselves and create a pathway forward is essential. Matthew outlines specific steps that will help you generate the internal energy and direction needed to achieve the most important goals in our personal and professional lives.

Learn a unique method for moving away from “advertising” noise and begin nurturing relationships with new and existing clients using messaging that makes a difference. Rethink your communication, social media and customer-contact strategy with a simple formula for developing moments of “time well spent” when people see your message. A fun and effective strategy for standing out in your clients heart, not just popping up in their advertising feed.

Join Matthew Ferrara for this session on using advanced sales technologies to create momentum in our careers and engage consumers whether we are in person or online. Learn how to master new relationship-centric technologies that will allow you to create meaningful moments by connecting, creating, and continuing our Sales Success Online.

Imagine having your own “thought leader” on-hand. For individuals who want to develop personally and for leadership teams that need to grow professionally. An exclusive-access mentoring program ready to challenge you to achieve the success you deserve.

Over 30 years of entrepreneurship. All the different roles – consulting, training, technology, marketing, management, sales and leadership. Experience in 28 countries and 49 states. Everything I’ve learned to help you grow. Decades of content, research, materials and insights combining into a creative and productive approach to growth I call #AlwaysInspiring: You.

How exclusive? I only handle 10 mentorships at any given time. It’s about depth, not scale. A commitment to get close to your goals and build plans to pursue possibilities. And help them happen. If you’re serious about growing where you are planted – so you can get ready to be transplanted.

Areas of expertise

Learning Experiences of the Best Kind
I’ve spent three decades designing and delivering creative learning experiences for audiences around the world. From highly-interactive webinars to 6000+ people in conferences in Las Vegas, Sydney, Rome and New York, my materials are always fresh, relevant, practical and of course, #alwaysinspiring. You pick the growth priority and I’ll suggest a half-dozen ways we can get there.

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