Michael Carpenter

The "Risk-Wise" Investor

Helping Financial Professionals Understand & Manage Risk in a Less Certain World

Michael Carpenter has an outstanding reputation for helping Investment sales & marketing professionals, financial advisors, and their firms:

  • – Stand-out and attract more business, even in crowded marketplaces
  • – Energize business growth in any economic environment
  • – Turn client uncertainties and concerns about risk into more business
  • – Gain more clients, assets & business more easily
The “Risk-Wise” Advisor will also create less emotional, more realistic, ready-for-anything investors as a result.

The”Risk-Wise”®Advisor Programs offer an array of first-of-their-kind, modular, financial advisor educational and business building workshops, programs & presentations that address risk, risk management, and risk communication in a non-technical, user friendly way that resonates with clients.

  • How to Convert Uncertainty, Volatility & Risk into Powerful Trust & Business Building Forces
  • How to Capitalize on “The Greatest Business Building Opportunity of Our Lifetimes”
  • A Proven Way to Create “ANTIFRAGILE” Clients & An “ANTIFRAGILE” Business
  • Helping Investors Identify & Avoid Risk Perception/Risk Reality “Traps”
  • “Risk-Wise” Communications Secrets: Improving Investor Trust & Business in Uncertain Times
  • A New & Easier Way to Attract High Net-Worth Investors

“Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated you putting together the finest sales/training meeting I’ve ever attended at my firm. It was outstanding.”

– Top Wirehoue Financial Advisor


“Your presentation at our recent conference was excellent. We’ve already received numerous compliments from attendees that your presentation was the best of the day.  Thank You.”

– Chairman & CEO of an Independent B/D


“Thanks for inviting me to your meeting at Harvard, for all the work you did in organizing and hosting it, and for making it such a memorable meeting and valuable investment.”

– Top Independent Firm financial Advisor


“I learned more at your meeting in a few hours, about your company and how to become more successful, than I have in many months working with other firms. Thank you very much.”

– Top Independent Firm financial Advisor

Michael’s Client List Includes…

  • Crump Insurance Services
  • D.A. Davidson
  • Dreyfus Service Group
  • Highmark Funds
  • MDRT, The Financial Planners Association
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Prudential
  • Schawb Advisor Services
  • Securian
  • Securities Industry Institute
  • Seligman Asset Management
  • Transamerica Financial Advisors
  • UBS
  • Wachovia
Travels From:  Alabama
City: Boston
$5,000 and Under


Keynote speaker Michael Carpenter‘s specialty is enhancing the impact, effectiveness and success of investment management firms, investment sales & marketing professionals and financial advisors in bull, bear & uncertain markets.

Mike’s first-of-its-kind, product-neutral, holistic, user-friendly “Risk-Wise” method shows investment professionals how to attract more business more easily by helping investors better understand, demystify, and manage the risks they face risks, rather than have those risks control them.

Mike is a 35-year veteran of the local, regional, and national levels of investment industry. Mike is nationally known for his thought leadership, creative sales and marketing methods, unique investment insights outstanding presentation, business building and training skills.

Mike wrote the first of its kind book, The “Risk-Wise” Investor – How to Better Understand and Manage Risk.  

He has conducted hundreds of workshops and presentations for investment professionals and their clients on a range of subjects, including practical, user-friendly ways to de-mystify and manage the risks of our more volatile and increasingly less certain world.

Mike’s articles have appeared in national industry-wide publications including The Journal of Financial Planning, The NAPFA Advisor and InvestmentNews.


Rather than fight or fear the accelerating pace of world-wide change and the uncertain economic & market conditions, and increased volatility it generates, this program introduces a proven way to turn tumultuous markets, risk, and uncertainty into powerful forces that actually help business.

In this dynamic presentation, your advisors will discover…

  • An enormous & growing, unmet investor need, and how to meet it.
  • How to become a true “business magnet” by converting investor uncertainty/anxiety/concerns about risk from business impediments & frustrations into powerful trust & business building forces.
  • A new, highly effective, “empowering” definition of risk that changes everything.
  • A quick, simple way to help investors determine which risks to avoid, which to accept & manage, and which to accept outright.
  • An easy to use, holistic, step-by-step method to help investors reduce the likelihood and impact of painful, negative surprises, plus convert risks that occur from disasters/nightmares into minor inconveniences & even potential opportunities.

Why the current economic and market environment is the greatest business building, and asset gathering opportunity in our lifetimes, and how to take advantage of it.

Structure your business so uncertainty, instability & volatility actually benefit your business and make it easier and stronger by attracting more clients, more assets, and more success.

How to help investors manage their own deep-rooted & detrimental misperceptions of risk, that make it extremely easy to unknowingly set themselves up for misjudgments, lost opportunities, and/or painful negative surprises

Why and how advisors can build investors’ confidence and trust by adjusting their investor communication methods during inevitable periods of market turmoil, wild volatility, increased investor anxiety, and fear.

Become a true, high net worth investor “magnet” by helping them meet their most urgent & pressing unmet need.

Areas of expertise

  • Demystify Risk
  • Managing Risk Holistically
  • Referrals
  • Client Retention
  • Applied Behavioral Finance
  • Energizing Business Growth
  • Marketing & Sales Excellence
  • Communication

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