Michael P. Sullivan

Specializing in Selling to Boomers and Older Adults

Teaching Financial Professionals Ways to Increase Business with Boomerplus Clients

Michael specializes in sales and marketing products and services to America’s graying population.

The “sweet spots” in Michael’s presentations are two major segments:

  • – Pre-retirees 3 to 10 years away from retirement
  • – Clients in their late 60s and older needing income.

A major emphasis of his firm is using lifestyle issues. The firm counsels with many of the largest banks, investment and insurance companies.

“Michael P. Sullivan…for my money has the best handle in America on the sales/marketing of investments to the aging.”

– Nick Murray , quote from his book, The Excellent Investment Advisor

  • Selling Retirement Income Products to Boomers
  • The Gold in Gray: Keys to Selling To Boomers and Older Clients
  • How Boomer DNA Will Change Healthcare: Creating More Satisfied Patients
  • Know Your Customer:  Product Suitability and Your Older Client – Finding and Keeping Older Affluent Clients
  • Capturing Money in Motion: “Life Events” That Drive Sales

“Mike’s work at 50-Plus Communications Consulting is smart, timely and results driven. He has a deep understanding of what is driving behavior for older adults and knows how to help companies turn that into a sound selling strategy.”
Lori Bitter, President/Seniors Strategist, The Business of Aging, San Francisco

“If you want to boost your marketing and sales efficiency with a focus on the Boomer segment, Mike Sullivan is the go to expert.  Thoughtful, enthusiastic as a Keynote as well.”
Patrick Mason, Co-Founder, Center for Carolina Living

 “His Boomer & Senior sales and marketing observations are astute and savvy. He has acquired a highly specialized insight into aging and cognition that draws on scientific research into the brain, and its applications in senior sales. Mike’s contribution has been immeasurable to me.”
Stephen Winbaum, Communications Coordinator,

Michael’s Client List Includes…

  • Allstate
  • BSA
  • Cadaret Grant
  • Boston Scientific
  • Capital Analysts
  • Financial Network Investment Corp
  • Goldman Sachs
  • IAFP
  • MetLife Investors
  • Million Dollar Round Table
  • Morgan Stanley
  • NAVA
  • New York Life
  • Northwestern Mutual
  • Pioneer Funds
  • UBS
  • Wells Fargo
Travels From:  North Carolina
City: Charlotte
$5,000 and Under


Michael is a keynote speaker and trainer specializing in sales and marketing to Baby Boomers and older clients.

Michael’s entertaining and involving presentations wow financial professionals with practical advice on how to talk to Boomers in order to be more effective.

Michael has been a speaker at virtually every type of venue, from major national meetings to branch offices and teleconferences. He has been a featured speaker for organizations like the Million Dollar Round Table, National Association for Variable Annuities, International Association of Financial Planners, and the Bank Securities Association as well as privately sponsored industry conferences.

Michael is the author of the bestselling books 101 Easy Ways to Increase Business with Boomer-plus Clients and Banking on Boomers.

Michael regularly contributes to and Producers Web.

He has written articles for many publications, including The American Banker, Trust & Estates, Bank Investment Consultant and Ticker


Boomers are demanding solutions to help them create, maintain and manage suitable levels of retirement income for as long as needed.

Michael explains what makes Boomers tick and shows how to avoid the obstacles that turn them off. He teaches how to identify the emotional hot buttons that drive Boomers’ long-term financial decisions and how advisors can connect product benefits to them.  The presentation concludes with “10 Sales Tips for Selling Retirement Products to Boomers.”

In this dynamic presentation, your advisors will discover…

  • The Boomers
  • The Retirement Opportunity
  • Formative Years’ Life Experiences Shaping Boomer Attitudes
  • Dealing with Physical Changes
  • Sales Communication
  • 10 Tips for Selling to Boomers
  • Information on how and why older adults differ from younger people in terms of changes in biology, psychology, and life experience.
  • How those changes affect the sales process and specific actions an advisor can take to improve client relationships, manage clients and increase sales and referrals.
  • Practical tips for advisors to deepen client relationships and create more business.

This presentation explains the ways in which Boomer attitudes about youth and age, having a sense of control, and the possibility of change affect their expectations of healthcare centers and providers.

Why do large amounts of money move? It’s because something happens in clients’ lives that allows you to add assets and gain new clients. Almost three-quarters of consumers who seek financial advice do so because of major life events, according to investment research firm, Tiburon Research.

Life events are triggers for financial needs. Events like births, weddings, a new grandchild, graduations and retirement move money. So do not-so-joyous events like family illness, death, job loss, business failure or family break-ups.

Research shows that your clients average one life event per household per year, more than twice that number for those in their 50s, even more for affluent families, who have more complex lives. The business is there!

Major life events put money into motion, causing clients and potential referrals from clients to seek investment information and advice. But, often your clients don’t even think about you — because in their minds THEY and that life event don’t go together.

This presentation by Mike Sullivan identifying 30 or more life events shows you how to systematically mine life events to create and add assets and gain new clients. It positions you to be able to say, “I’m the financial advisor who specializes in helping people with important life events.”

It shows you how to generate sales from:
• Your clients
• Their families
• Their friends
• Investors who have heard about you through word-of-mouth

Deeper relationships with existing clients and new relationships with referrals and call-ins are within your advisors’ grasp. All it takes is learning how to connect with the important events going on in their lives.

This presentation shows how to:
• Identify the cue
• Clarify the cue
• Follow-up the life event
• Open-up the investment implications
• Set up the sale

Areas of expertise

  • Selling to Boomers
  • Banking on Boomers
  • Product Suitability
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Retirement Trends
  • Selling Retirement Income Products
  • Know Your Customer
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