Mike Sciortino, Sr,

Enhance and Expand Your Business Through Gratitude Marketing®

Making a Difference in Your Practice and a Profound Difference in Your Client's Lives

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Michael F. Sciortino Sr. is founder and CEO of Gratitude Marketing®, a firm specializing in helping advisors grow their practices through carefully nurturing long-term relationships.

Mike possesses a rare perspective and combination of practical marketing applications in retail, wholesale, traditional, and alternative investments.

He has discovered how implementing a Gratitude Marketing® system in the practices of financial advisors can increase client retention, increase referrals, increase revenues, and bridge the gap to the next generation.

He began his career in 1983 as an account executive with E. F. Hutton, where he led the office in opening new account relationships. Following that position, Mike transitioned into wholesaling with Colonial Investments and Pilgrim Funds, where he was recognized for leading the most-improved sales team. He then went on to spend 13 years as regional VP with Oppenheimer Funds. While at Oppenheimer, Mike conducted seminars to assist financial advisors in building their practices, and his territories surpassed the company’s growth rate every year.

Most recently, Mike served as executive vice president and head of distribution for an RIA. Mike was responsible for directing the company’s overall marketing and sales strategy by broadening the relationships between the company and the financial advisors they work with.

Mike is a recipient of the Order of St. Louis IX medallion presented by the archdiocese of New Orleans, honoring those members of the laity who have made outstanding contributions. Mike is a graduate of the University of New Orleans with a bachelor of science degree in finance.


 Have you ever wondered what the most successful advisors are doing to build their business? Ask yourself, are you a standout marketer?

While traditional marketing speaks at people, Gratitude Marketing engages and connects with people.

Gratitude Marketing helps you connect on a deeper level with your clients and to build bridges to the next generation, your clients’ children.Successful Gratitude Marketers know they must first and constantly get their prospects’ attention before they get their intention.

In this presentation you will learn:

  • How clients respond when you connect with them on a personal, human level rather than talking at them with traditional marketing tactics
  • How to increase client retention, increase referrals, and increase revenues.
  • How to improve your listening with 4 easy steps
  • How to use proven time-tested ways to build your business

These days, it’s hard to find a service business that hasn’t implemented Gratitude Marketing in one form or another. Have you implemented

The ideas Mike will share with you have done one thing for the financial advisors who have used them– They have consistently produced results.

If you think about it, clients need two things from their financial advisor: Someone they can trust and someone they can count on. Clients trust you to make their lives simple. But relationship capital isn’t an asset: it’s a privilege.

In Mike’s presentation you will learn:

  • How to expand your business through authentic connections with your clients
  • Why clients leave and what to do about it
  • What the most precious gift is that successful advisors receive from their clients
  • What the most powerful word combinations you can use are
  • How to master answers to key questions clients have
  • How to create memorable client experiences

There is simply no substitute for authentic, personal, human to human relationships. If you want to discover actionable ideas you will take back to your office and implement, you want to attend this session. Mike’s high-energy and enthusiastic delivery style will lead you to stronger connections and engagements with your clients.

You will discover the strategies that will position you to be able to say that you provide the best your clients will find, period!

How many of you feel you have reached 100% of your potential? Would you like to learn how to increase profits in your business and have more of a life?

Having worked with many extraordinary businesses over the years, Mike understands the struggles and problems you face and the results you desire.

Throughout the presentation, Mike will guide you through a focused, disciplined and transformative process that will move your business from competing in a commoditized product and service environment to a sustainable long term relationship arena of meaningful and memorable experiences your clients will remember.

A lifetime of abundant business for you is all about how you nurture your long term relationships.

You will discover:

  • Proven methods to increase revenues
  • How to increase the number of clients, average amount per transaction and frequency of purchase
  • Secrets to establishing a successful referral program
  • Four keys to your peak performance

Mike brings a high-energy, passionate, content rich style to you. Imagine, you may be just one idea away from achieving extraordinary success.

Areas of expertise

  • Marketing & Sales
  • Mentoring & Coaching Peak Performance
  • Business Leadership
  • Creating Referrals
  • Developing an advisor marketing program
  • Client Retention thru Creating Gratitude
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